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Running can be a many varied thing - the thrill of summitting with the best views, the crazy descents, the ridge scrambling. For some, this diversity is the spice of the summer months. No matter what you get up to, we are sure the COROS Apex 2 Pro sports watch has a setting to track all your progress. Those who climb will enjoy the multi-pitch activity mode, enhanced with the GNSS ..
Double trouble, double the fun, twice as nice - however you want to interpret the "2" in the COROS Apex 2, it's a really good thing. Featuring a touchscreen interface, reinforced titanium housing, and 8GB of internal storage this watch is ready to rumble. Throw in a sapphire glass screen with a PVD coating that is highly scratch resistant, and you can adventure with confidence with..
COROS entered the market in 2018 with the PACE GPS watch, setting a new standard for battery life. The COROS PACE 3 maintains the same sleek package in its third iteration while sporting many new features and technologies. The already long battery life sees another 20% increase and will last up to 38 hours of GPS tracking or over three weeks of daily use. A new transflective displa..
From $229.00
Heart rate monitors that use traditional chest straps can cause discomfort, while wrist-based readings may be inaccurate and slow. The COROS Heart Rate Monitor fits comfortably and snugly on the upper arm, and the advanced sensor boasts 5 LED lights with four photodetectors, providing accuracy equivalent to its chest-based cousins. With a 38-hour active battery life, the COROS HR M..
If your charging cord has grown legs and walked away, or your watch band is starting to look a bit haggard, we have you covered. A few offerings to keep you connected to your watch, your workouts, and your world. 20mm PACE Bands - Compatible with the original PACE watch. PACE 3 Silicone Bands - 22mm band compatible with the original APEX 46mm, APEX Pro, the APEX 2 Pro, and PA..
From $19.95
The Dynafit Graphic Performance Headband was designed with the ambitious athlete in mind. Breathable and moisture-wicking, this headband will keep the sweat off of your brow and out of your eyes. Light windproofing helps prevent a cold breeze from stripping all the heat from your head and ears without hampering heat ventilation. That way, your dome can be kept comfortable in a vari..
The perfect visor for us, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to offer La Sportiva's Skyrun visor here at SkyRun! Fantastic colors are just the start. Large integrated sweatband wicks all that sweat that's just waiting to sting your downturned eyes on that crushing uphill. When the sun is up, or just about to crest that ridgeline you will appreciate having a brim to block its welco..
What makes this a cap and not a hat? Potatoe, potato. The NNormal Race cap is fast no matter what you call it. If you want to be as epic as Kilian Jornet you'll need to quit your job, start training (a lot) and hope that your physiology changes miraculously. If you want to look like Kilian Jornet you can simply buy this hat. Weighing in at a scant 50g you won't even know it's on yo..
In the natural world, clouds and shadows are the only protection from the unrelenting sun. So for those bluebird exposed, midday runs, your only option is artificial protection such as the La Sportiva Stream Cap. Like a good cap should, it keeps the brightness out of your eyes and radiation off your face. But its construction is what makes it stand out from the rest - the Stream Ca..
When out adventuring, you'll want a head covering that is both lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable. The Aenergy Light Cap from Mammut is a stylish option should you find yourself in need of such a product. This 5-panel cap looks great and has a unique drawstring and stopper on the rear, allowing for quick adjustability. Flexible and foldable, the Aenergy Light Cap wi..
Regarding hats, our checklist can be elementary - it must be wearable on the head and help keep the sun out of your eyes. La Sportiva came in and said, "Yeah, but - what about a dynamic five-panel cap with reflective detailing on the visor and back, with a moisture-wicking integrated sweatband?" Well, that's precisely what they're delivering! As a sustainable 100% recycled polyeste..
That pesky sun keeps returning daily, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It never takes a day off; regardless of whether you decide to or not. It's always wise to hit the trails with some protection. The NNormal Hike Cap is a classic cap with a stiff brim to cast some shade on the brightest of summer hikes. Functional, swanky, and besides, who would say no to more headwear? ..
