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Salomon Trail Running Shoes and Accessories

It's always time to play any time you lace up, put on, or don Salomon gear. Started in the heart of the French Alps Salomon has always shown a commitment to outdoor exploration. More than a staple of the trail running community, Salomon has set themselves apart as the preeminent brand for all things that involve adventuring by foot.

Salomon S/Lab Ultra 3 V2 Shoe
Ultrarunners need a shoe that is committed to the long haul - ample cushion, durability, protection, and support - all without weighing you down. Thankfully, the Salomon S/Lab Ultra 3 V2 has got your back, err, feet. The trademark of any ultra shoe is lot..
Salomon S/Lab Pulsar SG Shoe
When Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour barrier in the marathon, he was aided by a v-formation of pacesetters, sublime weather, and one hell of a fancy shoe that was so effective they were nearly banned from international competition. Not to be outdone, Sa..
$179.95 $119.95
Salomon Ultra Glide Shoe
What do the words sloppy, painful, and insecure have to do with the Salomon ULTRA GLIDE? Absolutely nothing. Normally known for their technical trail shoes, Salomon set their sights on creating the ultimate long-distance shoe by emphasizing the antonyms t..
$139.95 $79.95
Salomon S/Lab Pulsar Shoe
If you have the podium in your sights and need a shoe to get you there, the Salomon S/Lab Pulsar is the perfect companion for your way to the top. Working with Kilian Jornet, Salomon set out to make a ludicrously light shoe that could still handle the dem..
$179.95 $109.95
Salomon Quicklace Kit
Nearly all of Salomon's trail running shoes feature their patented Quicklace system, and for good reason! This innovative approach to lacing eliminates finicky knots that are almost always coming undone mid-trail! The Salomon Quicklace system gives an eve..
Salomon S/Lab Genesis Shoe
If you prefer to calculate your outings in scrambles, ridgelines, crushing vert, and number of scree fields crossed instead of mileage and time, Salomon decided to make the S/Lab Genesis shoe just for you. Built for the toughest days in the craziest terra..
Salomon Sense Pro 5 Pack - Women
Whether it's your first or 50th ultra-race, you'll appreciate everything Salomon's Sense Pro 5 running pack has to offer. This pack truly is women's specific, not just a smaller version of the unisex pack. Avoiding pressure points is key to long-term comf..
$159.95 $114.95
Salomon S/Lab Pulsar 2 SG Shoe
The S/Lab Pulsar 2 SG shoe from Salomon isn't so much reimagined as much as it is, well, better. Yup, they miraculously improved upon an already impossibly lightweight, fast-paced shoe. The "Soft Ground" label doesn't limit these shoes to loamy single tra..
$179.95 $134.95
Salomon Pulsar Trail Pro 2 Shoe
Did you know that the Pulsar SG 2 is just one of a family of shoes from Salomon? The Pulsar Trail 2 Pro may be a touch huskier, but that burliness comes with a host of benefits. The high cushion midsole is made of a foam that combines EVA, Olefin [OBC], a..
$159.95 $119.95
Salomon Pulsar Trail Pro 2 Shoe - Women
You just signed up for your first ultra, didn't you? Once you're over the thought of, "oh no, what have I done?" it's time to start thinking about gear. First up - shoes! The Salomon Pulsar Trail 2 Pro shoe is a great place to begin. The highly cushioned ..
$159.95 $119.95
Salomon Custom Quiver Pole Carry
You love your Sense Pro 5 pack from Salomon, you love your running poles, now how to get the two together? Simply attach a Custom Quiver pole carry from Salomon to your pack and away you go! The large opening makes for quick and efficient storage, so you ..
Salomon ADV Skin 12 Vest
Sometimes a minimal, low-volume belt or race vest just isn't enough. Whether you need space for an overnight kit, or just really want a big hoagie with a tall beer at the summit, the Salomon ADV Skin 12 Vest is what you should be grabbing. With a 12-liter..
Salomon ADV Skin 5 Vest
A timeless classic, the Salomon ADV Skin 5 has passed folks on mountain trails for ages, and it's easy to see why. With Salomon's Sensifit construction, lightweight and adjustment cords can be dialed in so that the stretchy fabric snugly contours to your ..
Salomon Sense Ride 5 Shoe
Having the ability to choose from a quiver of shoes that complement specific conditions would be ideal for anybody. But conditions can be variable, and when they are, the Sense Ride 5 is as versatile as it is capable. This trail shoe excels on runs from s..
$139.95 $90.97
Salomon S/Lab Alpinway Shoe
Category benders can be frustrating when you try to put them in a box, but they just don't fit. The Salomon S/Lab Alpinway will perform wonderfully whether the menu has rocks, roots, or ridgelines for lunch. Need to run a few miles before your objective? ..

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