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Fabrics, fit, and functionality are all things to consider when picking the right outfit for your day on the trails. Jackets block wind and shed water, tops wick moisture, shorts offer a variety of inseam lengths and the option for a 2-in-1 design.

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Whether you know them as singlets, bibs, pinnies, tanks, or some other term, sleeveless sports tops are a time-honored look calibrated towards heat shedding and bicep display. If you're a current or wannabe victim of the Sleeve Monster, you are likely a worthy candidate for the Dynafit DNA tank. Rather than relying solely on its sleevelessness to shed weight and keep you cool, this..
$89.95 From $59.95
Designed to keep you cool and reduce the amount of fabric on your body, the NNormal Race Tank is a minimalist top for maximal athletes. It is constructed from 90% recycled material that has been (re)engineered for lightness and durability. Available in a standard black or exciting print, the NNormal Race Tank will have you looking as cool as you feel, whether you prefer flashy fash..
Considering the bold style and innovative materials, it makes sense that La Sportiva says the Slipstream Tank is inspired by the speed of light. We can neither confirm nor deny this claim, but we can promise that the Slipstream does everything in its power to prevent overheating when you’re out trying to run 186,000 miles a second. Most notably, the HeiQ Smart Temp technology someh..
$58.95 $41.27
Dynafit's DNA shirt is a layer you're supposed to forget about. By this, we mean that instead of fussing with the fit or warding off chafing, you can let your running mind wander more freely. All the while, this shirt is quietly at work using Active Airflow Ventilation to keep your torso cool. 'AAV' incorporates laser-cut perforations into the armpits and back to help air flow upwa..
$99.95 From $59.95
Humiliate the environment and intimidate your surroundings with the NNormal Race Tee. Others will see the logo of Kilian Jornet's fast, light, and eco-friendly brand emblazed on your blurred form and jump out of the way as you fly past. As durable as your will to run and as lightweight as the wind that you outspeed, this top will never let you down. Made from 90% recycled polyester..
Not every running shirt is made equal, and the La Sportiva Pacer Shirt is the reason why. Made to be as light as you are fast, the Pacer shirt is constructed with ultralight, 100% recycled polyester that is even more comfortable than the emperor's new clothes. A Polygiene antibacterial and anti-odor treatment suppresses the onerous odors of your exertion. The shirt is held together..
$54.95 $38.47
Dynafit's Alpine pro shirt is buttery smooth. I suppose that means it's like covering your upper body with butter and going for a run? It's easier and cleaner just to get one of these shirts. It's unknown to the greater scientific world how a polyester material can feel this good. Since you'll want to wear this pretty much every day Dynafit thought ahead and has applied a Polygiene..
$59.95 From $34.95
Need to stand out on the race line, or just out on the trail? Check out the Flash shirt from Crazy Idea. Sweet patterns are just the beginning of what makes this shirt sweeter than Shirley Temple in a bowl of sugar. An invisible half zipper can help you dump heat on the climb and retain heat when you hit that ridgeline or mellow downhill (we promise the zipper is there despite bein..
There are occasions when it might be appropriate to don business casual when recreating in nature. The Mammut Aenergy FL Half-Zip T-Shirt will provide you with such a look when called upon. When temps start to rise, appreciate the breathability you will, and the convenient half-zip allows you to regulate temps even further. A bio-based HeiQ Fresh treatment will help to eliminate od..
A great shirt is one that you don't have to think about. The Dynafit Alpine 2 Shirt does precisely what it's designed for and not much more. It looks good, it feels great, and breathes wonderfully. The lightweight fabric sheds moisture, making this the perfect option for long and hot summer adventures. The 100% recycled fabric has an excellent feel, so you may want to keep it on po..
$49.95 From $29.95
Soon after the evolution of bipedalism, humanity began to shed its furry overcoat in favor of a more breathable, hairless approach to life. La Sportiva has picked up where Homo Neanderthalis left off with the Wave Shirt - a lightweight and breathable addition to your trail racing repertoire. Two different weights of Polygeine® mesh fabric plus HeiQ Smart Temp technology dynamically..
$68.95 $48.27
Slow down, mellow out, and take it easy! Much like unhurriedly enjoying a sip of fine wine, this Easy Miles Run Club All Day Tee from PNW’s Territory Run Co proves that you can appreciate the benefits of running slow - such as catching up with friends, enjoying the scenery, and training in zone 1. The material itself is made of Territory’s legendary All Day fabric. Who knew recycle..