Calling all head sweating, mouth breathing, desert rat, hot weather running folks! La Sportiva's Hive Cap is going to be your new best friend. This unique piece of headgear is the ultimate in breathability thanks to the innovative brim that's made out of a flexible plastic frame covered in 3D mesh. In other words, it blocks the sun like a regular brim but allows air to easily pass ..
Once the staple of seedy bars and farmer's fields, the trucker hat got pushed into the mainstream in the early 2000s and is here to stay. The good news is that the stylish hat also works well for keeping the sun off your face while not overheating. So, proudly adorn your skull with a logoed SkyRun hat and continue to set trends. Sure to fit all but the largest or smallest noggins, ..
Extraordinary, elegant, and colorful are all words you could use to describe the Dynafit Transalper Cap. Now, those adjectives are great for a running cap but don't actually matter if the cap itself isn't functional. But since it's made by Dynafit, we're not concerned in the least. After all, Dynafit probably wouldn't be around to this day if the functionality of their gear was eve..
$29.95 $19.95
You’d be forgiven for assuming all visors are the same. Take a simple regular hat and remove the top, right? That may be true for other brands, but the folks at Dynafit took their time elevating the oft-neglected visor category with their React Visor Band. To them, it’s a headband that happens to have a flexible brim. So yes, it keeps the sun out of your eyes like a visor, but it a..
$39.95 $29.96
As much fun as it is to have hair flying in your face, blocking your view, and getting in your mouth, why not just curb that issue with Dynafit's Running hairbands? This handy 3-pack helps you pick the perfect color of the day and also extends your washing cycle. These eye-popping colors are a retro way to stay visible and keep your face hair free (unless you have a beard and count..
$19.95 $15.96
Ever been getting ready for an adventure and not sure if you should wear a headband to keep your hair out of your eyes or hat to keep the sun off your face? Introducing the solution, the Alpine Graphic Visor Band from Dynafit which combines both. The light weight, quick drying, wicking fabric keeps you cool. The flexible visor keeps the sun out of your eyes. And with a Polygiene tr..
$34.95 $24.95
No, your taste buds haven't abandoned you, it's just that you are fully enjoying the experience of Maurten's Gel which just happens to be flavorless. Perfect for picky eaters, this gel is also for anyone who wants to perform at their best. Hydrogel Technology is at the center of the success of Maurten Gels. This near-magic trick has carbohydrates that become encapsulated when they ..
From $3.90
In a world where purchasing nutrition can feel like ordering a Michelin-star meal, Carbs Fuel offers a welcome respite with their wallet-friendly pricing and tummy-friendly ingredients. The Carbs Fuel Original 50g Gel is about as simple (and affordable) as nutrition gels can get. Packing a whopping 200 calories per gel with 50g of carbohydrates and over 100mg of sodium, the Origina..
Turns out that following nature’s lead and using simple, real food makes for high-quality performance nutrition. Spring Energy emphasizes this 100% natural approach throughout its whole lineup of gels and nutrition. You won’t be seeing any freaky lab-grown concoctions passed off as food on their ingredient list. Instead, Spring Energy has harnessed certain foods' power for enduranc..
When you're at mile 35 of a 50-mile effort, gels can cause GI issues, and the texture can start to be overwhelming. The Naak Energy Purees offer a 200-calorie, sweet or semi-savory alternative to gels. The convenient twist top screws back on so you can fuel as needed and stow them away to enjoy later. The baby food like texture is easy to stomach, and the well-balanced ingredients ..
Whether it's the morning before a race or you're planning for a long day in the mountains, take the guesswork out of breakfast and give yourself a leg up with a Spring Energy Endurance Meal. Categorized as an endurance meal for athletes, the Endurance Fuel is a calorie-dense meal intentionally designed to provide healthy, real-food fuel before your workout. It boosts your performan..
When considering fueling for runs, one may think of gels, bars, and drink mixes. As an alternative, Odd Balls offers Energy Balls, an organic blend of all-natural ingredients with no added sugar. What sets Energy Balls apart from regular balls, you ask? Shrooms! Fabulous fungi, known as caterpillar fungus or Cordycipitaceae, yamabushitake or bearded hedgehogs, are blended with date..
