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Nearly all of Salomon's trail running shoes feature their patented Quicklace system, and for good reason! This innovative approach to lacing eliminates finicky knots that are almost always coming undone mid-trail! The Salomon Quicklace system gives an even, no-slip, and secure fit so you won't have to stop to readjust your shoelaces. In the event your laces don't outlast your shoes, this simple kit will save the day and get you back out on the trail, Salomon-style!

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Questions & Reviews

Kurt H (used product a few times)
I was looking for a replacement lace for my Adidas Terrex R2 GTX. Almost everything I found was to large and wouldn't fit. Then I came across these Salomon laces, and they fit perfectly. Sky Run shipped them out fast and I had them in no time
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Question from Stephanie
Will these be too long for a kids size shoe? Size 1 kids to be exact
Answer from Jeff
Stephanie, You would need to cut them down for most shoes, so Yes. Find a YouTube video for how to instructions.
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Question from Mary
Do you have these laces in gray?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Mary, just the black colorway for these laces!
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Question from Robin G
Will these Salomon Quicklace Kit fit my Salomon hike shoes. It’s seems like a very slim … very strong lace.
Answer from eric
Robin- Seems like the lace diameter is about the same from your photo. Length should be plenty long enough.
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Question from Tim Baldridge
Do these laces fit a size 14
Answer from Will McD
Hi Tim,
The quicklace kit only comes in one length which should work will all sizes of Salomon's compatible footwear.
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