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When the going gets steep you can get a little help from your upper body by implementing poles into your motion. Also helpful on steep downhills, poles can help take pressure off your legs and help cushion the blow on big step downs. Collapsible for easy stowing, adjustable or fixed length depending on intended use.

Sometimes we can all use a boost. When your legs are feeling extra heavy heading into that next long climb, reach for the Leki Ultratrail FX One Superlite running poles. Durable construction will give you confidence from baby smooth single track to full on scree slopes. Just one bonus of a fixed length is no fiddling or fussing or overthinking; deploy and go! If you need to stash t..
If a running pole is full of carbon, does that make it carbonated? Clearly not, but like those little bubbles in your soda pop the Leki Neotrail FX One Superlite running pole will make you float to the top of any trail you decide to tackle. Somehow Leki has narrowed the pole diameter down to 12mm in the lower sections, a task as difficult as threading a climbing rope through a sewi..
It is no longer a secret that running with poles will increase efficiency. However, where to start? Enter the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Running Pole. Packed with features like a 100% carbon shaft to save on weight, a 3 piece design for easy storage and deployment, as well as a lightweight EVA foam handle and breathable strap, these no-frill poles get the job done. Whether you..
On the surface, a running pole seems simple. Handle, pole, carbide/rubber tip right? However, appearances can be deceiving. Case and point, the Black Diamond Carbon Z Running Pole. These poles possess an impressive feature set that would be right at home on anything from technical trail to a few laps on your favorite meat and potatoes hill climb. The 100 percent carbon shaft keeps ..
Crush vert like a pro with the Dynafit Vert Pro pole! It’s no secret that using poles on steep trails transfers some of the load to your arms and allows you to move more efficiently (see: faster). Throw in all carbon construction and minimal extraneous features to make this featherweight, and the Vert Pro pole is going to really up the ante. Even Dynafit describes this pole as bein..
Runners are notoriously prone to overuse injuries, always relying on the same muscles to locomote. What if it were possible to instantly engage more muscle groups, increase balance, and decrease fatigue? Leki has pursued this very thought experiment with the Ultratrail FX One. Shark Frame straps wrap your hands securely, increasing the accuracy and power of your pole plants while e..
The evolution of the running pole is quite simple. Ancient peoples used sticks and now we have carbon fiber, collapsible versions. There were some other iterations in between, but now TSL has their Trail Carbon 4 Sky running pole to show just how far we have come. Utilizing a variety of grip and strap options, these French adventurers have explored far and wide and, on the way, hav..
It's nice to have options - ice cream flavors, running packs, grip and length combos for your running poles...TSL has the last one covered with their Trail Carbon 4 running poles. Choose from cork or foam, regular or extended grip to dial in your favorite configuration. Their ST Strap system on the Cork and Cork Cross has a Velcro closure and easy-to-use detachment system that rele..
The Distance Carbon FLZ Poles are a best-in-class, top-dog, trend-setting set of sticks. The top section of these 100% carbon poles is adjustable for length, providing some maneuverability for the different vertical profiles encountered on excursions in the mountains. Interchangeable tech tips accept either rubber or carbide options, a handy switcheroo that can happen depending on ..
The Distance Carbon FLZ Poles are overachievers. These ultralight 100% carbon poles contain an adjustable upper section, helping runners adapt to changing terrain types. Interchangeable rubber and carbide tech tips add to this versatility, as your tips can now adapt to running on rocks or grit. The poles are also compatible with snow baskets to provide extra flotation on alpine sno..
Unless the trail is obscenely steep or flat as a pancake, it’s sometimes hard to decide if you’ll need to bring the ol' sticks for the day’s run. Dynafit has eliminated all the hemming and hawing by making the Ultra Pro pole so lightweight and inconspicuous that there’s no reason to leave them at home! The all-carbon construction noticeably shaves weight so they don’t become a liab..
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Simple, to the point, and fully capable. If you’re the type of runner who’d rather focus on the trail ahead than the tech specs of your gear, then grab a pair of the Dynafit Ultra poles and get going! Made out of aluminum, these sticks aren’t afraid of some trail abuse when you’re out jabbing and planting them on rough trails. And since they’re adjustable from 115-135cm, you don’t ..
The Les Batons d’Alain is a single-shaft aluminum pole with an eye catching extended foam handle. Crafted in the steep valley of Chamonix, this iconic pole was brought into the world by Mountain Guide Alain Desez. They have seen a surge in popularity within the ski mountaineering community but they’re just as useful for mountain running. With a textured grip that extends far below ..
The Distance Z is a lightweight, durable aluminum pole for everyday use. As with other Black Diamond sticks, the EVA foam grip and Distance strap integrate comfortably with your hands and wrists whether you are double-poling or alternating pole placements. Fixed lengths minimize moving parts for ultimate reliability, but regardless of the length you settle on, these poles quickly c..
Black Diamond's "FLZ" (Flicklock-Z) poles combine an adjustable flicklock upper with three collapsible sections. This combo is a perfect solution for light and fast mountain travelers who need a pole that both packs down and can be adjusted depending on the slope angle encountered. Ingenious! Runners and trekkers will also appreciate the comfy EVA foam grip with Distance straps. Bu..
If you bust a pole, snap a tip, or lose a strap, you'll need replacements. SkyRun carries a few key items to keep you and your poles out on the trails! All pole parts are sold in pairs. Shark Frame Strap Mesh - Supremely comfortable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight, Leki's Shark Frame Straps are one of their running poles' key selling points. Available in three sizes (and mult..
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Black Diamond poles are versatile on their own, now imagine what you can do with these sweet add-ons! Expand your useage, or replace that lost part that you know is somewhere under your car seat. Carbide Tech Tip - Tip option for all Distance series poles. Distance Baskets Large - If you need to stay out of the mud, or just prefer more basket when you're cruising. Compatible ..
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