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Trail running shoes are made for the unique challenges you'll encounter when running anywhere that doesn't involve pavement. Outsole tread patterns provide traction on varying trail conditions and a more robust construction protects your feet. Distance, trail type, and running style will determine which shoe will work best for your adventures. Please visit our Shoe Fitter to find the right pair for you!

We don't know how to properly pronounce "Kjerag" either, we just know it stands for one of the fastest-feeling shoes on the planet. When super-human Kilian Jornet set out to create NNormal's Kjerag race shoe, we knew it was going to be epic. Everything in this guy's life is about going fast, we can only assume he has racked up plenty of speeding tickets all over Europe. An obsessio..
If you prefer to calculate your outings in scrambles, ridgelines, crushing vert, and number of scree fields crossed instead of mileage and time, Salomon decided to make the S/Lab Genesis shoe just for you. Built for the toughest days in the craziest terrain, the Genesis is built around the concept of high durability and high protection from the elements you, for some reason, decide..
Dynafit's Ultra 100 has been one of their most popular all-around shoes for folks who wanted a bit more cushion. The shoe's versatile performance remains, but various elements have been reworked in this edition. This reimagining of the Ultra 100 has a recast midsole EVA foam that gives a fantastic ground feel. The outsole--featuring Vibram's signature sticky rubber lugs--is aggress..
Being both feathery on your feet with a low impact on the beautiful blue sphere that we call home, the Spin Planet is a responsible companion optimized for middle to long distances. Being generously cushioned with a 45% recycled EVA midsole, the Spin Planet is built to remain comfortable while out on the trail, which your feet will surely be happy about. The Presa outsole features ..
“Snowy trail, take me up, to a peak, where I belong.” I can hear everyone singing along as they skip their way up or down their favorite snow-covered trail in their Cyklon Cross GTX shoes from La Sportiva. Based on the popular Cyklon shoe it was decided that a high gaiter and waterproof properties were the next logical step in creating a juggernaut of a winter shoe. The integrated ..
As runners, we do our best not to hold a grudge against any particular season. Yeah, I'm talking about you winter. Dynafit's Sky Pro trail running shoe can take the winter blues away and let you enjoy running year-round. The waterproof Dynashell gaiter design keeps your feet dry while holding out unwanted snow. The extra beefy Vibram outsole has some serious lugs to hold traction i..
$249.95 $149.95
You can never have too much of a good thing right? Well, deriving inspiration from the trendy Ultra 100 shoe, Dynafit was able to leave in all the good stuff the masses love about the Ultra 100, yet make an even more balanced shoe with the Dynafit Ultra 50. By dialing back the stack height just a smidge, Dynafit added a phenomenal amount of trail feel and responsiveness. More aggre..
$139.95 From $69.95
The Mutant Shoe is a true mutation bred from a smattering of breakthrough technologies deep within La Sportiva’s R&D lab. All of this tweaking and experimentation has led to the creation of a highly durable, long-distance, mountain running shoe. A shoe so versatile that you may think your feet have been surgically replaced with an unholy laboratory abomination of mountain goat ..
$164.95 From $124.95
Don’t put off your run just because of a little bit (or a lot) of mud! Dynafit's Feline SL thrives on those soft and muddy trails - whether spring snowmelt is underway, a rainstorm just unleashed its fury, or your local running spots are perpetually soft. Featuring Pomoca’s Gliding Path tread pattern, the fan-favorite Feline now ups its game by facilitating a better roll-through of..
$129.95 $79.95
Ricky Bobby once said, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Although he was talking about NASCAR racing, we like to imagine that if he kept the attitude but swapped a car for shoes, he’d grab a pair of Dynafit's Alpine DNAs. Afterall, these things are meant to move quick! Of all the things that can slow you down on a run, these shoes won't be one of them. They’re super lightweight w..
$159.95 $99.95
The Dynafit Alpine shoe is designed for the type of runner that has a hard time picking their favorite type of trail. The Alpine’s versatile, all rounder capabilities provide a buffet style approach to trail running which means there’s no need to pick a shoe designed for just one entree. Feast on packed trails, rocky paths, loose scree, steep singletrack, and whatever else the moun..