Time to raise the bar! Too simple of a catchphrase? Simple is what the Maurten Solid nutrition bar is all about. Building on their approach to drink mixes and gels, the nutritional wizards in Sweden decided to expand their horizon to include their Solid bars. Simple in name, simple in approach, and crazy effective in application, this bar is the perfect complement to Maurten's gels..
Fueling for runs doesn't need to be complicated. Naak Ultra Energy Bars are an easy way to consume valuable calories and nutrients, whether on the way to the trailhead or during a long run. With a 4:1 carb to eco-friendly protein ratio and added electrolytes, the Ultra Energy Bars are smartly balanced for quick energy while sustaining you for the long haul. Almond & Chocolat..
From $2.95
With so many options to choose from when it comes to nutrition, why not go with a product that is made with high-quality ingredients with an emphasis on long-lasting energy and sustainability? The Naak Energy Waffles are plant-based and made with a minimum of non-gmo ingredients, focused on gut health to avoid common GI issues. With an excellent balance of carbs to protein which he..
Need carbs? Get Carbs! Carbs Fuel, that is. The Carbs Fuel Original Sport Drink Mix is loaded with 500mg of sodium and 75g of carbs to keep your engine running. 300 calories per serving gives you energy for the next big push - and the one after that. Made with just the necessities, the Original Sport Drink Mix has no added preservatives, colorings, or flavorings to keep things simp..
From $3.00
With so many drink mix options on the market, ranging from tangy to syrupy sweet, we're all looking for one that's delicious and easy on the gut. That's where the Energy Drink Mix comes in. Näak's Energy Drink Mix is tasty and easy to stomach, so you can keep fueling throughout your effort. The ability to switch from sweet to salty to plain water and back again will keep your palat..
From $3.95
Hydrogel Technology is what sets Maurten products apart. Their drink mix is as simple in name as it is in ingredients. Packing either 160 or 320 calories per satchel, this mix will deliver carbohydrates to your system faster than a USPS driver in a Ferrari. Unlike someone driving way too fast with a sports car, the Maurten sports drink mix does not pose any bodily threat. This is w..
From $2.70
If you haven't been able to choke down your 11th gel of the day, and your energy levels dropped as a result, have you really experienced life? The Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel is an easy way to keep yourself hydrated while getting electrolytes and calories to enhance your performance throughout the day. This elixir uses simple carbohydrates the body can rapidly digest, providi..
From $2.49
Recovery is the often overlooked portion of most athlete's training plans. Immediately following exercise, the Recovery Mix from Tailwind Nutrition is a delicious way to get the protein, carbohydrates, and electrolytes your body needs post-workout. Contains up to 3x more protein than most go-to shakes, which provides more usable protein that goes to repairing your damaged muscles. ..
From $2.95
Since time immemorial, creatures great and small have craved salt. As humans, we yearn for the mineral; it's a staple of our culinary traditions, a reason to build roads uniting empires, and an excuse to go to war. You could say salt fuels our very existence (technically the sodium-potassium pump does, but you get the point, salt is essential). The SaltStick Fast Chews offer a deli..
From $3.50
Saltstick Capsules provide much-needed sodium quickly through a complex process. The sodium-potassium pump in the body is a regulatory process that maintains the concentration gradients for Na+ and K+ across the plasma membrane. This process is essential for muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and other important things. That's all I remember from Intro to Biology, othe..
Is plain water getting you down on your runs? Nuun Sport Hydration tabs are a great tasting way to replace electrolytes lost during exercise. Not just for hydration, Nuun tabs alleviate cramps, help with muscle fatigue and function, and make tap water flavorful. Simply add to a 500ml soft flask and head up your favorite trail. Nuun Sport Hydration comes in non-caffeinated and caffe..
High-exertion activities can leave you dehydrated and low on electrolytes. The Rapid Hydration from Tailwind Nutrition is chalked full of necessary vitamins and minerals so you can replenish them during or after your activities. With a proprietary blend of electrolytes and Vitamin C, this lightly flavored drink will allow your body to absorb fluids nearly 3x faster. Instead of arti..
