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Runners are notoriously prone to overuse injuries, always relying on the same muscles to locomote. What if it were possible to instantly engage more muscle groups, increase balance, and decrease fatigue? Leki has pursued this very thought experiment with the Ultratrail FX One. Shark Frame straps wrap your hands securely, increasing the accuracy and power of your pole plants while eliminating "remember to hold onto poles" from your race day checklist. Three full-carbon sections fold down to a handy length of around 40 centimeters (depending on length) at the push of a button, making them the perfect accessory for your carry-on bag (disclaimer: airport security may not endorse this packing method). An extended cork grip makes choking up easy the next time you find yourself staring up the mean side of your local testpiece, while trail running baskets and carbide tips won't drag you down along the way. Blending intuitiveness, practicality, and durability, the Leki Ultratrail FX One is a helpful companion for your favorite skyrunning endeavors.

  • Rugged 16mm diameter tapers to 14mm, preparing these poles to stand up to everything from long training miles to charging moose.
  • Shark Frame hand straps provide an ergonomic attachment system, making the Ultralight FX One feel like an integrated extension of the human mind (or at least your hand).
  • Fixed lengths are available between 105-135cm so you can dial the perfect boost for your height and running style.
  • Foldable construction reminiscent of tent poles packs down easily.
  • Cork extended grips are comfortable on varied terrain styles.
Lengths (cm) 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135
convert to ounces
184g [120cm, with straps]
Weight (pair) 368g [120cm, with straps]
Collapsed Length   37cm [120cm]
Sections 3
Grip Extended cork
Basket & Tip 28mm basket, carbide trail running tip
Diameter 16mm upper, 14mm lower
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon
Strap Trail Shark, Velcro closure
SkyRun Says
Usage Steep trails and all-day running
Notes Fixed length
Bottom Line Packable, fixed-length, lightweight, and ready for all-day trail runs
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Mirabela Ticu
I’m 5’ 4” and the only 2 options for sizes is 105cm and 115cm. What size should I get?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Mirabela! Based on your height, the ideal length for you is 115cm.
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Chad P (downright abused product)
I have used these poles for running two Hardrocks and a bunch of other mountain running. In the past I have used both Black Diamond and Raidlight poles. Leki definitely makes the best running poles. The quick release leash provides the best connection to the poles and the quickest release. The other benefit is the leases aren't bouncing around and hitting you if you have the poles broken down and stored with waist belt bungees. Leki running poles are also the only ones that come with real cork grips. These are much nicer than rubber or foam grips.

There are two main differences between these FX One poles and the FX One Superlight. First, these poles are a couple millimeters wider in the diameter of the pole sections and the connection points are more reinforced. This makes these poles much more durable and less prone to accidentally getting snapped if going through a rockfield and a pole tip gets stuck between rocks, which I've seen happen more than once. Second, the cork grip extends down the pole farther on these poles than the Superlight. This is nice for if you don't have the wrist leashes clipped in and are going up some high steps, you can grip the poles lower down. Of course these two differences between the poles make the FX One heavier than the the FX One Superlight. The Superlight is also $40 more expensive.

Ultimately if durability is most important to you and/or you only want to purchase one set of poles to use for everything from backpacking to trail running races, these are the poles to get. If you are only going to use poles occasionally in a mountain running race and weight is most important, then go with the FX One Superlight.
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Brian H (used product regularly)
I thought I'd drop a quick one here to help any other seekers out there. I like using poles for steep trails and as a way to break up the monotony. I've used the BD poles previously. I switched to these after losing one of the others. Anyway, I love the removable wrist strap system. Very secure and yet easy to disengage. Very clever. The weight and durability/stiffness seems to be in a sweet spot. I take away one star for the grip taper at the top of the pole. I'd like just a bit more diameter there, I think. Other than that, great product.
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Question from Laura W
Hello! I’m interested in purchasing Leki poles, for running. I’m not sure what the differences are between the lightweight poles they make for ultrarunners! Can you help?

I’ve never run with poles before. More immediately, I am interested in using them to circumnavigate Mt Hood (Oregon). I would also like to use them for a hilly 100M. I think I would be using them in hilly places and in sand and rocks (talus, shale). And would need them to fold up small and fit on a running hydration vest/pack. I prefer to run fast and light in the mountains, so weight is a factor.

Thank you for your help and expertise!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Laura. The main difference between the Leki poles mostly comes down to weight (though there are some other minor differences). For avid folks such as yourself, the Ultratrail FX One Superlite would be the most suitable choice. It is the lightest option and would be the most efficient (require less energy). The other poles are a little heavier, however, you save a bit of money which is never a bad thing. For a complete comparison between the poles, please click here. If you have any other questions or want to compare the Leki poles to other brands, please reach out at!
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