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Women's Running Shorts and Tights

Fluidity is so important in the running game, so choosing a set of shorts or tights that move with you is key to performance and comfort. Choose from different options from 2-in-1 skirts to tights to find whatever matches your style and stride.

When The Royal Teens sang about short shorts back in 1957, they probably weren't singing about the women's DNA Sky Short from Dynafit. It's doubtful those short shorts had a zippered rear pocket for valuables or a couple of mesh hip pockets for gels and other nutrition. It might even be a bit of a stretch that those short shorts were extremely breathable, had a liner, or even had a..
What do you get when you cut the legs off a pair of pants? That's right, you get shorts, but not the NNormal Race Shorts. These running shorts are intelligently designed to be all you need for the highest-effort activities. The two-layer construction is durable and lightweight, keeping you cool when your engine is pushing RPMs. A short inseam with a side cut keeps your mobility unr..
These nicely featured, comfortable, and great-looking shorts for women come from the producers of the original sky running shorts. The Crazy Idea Lightning short has a denim look that will make passersby triple-take as you run past. Three generously sized pockets on the deep elastic waistband will hold a multitude of gels, a phone, and even a small soft flask, negating the need for..
La Sportiva's Timing shorts are designed to attract jealous glares as you speed past your competitors! These shorts feature a small storage pocket to hold the essentials, so you don't have to ponder the question of whether you stashed your valuables safely at the trailhead. A simple drawstring keeps your shorts where you want 'em and the wicking finish prevents sweat from soaking i..
$78.95 $43.42
If the multitudinous pockets of your preferred running pack simply won't cut it, you can smuggle even more calories onto the race course with the DNA Ultra 2-in-1 skirt. Featuring a zippered pocket on the back and 2 side mesh pockets, you can bring along keys and a couple of soft flasks, or any other combination that suits your fancy. The "2-in-1" label is derived from this skirt's..
There are a lot of great reasons to trail run in a skirt since they’re breezy, stylish, functional, feminine, and just plain fun! But don’t stress yourself out thinking of which reasons appeal to you because the La Sportiva Swift Ultra Skirt 5’’ checks all of those boxes. Constructed out of recycled materials and Bluesign approved fabrics, the skirt successfully wicks moisture. The..
Obviously, two pairs of shorts are better than just one. Logic would dictate that the Dynafit DNA Ultra 2in1 Shorts must be the best of both worlds. The supportive liner tights wick moisture and prevent chafing, keeping you comfortable all day. These quick-drying shorts offer versatility, like a zippered rear pocket for your valuables and gel and soft flask pockets on the hips, neg..
When putting miles in during summer heat, less is more. Dynafit's Sky Shorts for Women is a lightweight minimalist shorts with some nice features. The six-centimeter inseam allows unrestricted movement while you bound effortlessly down the trail. For shorter runs, mesh pockets just behind the hips will conveniently carry a small soft flask and some nutrition, negating the need for ..
With warmth and visibility in mind, the Reflective Tights from Dynafit are a great cool-weather choice. The 360-degree reflective hits are a great safety feature for early morning runs in the dark. You'll appreciate the flat seams that prevent chafing on long trail runs during the fall season. The plush-brushed inner and the 4-way stretch fabric provide additional comfort, allowing..
Running is a year-round activity, so there is no need to stop when the thermostat drops as long as you're prepared. The Winter Running Tights from Dynafit is an excellent addition to your cold-weather running kit. Made for cold weather activities, these tights are perfect for Nordic skiing, winter mountaineering, and runs in single-digit temperatures. The Carvico® stretch fabric is..
$169.95 From $119.95
Although we can all agree it’s fashionable, don’t let the good looks of this skirt fool you. The Dynafit Alpine Pro 2-in-1 skirt is designed for the hard-charging female athlete. An integrated mesh brief liner with flat seams ensures comfort and ventilation while running, even during the fastest of paces; without the insert it would just be a 1-in-1 skirt! As you crush k's and slay..
$84.95 $49.95
When you're heading straight up a mountain, you don't want ANYTHING to get in your way. Let the slim-fitting Dynafit Vert Short tights be your choice for ultimate range of motion with nothing but speed in mind. The breathable, 4-way stretch material is tight fitting, yet incredibly comfortable. Flat seam construction helps you avoid hot spots and chafing as you chug up, across, and..
$79.95 $49.95
Cut the shackles! The La Sportiva Podium Tight Shorts are so form-fitting it will feel like someone has freed you... Freed you to romp over trails in such comfort that you’ll end up on the podium without much effort. Okay, so they don’t actually make you faster but they certainly don’t make you slower! The seamless Podium Tight Shorts feature body-mapped construction using high-qua..
$58.95 $39.95
When the mercury rises and you’re gunning it to the top, the last thing you need is for a pair of shorts to slow you down. Built with grueling conditions in mind, the Dynafit Vert shorts promise to ventilate and provide unencumbered movement while you give it your all. In fact, you’ll hardly even notice them since they weigh in at a whopping 83 grams. These shorts are NOT just as c..
$74.95 $49.95
Tackle ambitious trails and exciting ridge scrambles with the ODLO Zeroweight 3 Inch 2-in-1 Shorts. These super lightweight bottoms offer the high-end performance and versatility you need to break your personal best. The 100% recycled polyester outer welcomes airflow and dumps heat while on the go. Meanwhile, the super-stretchy liner is moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comforta..
$74.95 $44.95
Short shorts? Damn right. Dynafit's DNA 2-In-1 Split shorts are the right length for fast days on course, or on your local trails. A form-fitting inner is complemented by an incredibly lightweight outer short that wicks moisture and keeps you cool with the Active Airflow Ventilation system. Mesh side pockets and a zippered back pocket are great for holding soft flasks, gels, or wha..
$109.95 $69.95
Shorts can be a very under-appreciated item in your gear wardrobe, but we think they're a lot like a piece of art; sometimes the simpler, the more details you actually notice they have! The Vector Short is a perfect example of this principle. The Vector shorts sport an accommodating zippered back waist pocket and a drawstring waistband, with mesh backing for breathability and versa..
$84.95 $50.95
What do you long for on a long run at the end of a long day? How about Dynafit's Ultra Graphic Long tights? That's right, SkyRun is on the cold weather running scene for those who embrace more wintry conditions, or chillier morning runs. The 4-way stretch fabric allows full mobility whether you are opening it up on the flats or picking your way up a technical climb. The buttery smo..
$119.95 $74.95

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