Unless your local trails are equipped with water fountains every mile you’re going to need to bring water on your run to stave off dehydration. The Dynafit Flask shrinks as you sip, so not only does it get more portable as you go, it also minimizes the sloshing you get with regular water bottles. BPA/PVC free and integrates perfectly with Dynafit running packs and belts. It’s the s..
From $19.95
Sick of Gel remnants sabotaging your pockets? Tired of single-use packaging for your fuel of choice? Switch to the HydraPak SoftFlask. Coming in 150ml and 250ml options, this soft flask sports a wide opening soft silicone nozzle for easy fueling, no matter the concoction. Highly compressible, the HydraPak SoftFlask is easy to throw in a pocket when empty. Still worried about sugary..
From $13.95
Hydration on mid-length runs can be challenging. Too long to go without H2O, but too short to warrant a full-on reservoir. What’s that you say, just hold a water bottle? But the sloshing alone will have you looking for an alternative within a mile. Let us propose the perfect balance of handheld convenience with anti-slosh properties from HydraPak - the SkyFlask. This semi-structure..
From $27.95
Continuing to lead the pack in soft flask innovation, the wizards at HydraPak pulled out all the stops on the UtlraFlask Speed. Designed with a soft material that will fit most hydration vests, belts, or any old backpack, there is no excuse to leave this featherweight flask at home. The shrink-as-you-drink design will keep your fluid bounce to a minimum, collapsing down into a cute..
From $22.95
Made to fit NNormal Running Vest pockets, it is conveniently tapered to roll and stow easily. A soft, high-flow bite valve that seals automatically after every sip reduces drips and leaks! NNormal is all about less trace and reducing waste, so this bottle is made from 100% TPU and doesn’t include BPA or PFC plastics, making this a sturdy and as eco-friendly a soft-flask as they com..
For some, hard bottles are just not their jam. Even when empty, they are one way to fill up pack volume. If you prefer the world of soft flasks, check out the HydraPak Stow collapsible bottle. An easy-open cap protects the already spillproof nozzle, making sure your layers stay dry. Speaking of the cap, a flexible bail handle makes it easy to clip or hand carry this bottle. When em..
From $16.95
Let’s do some quick math to illustrate why the LifeStraw Peak Series Collapsible Squeeze Bottle is such a godsend for self-supported trail runners. If you drink, say, an average of 750ml of water per hour and go for a 6-hour run, you’ll need 4.5 liters of water. And if each liter weighs 2.21 pounds, you’ll be starting off at the trailhead with nearly 10 pounds of water - that’s bot..
Reservoirs can be finicky things. Not always the most intuitive to use, the hassle can outweigh the benefit. Enter the HydraPak Velocity 1.5L reservoir. The lightest reservoir in the HydraPak fleet, this water bag is a great pairing with a range of packs and vests. Featuring a wide fill opening, this reservoir is a quick fill in an aid station, or easy to add ice to on a sweltering..
Maurten offers their tried and true, classic squeeze bottle for your refueling and hydration needs. Comes in 500ml and 750ml options. Use the bottle to combine water with any of their drink mixes and get in on the Maurten Hydrogel Technology train!..
From $4.95
You've got a bottle to hold your water, but what's going to hold the bottle? The CAMP Action Bottle Holder is a versatile solution to all of your bottle-holding hangups. A combo of an upper vertical velcro strap and a center lateral strap make it easy to attach to a vest, pack, or even your dog's collar! A small elastic pouch on either the right or left side (your choice!) is perfe..
Behold the CAMP Action Bottle! From the very first single-celled organisms drifting through the primordial soup, life has never been able to exist on this planet without water. This is especially true for large, bipedal mammals scampering along ridgelines for the sake of fun. Thankfully, 1.4 million years of human evolution has created the CAMP Action Bottle so that we silly sapien..
Carry on my Fastdraw son, there'll be rest, hydration, some fuel and hopefully your car keys when you are done. Keep it stripped down and simple with Ultimate Direction's Fastdraw 300 handheld bottle. How far can you go with 300ml of liquids on board? Only one way to find out. A few gels and you're out the door. There is only one adjustment you can make for a great fit on your hand..
$24.95 $16.94

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