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Heart rate monitors that use traditional chest straps can cause discomfort, while wrist-based readings may be inaccurate and slow. The COROS Heart Rate Monitor fits comfortably and snugly on the upper arm, and the advanced sensor boasts 5 LED lights with four photodetectors, providing accuracy equivalent to its chest-based cousins. With a 38-hour active battery life, the COROS HR Monitor will last through the wildest of single pushes, and the 80-day stand-by mode will ensure it's ready for your next adventure at the drop of a hat. The stretchy armband is comfortable for all-day use, and weighing under 20 grams, you'll hardly notice it's there during your next training run or race.

  • The armband will accommodate 18-32cm of powerful biceps.
  • Charging time is less than two hours, and the magnetic connection is user-friendly.
  • The advanced sensor provides real-time heart rate data.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for both COROS and non-COROS devices
  • 3 ATS of water resistance will last through the hardest of downpours.

Charging Time 2 Hours
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Battery Life Active - 38 Hours
Standby - 80 Days
Waterproof Rating 3 ATS
Specs Verified No
Connection Bluetooth
Strap Material Polyester fiber, nylon, spandex
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Paul Calabro
Probably a dumb question but…
Thoughts on this vs a traditional chest strap, as far as accuracy?

I recently switched to Coros from Garmin, and it’s tempting to try this instead of a chest strap, but I’m skeptical of how accurate an optical HR monitor will be. Seems like bicep is a better location than wrist, but during activity my wrist-only HR reading is accurate maybe… 10% of the time?

Penny for your thoughts.
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Paul. Not a dumb question, as chest straps have been far more accurate than wrist-based monitors for years. I find the Coros optical HR to have more accuracy than any of my watches. It might be a tad slower than my chest strap, but it's close enough that I have made it my go-to for workouts. For an unbiased take, check out this article.
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