$139.95 From $69.95
Do your feet yearn for rough mountain trails that demand focus and precision? Do your dream runs have seemingly endless obstacles? Well if so, you are on the right track here. La Sportiva has worked tirelessly to re-engineer the latest iteration of their beloved Bushido to be a downright tactical and protective piece of footwear. This burly mountain running shoe inspires confidence..
$154.95 $108.71
The Dynafit Ultra 100 shoe is built for runners with high expectations. That is, high miles, high cushion, high comfort, and high versatility. There’s no way around it - a century run involves a lot of constant abuse so you’re going to need as much cushion and support as you can get without it ruining your stride. The Dynafit engineers worked their magic to create the ultimate ultr..
$139.95 From $69.95
Scarpa has been in the business of making trail-romping, peak-bagging, snow-schussing, cliff-scaling footwear for decades now, so naturally these folks know a thing or two about what it takes to keep your feet happy in the hills. The Scarpa Spin Ultra is no exception. Built with long days in mind, this high-cushioned shoe will be your faithful companion while you rack up countless ..
Tomir WP - MC is not the name of an up-and-coming hip-hop artist, it's the name of one cool shoe from NNormal. Built on the platform of NNormal's Tomir shoe, this mid-height runner is a taller, but not better-looking version of the Tomir WP - LC. If your day looks like mud with a chance of scree this shoe will be knocking at your closet door to come along with you. It can only be a..
Welcome to the future! The La Sportiva Cyklon feels like a glimpse into the crystal ball of skyrunning shoes. A brain child collaboration between La Sportiva and BOA, the Cyklon is an impressive end result that provides everything you need for skyraces and off road running. It balances precision, stability, and on-trail feel. By incorporating a BOA into their Dynamic Cage closure s..
The Jackal from La Sportiva is the epitome of a long-distance running shoe by meeting the exacting demands of ultra runners. After all, when you spend that many hours on trail, you’ve got plenty of time to ponder your dream shoe. High on the wish list for any endurance athlete is effective cushioning and the Jackal delivers with an innovative midsole that combines compressed EVA wi..
$154.95 From $84.95
Tomir is Norwegian for training. Well, that's a guess. Kilian Jornet is Spanish for, "how the, what the, why the?" Kilian trains more than a little bit and in those epic adventures amongst the fjords and high peaks he finds himself with a set of NNormal's Tomir shoes on his feet. A more durable option for higher mileage, the Tomir is an exquisite example of a true mountain running ..
$165.00 $129.95
When you think skyrunning shoes, the Supertrac RC 2 is what should come to mind. The original version was already the go-to classic in the ridge-traversing, rock-scrambling, steep-sprinting technical running world but SCOTT tweaked the outsole and uppers for even higher performance in challenging terrain. The innovative Radial Traction outsole positions the ground-biting lugs in a ..
$169.95 $109.95
With 2200 meters of climbing in a short 31km, Sierre-Zinal is one of the most anticipated trail races of the season and runs over five 4000m peaks in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The namesake of the HOKA Zinal 2 requires a fast shoe that excels in technical terrain. For quicker mountain runs, the stack height has been reduced for better turnover, and the lugs have increased in leng..
There are many reasons someone may need a high-stack shoe, but the experience often has downsides. HOKA's Stinson 7 addresses these issues using space-age materials and precise design. The feel of that soft midsole is achieved with a high stack height which can make things unsteady. Fortunately, the H-frame™ technology under the midfoot adds structure, stabilizing your stride. Also..
Jim is going on a run in unknown terrain with the only beta being "anywhere between thirty and forty-five miles and 7-11k of gain"; what shoe should he choose? The HOKA Mafate Speed 4 satisfies the requirements for adventures as ludicrous as this. Jim would want a midsole with sufficient cushioning and responsiveness for long runs and an outsole that inspires confidence on unknown ..
If you don't notice a number of these shoes at any given ultra race, you may be looking up. The HOKA Speedgoat 5 and its previous 4 iterations continue to set trends in ultra-marathon technology and have an overwhelming presence at long-distance events. Over the years, HOKA has managed to consistently lower the weight and increase the cushion making this a workhorse for technical t..
Having the ability to choose from a quiver of shoes that complement specific conditions would be ideal for anybody. But conditions can be variable, and when they are, the Sense Ride 5 is as versatile as it is capable. This trail shoe excels on runs from short and speedy to long and arduous. A Jack, or Jill, of all terrains, if you will. The energyFOAM midsole provides a lush ride o..