This is a long sleeve shirt for the trail running purist. Without flashy, over-the-top graphics and colors, the All Day Sunrise Long Sleeve from Territory Run Co minds its own business while you take to the trails. Although it looks and feels like soft cotton - it ain’t. Instead, it’s Territory Run Co’s famous All Day fabric. Made out of premium recycled polyester infused with recy..
Sometimes more is better. In this case, the Alpine Pro Longsleeve Shirt from Dynafit has a longer sleeve length than your average running tee. The extra material that extends from the mid-bicep to the wrist will provide additional protection from the sun but remains lightweight enough for year-round wear. The Bluesign-approved antimicrobial fabric dries quickly, keeping you odor-fr..
$89.95 From $59.95
When protection from the sun and the wind is required, the Selun FL Sun Hoody from Mammut may be just what you need when exposed to the elements. During long days out, the quick-drying stretch fabric helps to regulate body temps, keeping you comfortable, no matter the weather. The flat seams are offset on the shoulders for reduced rubbing under a running vest or pack, adding to the..
A long-sleeved hoodie for the long days of summer? You bet! The Dynafit Traverse Hoodie is crafted from 100% recycled polyester, which efficiently wicks moisture and dries quickly, regulating body temperature even in hot weather. An anti-odor treatment prevents unpleasant smells, allowing you to focus on the miles ahead. When the sun is high in the sky, throw that hood up for added..
$89.95 $67.46
The NNormal Trail Rain Jacket should go with you on any run where the weather conditions are uncertain (or certainly bad). Thankfully, the jacket is lightweight and packable, so you'll never have to grimace about bringing a rain layer. The highly breathable Pertex Shield membrane is fully waterproof to protect you when the williwaw blows in. The hood tucks away into itself and has ..
In search of a running-specific rain layer that will keep you warm on a blustery ridge, or dry in a storm? Frustrated with your current rain layer’s lack of compatibility with your running vest? Take a look at the Karpos Lavaredo Rain Jacket. Lightweight and breathable, ample ventilation also aids in dumping heat. Highly compact, the Lavaredo Rain Jacket features a flexible and wat..
Battling wind on a run isn't just annoying, it's mentally taxing, potentially even dangerous. Dynafit has prepared a solution with the DNA Wind jacket, which resists wind and repels water. To keep you from getting soggy with sweat the back panel is breathable for better heat regulation. This zipped jacket includes enough material to soften a stiff breeze while remaining light enoug..
$179.95 From $94.95
Some days you get lucky and the mountains provide perfect, bluebird windless conditions while other times... not so much. Thankfully La Sportiva’s Blizzard Windbreaker jacket makes it so that you don’t have to leave it to chance. Ultralight and packable, the Blizzard is so easy to bring along for runs that crossing your fingers for good weather is now nonsensical child's play. The ..
$118.95 $83.27
Carrying gear that may not be used can be bulky and heavy, whether for an ultra or a long run where the weather could turn nasty. The Dynafit DNA 3L Jacket is designed to be lightweight and packable. You won't even know it's there and won't hesitate to bring it along when playing "Should I leave it in the car" at the trailhead. During high-output activities, the Active Airflow Vent..
$349.95 $262.46
Crazy Idea refers to their Shark jacket as a “gem” while around here we refer to it as a superior piece of apparel from a very detail-oriented brand. While Crazy sums it up more succinctly, it doesn’t change the fact that a 20k waterproof jacket under 200g is just awesome. Compact and lightweight, this piece will hardly be noticed when extra gear is required. The name comes from a ..
If the Narwhal is the Unicorn of the sea, then the Salewa Pedroc 2.5L PTX Light jacket is the Unicorn of running apparel. We have all searched high and low, near and far for a packable, lightweight wind and waterproof jacket that actually has some functionality. Salewa nailed it. Two zippered hip pockets give you the option to carry things you want to keep out of the rain, or just ..
Essential gear is needed when the love of running takes you up into the alpine and doesn't fade when days grow short and the weather is cold. Since more is not always better, the lightly insulated Koro Jacket from La Sportiva is like having two pieces of gear in one. The fabric over the arms, shoulders, and back is highly stretchable, so you'll maintain full range of motion when on..
