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Not all shoes come with all the bits and pieces that you need. Gaiters, replacement spikes, and insoles can be added for more comfort in the mountains.

Nearly all of Salomon's trail running shoes feature their patented Quicklace system, and for good reason! This innovative approach to lacing eliminates finicky knots that are almost always coming undone mid-trail! The Salomon Quicklace system gives an even, no-slip, and secure fit so you won't have to stop to readjust your shoelaces. In the event your laces don't outlast your shoes..
While many hang their running shoes up when the fluffy stuff starts to fall from the sky, many others do not, and persevere through the sleet, snow, and ice that is representational of winter. It is for these diehard runners that La Sportiva created the Hobnails. Being compatible with any rubber-soled shoe, the Hobnails allow you to customize your shoe for ultimate wintertime tract..
We've all experienced the frustration of having a pebble in our shoe during a run and thinking we'll soon stop to remove it. Emptying one's shoes of debris mid-run is so inconvenient it often goes undone. The Altra Trail Gaiter helps keep pesky blister-causing items out of your shoes so you can focus on the long miles ahead. The Trail Gaiters use a proprietary attachment system tha..
Black Diamond may have the best gaiters outside the state of Florida with the Distance Gaiters. I'm not sure if that's a football or basketball reference, what I do know is that trail running can get downright sloppy sometimes and you just want to keep truckin' without stopping to pull rocks or mud out of your shoes. These handy helpers have a secure hook and loop closure and aweso..
SIDAS doesn't want anything to get in your way when you're out on the trail, including your insoles! With their 3Feet Run Sense insoles they have created a low profile insert that is tailored to your arch height and natural stride. No overcorrecting, SIDAS just wants to support your natural gait to avoid pain and fatigue whenever you adventure. Each model has specific patterns of E..
The Superfeet Carbon Insole is the thinnest and lightest of Superfeet's footbed lineup. Thin enough to not jeopardize the performance fit of snug-fitting race shoes, yet still provides support for your arch and stability for your heel. Of course, a sprinkling of cushioning is thrown in for good measure. Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials help keep the insoles fresh and dr..
The Superfeet Blue Insole is their middle-of-the-road footbed that offers support for medium height arches and greater heel stability. By supporting your arch, the insole holds your foot in a more natural position, which alleviates soreness and shifting within the shoe. This is especially appreciated on longer runs. The Blue Insole takes up a bit more volume than the thinner Carbon..
The Superfeet Green Insole is for feet with high arches and volume that need underfoot support. Without support underneath, the arch may "collapse." This results in straining your underfoot and splaying out the toes and metatarsals which ultimately changes the shape of your foot inside the shoe. Aside from being uncomfortable and maybe even painful, an arch that is not well support..
It just happens: footwear gets nasty. You may smell like roses, but your feet tend to stray from that path. You can revive your footwear and save the room from smelling like a locker room with SIDAS's Cedar Wood Dryer Bags. They absorb moisture while leaving behind a very pleasant cedar smell. Now you can smell like a freshly chopped tree as you run around, or simply use them in yo..
The more time we spend cramming our feet into ski boots and running shoes, the more we can't wait to let the toes loose - especially if we're spraying champagne from the winner's podium! With that victory celebration in mind, the Dynafit Podium is an ergonomic and cushy flip-flop ("jandal" for those tuning in from New Zealand) made by everyone's favorite beachwear brand, Dynafit. M..
Perfect protection from Ultimate Direction comes in the form of the FK Gaiters. Ok, nothing is perfect, but it did rhyme, and it gets to the point that these gaiters are really awesome. The adjustable Hypalon strap under your shoe gets you a more secure fit to deter any garbage from encroaching on your foots comfy zone. Simply move up or down the ladder system to dial in the fit fo..
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