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4/7/2021 Store Credit for Product Reviews!

These days, product reviews are so much part of the online shopping experience that it’s hard to remember a time without them. They help reassure you about certain features, raise red flags, and just get a sense of their true performance. However, those opinions are usually only from a handful of kind folks who take the time to write a nice, detailed review. Most of us are out using the gear instead of writing about it!

It’s understandable, but since those reviews are so valuable, we want to get more thoughts on the matter. To do this, we’re offering store credit for reviews! It helps us, it helps other runners, and in the end, we hope it will help you.

Simply write a review and you will earn $2 in store credit (deposited weekly). In other words, reviewing your setup from the head down will earn you a free Dynafit Flask. Stay hydrated, on us! The store credit also works on Skimo Co gear!

Of course, you'll need an account to have the credit deposited, so make sure to register before firing up the typewriter. We also suggest you fill out your runner profile, so you don't have to repeat yourself by listing your foot size and accomplishments with every hat review.

That leaves us with one last major caveat: we reserve the right to delete your reviews if we suspect they are anything less than genuine. If you are thinking of buying a new set of Leki Micro Trail Race Running Poles by generically leaving 100 reviews, rest assured we'll notice. But if you leave 100 high-quality, in-depth reviews, well, we hope you’ll review your new poles too.

There you have it. It's not enough to make you jump tax brackets, but we think it's a nice gesture to thank you for your efforts that benefit others. We also hope it’s enough to incentivize people to help you out as well. Whether you hate it, love it, broke it, or just can’t live without it - we want to hear about it!

Happy reviewing!


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