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Hydration on mid-length runs can be challenging. Too long to go without H2O, but too short to warrant a full-on reservoir. What’s that you say, just hold a water bottle? But the sloshing alone will have you looking for an alternative within a mile. Let us propose the perfect balance of handheld convenience with anti-slosh properties from HydraPak - the SkyFlask. This semi-structured soft flask designed to be carried in hand features an adjustable hand strap and a shrink-as-you-drink design to collapse as you drink. The flexible design keeps the weight down and is easily stashed in a pocket when empty. Stay hydrated on the trail with the HydraPak SkyFlask.

  • High flow bite valve simplifies hydration.
  • Shrink-as-you-drink design makes this flask easy to store in a pocket when empty.
  • Large opening allows for easy addition of drink mixes or ice cubes.
  • Speed 350ml has a flip-top cap to keep your time down in aid stations.
convert to ounces
57g [500ml]
50g [350ml]
Volume 500ml
Sidecut   200mm x 80mm [500ml]
200mm x 55mm [350ml]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   TPU, PP, HDPE, Silicon, Nylon
SkyRun Says
Usage Short to mid-distance runs
Notes Adjustable strap dials in the fit as you drink
Bottom Line Excellent handheld option that is lightweight, packable, and anit-slosh

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Model: SkyFlask

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