$138.95 $97.27
It's ok if you don't know where your scissors are, no need to cut any sleeves off of Dynafit's Vert tank. A classic design with flat seams for comfort this tank will make you feel fast because you are fast. If you're wearing a tank you're probably not out for a walk around the park. You're pushing, crushing, hurting, and sweating. It's ok though, the 100% polyester material has a P..
$39.95 $29.95
If you avoid mid-day summer runs because of the heat, ODLO has now officially invalidated that excuse with the offering of their Blackcomb Ceramicool shirt. By incorporating ceramic nanoparticles into the lightweight yarn, the shirt itself is able to draw heat away from the skin and has been proven to cool you down by 1-degree celsius. In addition to those fancy ceramic bits, the f..
$64.95 $39.95
A good running shirt breathes well, doesn't stick to your skin when you sweat, and provides a modicum of comfort. The Dynafit Sky Shirt is a great minimalist piece that checks those boxes and more. Using recycled polyester shows a sustainable approach to the manufacturing process, which has led to bluesign certification. Flat seams and reflective details demonstrate that simplicity..
$59.95 $44.95
In order to traverse anything, you first need to climb (unless you get a shuttle I suppose). With that in mind Dynafit created the Traverse shirt for sweaty bodies on epic climbs. You can show off some logo love as you grind out the vert on your way to that amazing view. The polyester blend has an anti-odor coating to keep you feeling fresh when the water works turn on and your deo..
$39.95 $29.95
A shirt is a shirt is a shirt, right? The brainiacs at ODLO politely disagree and are proving that sentiment wrong by offering runners the Zeroweight Engineered Chill-tec Running T-shirt. They started with an incredibly lightweight moisture-wicking polyester fabric that, truthfully, on its own makes for a great, high-output shirt. But they didn’t stop there. They then harnessed the..
$58.95 $33.95
The Dynafit Vert Shirt is a great running shirt that is forgettable. When it’s doing it's job well, You'll be focusing on enjoying the run, not how sweaty and uncomfortable your upper half is. It is made for those hot days where moisture-wicking and breathability are the difference between a great time on the trails and feeling like you’re wearing Saran Wrap. Reflectors keep you vi..
$49.95 $32.95
When considering your options within the windbreaker jacket world, there are plenty of them. Why not acquire one designed for both performance and comfort? While you're at it, why not get something flashy as well? The Trail Graphic Wind jacket from Dynafit is an eye-catching piece that also comes with simplicity and functionality in mind. A tight-fitting hood with elastic cuffs and..
$149.95 $89.95
We all have our favorites. Favorite sibling, favorite ice-cream, favorite sports team. You can now add Dynafit's Traverse DST jacket to your list of favorites. Lightweight and weather-resistant this jacket moves like a second skin as you make your way to the top, the end, or the bottom of whatever terrain you're blazing through. The zippered chest pocket can keep snacks on hand to ..
$139.95 From $109.95
On July afternoons in Colorado's San Juan Range, HardRock 100 runners often confront thunderstorms that threaten to make an already arduous event downright impossible. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, you will be thankful to have the Dynafit Ultra 3L jacket on hand. This jacket uses a wind- and waterproof 3-layer construction that remains breathable even as you're m..
$299.95 $204.95
Designed specifically for racing, the DNA tank from Dynafit aims to keep you properly thermoregulated, no matter how warm the course is on race day. Summer in the Appalachians? No problem. Sandstone singletrack in the American Southwest? Don’t forget water! Made from an ultralight mesh fabric, this tank puts a premium on regulating your temperature. Lightweight materials combined w..
$89.95 $67.46
Nnormal's Women's Race Tank is designed to be as minimal as can be. Slim cut and with a comfortable fit, the Race Tank is lightweight and nigh unnoticeable. The racerback allows freedom of movement and minimizes the material against your skin. As with all of NNormal's products, this top is made primarily from recycled (yet very durable) polyester. High breathability and soft ..
We here at SkyRun love long training hours as much as anyone, but eventually, it's time to cash in the fitness and go racing! This is where the La Sportiva Sky Tank comes into play. HeiQ Smart Temp technology actively regulates your body temperature, keeping you comfortable on windy mountain tops and sun-baked road traverses alike. Two different weights of mesh fabric strategically..
