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Longer days and bigger adventures can be more gear intensive. The right-sized pack can help carry all you need for your intended objective from jackets to extra water and nutrition. Be prepared for your day with the right equipment and carry it all conveniently on your back or go fast 'n light with a simple running belt.

Naked® Sports Innovations has earned a reputation and cult following among ultra-runners and other endurance athletes alike for creating a unique range of products and perhaps at the top of that list is the Naked® Running Band. This band comprises of three tube-style pockets for the potential to carry 2+ liters of hydration and is constructed from Naked® Exopower mesh which has imp..
Not all runs require voluminous packs, ergo the CAMP Ergo Belt makes way more sense when the mileage is in the single digits. This comfortable belt is lightweight, simple, and capable of bringing just the essentials - such as two soft flasks. Which is convenient because they're included with the belt (300ml and 600ml). Constructed out of hyperlight ripstop nylon, you can expect it ..
Not every run is an expedition that requires a bulky hydration pack. Keep it minimalistic with the comfortable Ultimate Direction Utility Belt. Four pockets on a stretchy mesh material allow you to carry what you need - such as water, phone, keys, and nutrition - without any bounce or jostling. Silicone-printed elastic straps even allow you to stash the poles when they’re not being..
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Have you ever gone on a run where you didn’t have enough stuff to warrant a pack but didn’t think stuffing your pockets with water bottles was a good idea either? Cue the Flask Belt. It will carry everything you need and nothing you don’t. Two external pockets accommodate your Dynafit Flasks and two zip pockets store keys, goos, food, gloves, and other small items you’ll want to ha..
$49.95 $37.46
USWE understands that having your running vest bounce all over the place as you send it down your favorite trail is exceptionally annoying. To combat this dreaded "bounce" they created their "No Dancing Monkey Vest System," technology, which, thankfully, is as effective as it is oddly named. The USWE Pace 2 is minimalistic, highly breathable, lightweight, and still feature-filled. ..
$139.95 $104.96
One...two...three...go! Yeah, 3 is the magic number for "go-time" which is probably why Dynafit's Vert 3 pack is so darn fast. If you're not a fuel belt kind of person, this pack has the right amount of space to keep you well-fed and hydrated on those shorter outings. The fit is snug like a glove, and comfy like a Snuggy. Two soft flask sleeves paired with two hip pockets keep what..
$69.95 $49.95
CAMP is a legendary Italian gear maker known for their crazy-lightweight yet functional products for climbers, skiers, mountaineers, and ski mountaineers. So are we surprised to find out that CAMP’s trail running vest is every bit as stellar as the rest of CAMP’s lineup? Not in the least, but we’re still excited to carry the form-fitting CAMP Trail Force 5 for demanding, speedy tra..
For those not-so-short runs but not quite waaaaay-out-there long adventures, the Dynafit Vert 6 pack has got your back. It’s perfectly sized for those outings where you definitely need snacks, water, small valuables, and a jacket. However, thanks to Dynafit’s use of an elastic stretch fabric, you can also get away with stuffing a few more items than you’d expect from a pack of this..
$79.95 $59.96
USWE seems to have been inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not unlike the shell of a tortoise, the USWE Pace 8 running vest will stick to your back in a similar manner. The bonus is that you have the option to remove it after a long day on the trail. Utilizing USWE's No Dancing Monkey Vest System the goal is to eliminate bounce as you send it uphill, downhill, sidehill, ..
$159.95 $119.96
The Dynafit Alpine 9 unisex Backpack is the perfect training partner. With space for long runs, yet light enough for short jaunts, this pack is loaded with essential features. Two mesh pockets and one side zip will carry any fueling strategy that you can dream up. Also, this pack will keep you hydrated with capacity for two 500ml soft flasks, and two 250ml soft flasks. Alternativel..
$99.95 $74.96
Maybe if you had access to a magic crystal ball or Miss Cleo on speed dial, you’d be more certain about what gear you’d need for tomorrow’s all day running adventure. But assuming you don’t (or do you?!), the CAMP Trail Force 10 gives you more space to bring those extra pieces of gear, water, and nutrition. And despite the bigger carrying capacity the Trail Force 10 is every bit as..
Ultimate Direction is known for harnessing the skills of its female designers to create the first women's-specific hydration vest. Now several generations later, it should come as no surprise that their Ultra Vesta still leads the industry in comfort and usefulness for female athletes, thanks to its women’s specific shaping. At just over 10 liters of storage, the Ultra Vesta is the..
Remember that time you worked hard to break your own personal best on a competitive trail? That’s how the Ultimate Direction designers must feel with the fifth generation of the Ultra Vest. Always tinkering and adjusting, this version is even more comfortable for logging big days on neverending trails and faraway peaks. Now lighter, more durable, and featuring the latest Comfort Ci..
Being an endurance athlete shouldn’t refer to enduring hunger, thirst, or inadequate gear. Dynafit's Enduro 12 2.0 pack hits the sweet spot that allows you to bring along everything you need to keep you in tip-top shape throughout the run. Lightweight materials, ergonomic fit, and smart design features prove that Dynafit listened to long-distance athletes when creating the Enduro 1..
$99.95 $74.96
This one is for all-out assaults on the mountains. The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest is your partner in crime as you explore parts unknown and need a vest that can keep you going from dawn to dusk. With 17 liters of carrying capacity, the only thing stopping you is yourself. You have ample room to pack for the unexpected so include everything you may or may not need - food, ext..
Maximum capacity for maximum output. The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta is there for you as you dash through pines, charge up mountainsides, scramble ridges, and eventually gain a well-earned summit. At 16.5 liters, the Adventure Vesta is eager to carry all the gear you need for a full day of crushing - including food, water, extra layers, GPS units, spikes, or whatever else yo..
The Ultimate Direction SCRAM Pack is UD's take on an all-around bag that's just as useful for skyrunning as it is ski mountaineering. Named for its plethora of uses, the SCRAM (Skiing, Climbing, Running, And More) Pack is a highly utilitarian and customizable backpack perfect for the multi-sport athlete who is trying to save space in their gear closet. The front of the pack is obvi..
$134.95 $79.97
Spring has sprung, summer is upon us, fall has fallen. It's time to explore on foot and the more trail you cover, the more you see! Ultimate Direction's All Mountain pack is ready for a really full day, or a few days of fastpacking through your local mountains, deserts, forests, or a sea side saunter. Simple in design and feature filled at the same time, this pack can carry lots an..
Peter Piper packed a pocket full of...nutrition bars? With Ultimate Direction's Adventure Pocket you can pick and choose what you want to bring along if you need a little extra space. Perfectly paired with UD's Race Belt 5 you can expand your carrying capacity to personalize your setup for short, medium, or longer runs. The Flex Mono Mesh backing will help move sweat away from your..
Five liters is the perfect size for a running vest. It could be argued it is also the perfect size for a tub of ice cream, but that's a whole different conversation. When Kilian Jornet set out to create the best running gear available, the NNormal Race Pack was born! Inspired by athletes, the biggest request from the NNormal running crew was, "no bounce!" With that in mind, the eng..
In some cultures, the number "7" is considered auspicious. In trail running culture, the number "6" is considered spot on, well, when attached to the volume a pack can carry. Dynafit has hit that sweet spot with their Sky 6 running pack. Ultra-races are no joke, especially when the space between aid stations is large and your pace may have slackened a touch. It's nice knowing you h..
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