Why ruin a good thing? And the Salomon Speedcross is a very, very good thing. Staying true to the roots of its predecessors, the Salomon Speedcross 6 is a machine engineered to power through terrain that would have lesser shoes slipping and sliding. Compared to the Speedcross 5, the 6 has a new upper that is lighter and more breathable and a revamped outsole for even more traction ..
At last! The beloved Bushido is no longer limited to those with narrow feet. The La Sportiva Bushido III Wide offers the same form, functionality, and features to runners with feet that the standard model squishes. The Bushido II has been accoladed for its traction, protection, precision fit, and scrambling performance, which is unchanged in the Bushido III Wide. Ideal for technica..
Bushido translates to "warrior way". If your inner warrior's way is over rough trails and ridgelines, the newly updated Bushido III from La Sportiva will take you to whatever place you dare. With new features such as increased breathability, a restyled outsole, and recycled materials throughout, La Sportiva has upped the ante on one of the staples of mountain running. Fortunately, ..
The Swiss know a few things about watches, chocolate, and cheese. But, with over half of the world's 4000m peaks tucked inside their borders, they also know mountains. Mammut's Aenergy TR Boa Mid was made to take on that rugged terrain. Your next jaunt may not be to the Alps, but you can rest easy knowing that's just what these shoes were made for. With an eye for detail, Mammut ha..
The Ribelle® line of shoes from SCARPA has borrowed tech from their burlier mountain products, lightened them up, and refined them for serious mountain running. The Ribelle Run Kalibra HT is SCARPA's most recent addition to that line, whose only limitation is where you're willing to go and how far. The Kalibra HT is just at home on miles of single-track as a climb of the Grand and ..
When Kilian Jornet announced his new brand, NNormal (No Normal), there was much anticipation to see if one of the fastest people in the world could deliver on his promise of lightweight and long-lasting shoes. Despite these very ambitious goals, the Kjerag and original Tomir have exceeded every expectation and challenged what a "normal" trail shoe can be capable of. Even with the o..
Having a high-stack shoe for long miles is great but leans toward being a one-trick pony. Having a versatile shoe in the quiver is a game changer. Dynafit's Alpine Pro 2 is at home on techie trails and desert rock and great for speed workouts. It also excels at scrambling with the Megagrip outsole's fantastic traction. Compared with the Dynafit Alpine, the "Pro 2" variation offers ..
With the reliability of a 2005 Toyota Tacoma and the resilience of a multi-generational street mutt, the Mammut Sertig TR is built for nearly anything and everything. The ample rebound from the responsive EVA midsole and foam-lined heel collar provides comfort and wills your feet to keep moving when the going gets rough. Mammut equipped the Sertig TR with their Speed Lace system fo..
Tearing your shoes off immediately following a run because of sore and banged-up feet is too common. A maximally protective and cushioned mountain running shoe, the Dynafit Ultra Pro 2 is made to shield your feet and provide comfort for long hours on trails. Built to complement the beloved Ultra 100, the enhanced Ultra Pro 2 is made to enjoy your runs and finish them smiling. Vibra..
Your next adventure has several miles of trail with a few pitches of 4th-class rock on the menu and some extensive ridge scrambling; you may question what shoe to bring. Question no more, as the Dynafit Traverse is at home on most mountain surfaces. It is equally capable of traversing steep rock and covering moderate distances on single track without compromise. One part approach s..
The less you have to think about on race day, the better. When toeing the line with the Dynafit Alpine DNA 2, you'll only have the miles ahead to think about, which is quite a bit on its own. The shocking good looks will likely earn you a thumbs up or three, and even though you shouldn't wear these out to a fancy dinner, you'll be tempted. An efficient Double-Speed Lacing system wi..
What started it all has been reborn; let's give another warm welcome to the Altra Lone Peak 8. Featuring Altras OrginalFoot™ shape fit, your feet will thank you for the spacious toebox, mile after mile. Built for muddy and rocky trails alike, the burly MaxTrac outsole offers excellent purchase when it counts. A re-engineered upper provides top-notch durability and dependability, co..