$58.95 $41.27
When Dynafit set about revolutionizing the business of backcountry bindings, they dubbed their creation the 'Tech-Low Tech,' referencing both its novelty and its refreshing simplicity. With its straightforward yet highly effective design, the DNA shirt seems to be following the lineage of the TLT. The technology in question here is known as Active Airflow Ventilation, a procedure t..
$99.95 $69.95
One can never have enough running shirts, and the Women's NNormal Race Tee will make for a fine addition to your arsenal. While this T-shirt is made from 90% recycled material, it's designed to be durable and last run after run after run. Slim-fitting, lightweight, and highly breathable, this race tee will keep you comfortable while you set new records and blaze new trails. M..
When Mammut set out to produce some of the best trail-running softgoods, they took a more sustainable approach than most. With the use of recycled materials, Mammut's Aenergy FL T-shirt is not only eco-friendly but also has an excellent athletic fit that looks and feels good. The thoughtful use of mesh ventilation on the back and under the arms allows moisture to escape, keeping yo..
The Tracer T-Shirt from La Sportiva has everything you need in a running shirt. Flatlock seams are comfortable and prevent chafing even when wearing a vest. S.Café ® fabric keeps odors to a minimum, and it's super breathable, which keeps things dry when your pace and temps are on the rise. The Tracer shirt is comfortable, simple, and effective. S.Café ® fabrics for moisture a..
$48.95 $34.27
Sometimes simplicity is, well, simple. And it doesn't get much simpler than Dynafit's Alpine 2 shirt for women. When you need both coverage and breathability, this lightweight, 100% recycled polyester shirt has you covered. When running at night, the reflective hits provide added visibility for safety. An anti-odor treatment will help keep the synthetic stink at bay, and your frien..
$49.95 $37.46
Not every day is race day! Proudly show off your appreciation for slow, steady runs with Territory Run Co’s Easy Miles Run Club tee. Even better, join in on the celebratory Easy Miles group runs hosted in cities throughout the US. And although the shirt emphasizes going easy, the shirt itself is anything but a slacker. Using Territory Run Co’s popular All Day fabric, the incredibly..
Long sleeves for long runs on long days? Absolutely! The Alpine Pro Women's Longsleeve Shirt from Dynafit provides additional sun protection while remaining breathable for all-year use. When intensity increases, so does perspiration. This shirt's moisture-wicking properties will be appreciated on hot or cool days, and its anti-odor treatment will keep you feeling fresh. The 100% re..
$59.95 From $59.95
Not all activewear is created equal. Mammut's Selun FL Sun Hoody for Women proves that point. Mammut uses recycled materials, bio-based odor treatments, and sustainable dyes for less environmental impact. While you're working up a sweat on your next mountain adventure, the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric will leave you cool and dry. The UPF 50+ fabric has tremendous stret..
Making sure to have a lightweight hoodie in the shirt quiver is good practice for hot sunny days. The Dynafit Traverse Sun Hoodie is a fantastic and versatile top that offers protection from the elements. Made from 100% recycled polyester with an added anti-odor treatment, it keeps trash out of landfills and helps keep you fresh run after run. Using highly breathable, moisture-wick..
$89.95 $67.46
Early sailors no doubt paid close attention to the winds, depending as they did on predictable gusts to ply their trade on the open ocean. Even if you couldn't tell a trade wind from a mistral, a little extra care for how to negotiate this element will go a long way. Enter the DNA Wind jacket. Light, breathable, wind-resistant, and water-repellent, this tidy jacket is everything yo..
$179.95 From $109.95
For the type of runner who’s well aware of wind’s heat-zapping capabilities but refuses to be weighed down by a bulky jacket, La Sportiva has literally got you covered with the Briza Windbreaker. This ultralight piece features windproof materials on the chest, arms, and hood to keep you protected from the fiercest of gusts and a DWR treatment to fend off drizzle. However, unlike so..
$118.95 $83.27
The weather on race day is definitely out of our control, but what we can control is the gear we bring to combat adverse conditions. If protection from the elements is paramount, but weight and space are a concern, Dynafit's DNA 3L Jacket will save precious room in your running vest and add a scant 148 grams, which will likely go unnoticed. Helping to keep the weight to a minimum w..
$349.95 $262.46

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