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Track your day from heartrate to elevation gain when you add a GPS watch to your daily runs. Helpful feedback from every outing is recorded and is easy to view in the accompanying app on your smartphone.

Running can be a many varied thing - the thrill of summitting with the best views, the crazy descents, the ridge scrambling. For some, this diversity is the spice of the summer months. No matter what you get up to, we are sure the COROS Apex 2 Pro sports watch has a setting to track all your progress. Those who climb will enjoy the multi-pitch activity mode, enhanced with the GNSS ..
Double trouble, double the fun, twice as nice - however you want to interpret the "2" in the COROS Apex 2, it's a really good thing. Featuring a touchscreen interface, reinforced titanium housing, and 8GB of internal storage this watch is ready to rumble. Throw in a sapphire glass screen with a PVD coating that is highly scratch resistant, and you can adventure with confidence with..
COROS entered the market in 2018 with the PACE GPS watch, setting a new standard for battery life. The COROS PACE 3 maintains the same sleek package in its third iteration while sporting many new features and technologies. The already long battery life sees another 20% increase and will last up to 38 hours of GPS tracking or over three weeks of daily use. A new transflective displa..
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Heart rate monitors that use traditional chest straps can cause discomfort, while wrist-based readings may be inaccurate and slow. The COROS Heart Rate Monitor fits comfortably and snugly on the upper arm, and the advanced sensor boasts 5 LED lights with four photodetectors, providing accuracy equivalent to its chest-based cousins. With a 38-hour active battery life, the COROS HR M..
If your charging cord has grown legs and walked away, or your watch band is starting to look a bit haggard, we have you covered. A few offerings to keep you connected to your watch, your workouts, and your world. 20mm PACE Bands - Compatible with the original PACE watch. PACE 3 Silicone Bands - Compatible with PACE 3 watch. 20mm Bands - Compatible with the PACE 2, APEX 42m..
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