In 1928, La Sportiva began by producing quality wooden clogs and farm boots for workers of the Fiemme and Fassa Valleys of Northern Italy. Fast forward more than 95 years, and they continue to innovate by introducing the La Sportiva Prodidgio. With an emphasis on high performance, the Prodidgio is built for longer distances when comfort and protection matter most. The XFLOW™ Nitrog..
Some things get better with love and subtle enhancements, like hang-drying broken-in blue jeans or continuing to season a well-loved cast iron skillet. With regular but minor tweaks since 2018, the Altra Timp 5 is one of those things. This model has been gifted with the addition of Vibram's Megagrip rubber, known for its excellent traction in wet or dry conditions, and it could be ..
Since the release of the Mont Blanc and then the Mont Blanc BOA, one would be hard-pressed not to see either of these elegant beauties toeing the line at any ultra-running event. It was only natural that the engineers built on that reputation with the Altra Mont Blanc Carbon. The Carbon uses Altra's Standard FootShape™, which accommodates a wide range of feet. The Vibram® Megagrip ..
Deep in their research labs, the wizards at Dynafit brooded over how to brew up a race-ready, ultra-distance slaying machine out of the capable Ultra 100, and the Dynafit Ultra DNA was born. Adding Litebase to Vibram's durable Megagrip outsole takes precious grams off the overall weight but sacrifices none of the sure grip. Dynafit's energetic Speed+ midsole, signature heel-preload..
Iconic and impressive, Lone Peak in Utah is the namesake for the legendary Lone Peak trail running shoe from Altra. Now in its seventh iteration, it's clear that this shoe is a fan favorite and a high performer. As a staple of Altra since its inception, the Lone Peak uses the original FootShape platform, offering extra room to allow your feet to move naturally without restriction. ..
$149.95 $105.95
Did you know that the Pulsar SG 2 is just one of a family of shoes from Salomon? The Pulsar Trail 2 Pro may be a touch huskier, but that burliness comes with a host of benefits. The high cushion midsole is made of a foam that combines EVA, Olefin [OBC], and some fairy dust to make for a surprising springy feel that doesn't seem to waiver, even on long days. This concept is called E..
The S/Lab Pulsar 2 SG shoe from Salomon isn't so much reimagined as much as it is, well, better. Yup, they miraculously improved upon an already impossibly lightweight, fast-paced shoe. The "Soft Ground" label doesn't limit these shoes to loamy single track or mud bogs, the 5mm deep lugs are built for technical terrain as well. The Mud Contagrip® outsole is made to give maximum gri..
Who wants to walk on clouds when you can run on trails? How about a combination of the two? Altra's Olympus 5 trail running shoe boasts a stack height of 33mm to bring you all sorts of comfort and cushion with each stride. Built on Altra’s Original FootShape design there is plenty of room in the toe box with this being their widest platform offered. This cushy cruiser does have a h..
Is more always better? In the case of Altra's Mont Blanc BOA shoe, the answer is, "Yes!" Two BOAs mean twice as much security and a very precise fit. But don't let the high-tech knobs distract you from everything else this shoe has to offer. Using Altra's well-known Balanced Cushion to create zero drop from heel to toe, this platform will help you run more comfortably with a more n..
When it comes to Altra's Mont Blanc shoe, Robin Thicke would agree that there are some "Blurred Lines." Straddling the worlds of race and distance categories, this is a race-weight shoe with some serious cushion amongst plenty of other positive attributes. Built on Altra's fan favorite Balanced Cushion platform, this zero-drop shoe allows for a natural gait. Despite the 30mm stack ..
$179.95 $109.95
Need a pair of shoes that can keep up with the young mountain athlete in your family? La Sportiva has you covered with their Bushido II Jr. shoe. These passionate Italians tried to capture the best of the perennial powerhouse that is the Bushido II, in a smaller package. Sporting a cushioned midsole, durable and grippy outsole with lugs wrapping the midsole, and a mesh upper with a..
WP stands for waterproof, LC stands for low cut, Tomir stands for an excellent shoe from an even more excellent brand. NNormal knows that not every trail is dry, smooth, and dream-like. Rain is a thing, rocks are a thing, and uneven terrain is definitely a thing in the trail running world. Stay dry, debris-free, and well centered in the Tomir WP-LC. Built on the platform of the NNo..

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