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Running can be a many varied thing - the thrill of summitting with the best views, the crazy descents, the ridge scrambling. For some, this diversity is the spice of the summer months. No matter what you get up to, we are sure the COROS Apex 2 Pro sports watch has a setting to track all your progress. Those who climb will enjoy the multi-pitch activity mode, enhanced with the GNSS Chipset which reduces GPS deflection on steep walls. For those who mix it up with strength workouts, the Apex 2 Pro has over 200 preloaded exercises to track reps and sets automatically. Too busy to take a moment and download your activities to your phone? No problem, the Apex 2 Pro has an astonishing 32GB of onboard storage. Maybe you’re even too busy to charge your watch! The 75 hours of run time using standard full GPS should help out with that as well. If you do decide to take a break from your hectic workout schedule, this watch will stay charged up for up to 30 days. The functionality of this watch is impressive to the point of nearly endless. Discover new challenges and new ways to enjoy every workout with the Apex 2 Pro sports watch from COROS.

  • 75-hour battery life at full standard GPS lets you forget to charge your watch more than a few times.
  • 1.3-inch display size is perfect for use of the touchscreen.
  • Sapphire Glass face is highly scratch resistant so you can go hard in all conditions.
  • Grade 5 Titanium bezel material with PVD coating is lightweight and tough as nails (well, titanium nails).
  • EvoLab software brings next-level insight into your training patterns and outcomes.
  • An incredible 32GB of onboard storage can hold data from a large number of activities.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 are your connection to your phone and give you the ability to download offline topo maps.
  • Wrist heart rate sensor also tracks your blood/oxygen levels to give vital feedback, especially as you hit higher altitudes.
Charging Time Less than 2 hours
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Battery Life 75 hours standard full GPS
45 hours GPS using QZSS+GLONASS+Galileo+BeiDou
Screen Touch Yes
Waterproof Rating 5 ATM (50 meters)
Specs Verified Yes
Connection WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0
24/7 HR Monitoring Yes
Barometric Altimeter Yes
Blood Oxygen Monitoring Yes
Compass Yes
Display Type Memory LCD
Face Material Sapphire glass with PVD coating
GPS Mode QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
Optical HR Monitor Yes
Strap Material Nylon (Silicon option available)
SkyRun Says
Usage Trail running, hiking, backpacking, climbing, etc., etc., etc
Notes Multi-pitch climbing mode reduces GPS reflection from steep walls for heightened accuracy when you're going vertical
Bottom Line High-end watch for easy runs to epic adventures
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Questions & Reviews

Chad P (downright abused product)
I have used this watch for training, running Hardrock, and multiple epic distance runs. I got this watch after using a Garmin Fenix 6 for several years. After making the adjustment to the Coros app and watch interface I find I am now a Coros convert! I would argue this is probably the best ultra marathon watch you can get right now. With the combination of price, light weight, low profile, intuitive watch interface, and easy to use Coros app it's best in class for sure. On my trip to Silverton Colorado to run Hardrock I didn't even bring my charger and on the basic GPS setting, I put almost 50 hours tracked running in and there was still 35% battery remaining and the tracking was plenty accurate enough.

Comparing the Coros to the Garmin, the Coros watch is much lower profile, lighter weight, and to get similar battery life you would have to purchase the Garmin Enduro 2 which is over twice the price of the Apex Pro 2 and much heavier and bulkier. I think the areas you could argue that Garmin has the edge is that the Fenix is a heavier duty watch should you fall on it, it looks nicer if you are wearing it for casual or dressing up, and it has a higher waterproof rating if you want to swim with it. Garmin also has a web interface with Garmin Connect where Coros just has their app, but I think their app is great and I prefer the simplicity of it.

Personally I think it's great that Coros is bringing down the price of GPS watches and increasing the battery life while keeping most of the same features of a Garmin. These GPS watches are not heirloom items that are going to be handed down to your kids, they are made to be used, abused, and then replaced with the next updated model. So cheaper is better and battery life is huge. If you are into long distance running, hiking, or biking this is the watch to get.
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Model: APEX 2 Pro

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