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Tank or t-shirt style can come down to personal preference, or something as simple as the weather. Different textiles provide different benefits and each brand will have its own unique approach to making the best product on the market.

Designed specifically for racing, the DNA tank from Dynafit aims to keep you properly thermoregulated, no matter how warm the course is on race day. Summer in the Appalachians? No problem. Sandstone singletrack in the American Southwest? Don’t forget water! Made from an ultralight mesh fabric, this tank puts a premium on regulating your temperature. Lightweight materials combined w..
Nnormal's Women's Race Tank is designed to be as minimal as can be. Slim cut and with a comfortable fit, the Race Tank is lightweight and nigh unnoticeable. The racerback allows freedom of movement and minimizes the material against your skin. As with all of NNormal's products, this top is made primarily from recycled (yet very durable) polyester. High breathability and soft ..
We here at SkyRun love long training hours as much as anyone, but eventually, it's time to cash in the fitness and go racing! This is where the La Sportiva Sky Tank comes into play. HeiQ Smart Temp technology actively regulates your body temperature, keeping you comfortable on windy mountain tops and sun-baked road traverses alike. Two different weights of mesh fabric strategically..
When Dynafit set about revolutionizing the business of backcountry bindings, they dubbed their creation the 'Tech-Low Tech,' referencing both its novelty and its refreshing simplicity. With its straightforward yet highly effective design, the DNA shirt seems to be following the lineage of the TLT. The technology in question here is known as Active Airflow Ventilation, a procedure t..
$99.95 $69.95
One can never have enough running shirts, and the Women's NNormal Race Tee will make for a fine addition to your arsenal. While this T-shirt is made from 90% recycled material, it's designed to be durable and last run after run after run. Slim-fitting, lightweight, and highly breathable, this race tee will keep you comfortable while you set new records and blaze new trails. M..
When Mammut set out to produce some of the best trail-running softgoods, they took a more sustainable approach than most. With the use of recycled materials, Mammut's Aenergy FL T-shirt is not only eco-friendly but also has an excellent athletic fit that looks and feels good. The thoughtful use of mesh ventilation on the back and under the arms allows moisture to escape, keeping yo..
The Tracer T-Shirt from La Sportiva has everything you need in a running shirt. Flatlock seams are comfortable and prevent chafing even when wearing a vest. S.Café ® fabric keeps odors to a minimum, and it's super breathable, which keeps things dry when your pace and temps are on the rise. The Tracer shirt is comfortable, simple, and effective. S.Café ® fabrics for moisture a..
Sometimes simplicity is, well, simple. And it doesn't get much simpler than Dynafit's Alpine 2 shirt for women. When you need both coverage and breathability, this lightweight, 100% recycled polyester shirt has you covered. When running at night, the reflective hits provide added visibility for safety. An anti-odor treatment will help keep the synthetic stink at bay, and your frien..
Long sleeves for long runs on long days? Absolutely! The Alpine Pro Women's Longsleeve Shirt from Dynafit provides additional sun protection while remaining breathable for all-year use. When intensity increases, so does perspiration. This shirt's moisture-wicking properties will be appreciated on hot or cool days, and its anti-odor treatment will keep you feeling fresh. The 100% re..
$59.95 From $59.95
Not all activewear is created equal. Mammut's Selun FL Sun Hoody for Women proves that point. Mammut uses recycled materials, bio-based odor treatments, and sustainable dyes for less environmental impact. While you're working up a sweat on your next mountain adventure, the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric will leave you cool and dry. The UPF 50+ fabric has tremendous stret..
Making sure to have a lightweight hoodie in the shirt quiver is good practice for hot sunny days. The Dynafit Traverse Sun Hoodie is a fantastic and versatile top that offers protection from the elements. Made from 100% recycled polyester with an added anti-odor treatment, it keeps trash out of landfills and helps keep you fresh run after run. Using highly breathable, moisture-wick..
Early sailors no doubt paid close attention to the winds, depending as they did on predictable gusts to ply their trade on the open ocean. Even if you couldn't tell a trade wind from a mistral, a little extra care for how to negotiate this element will go a long way. Enter the DNA Wind jacket. Light, breathable, wind-resistant, and water-repellent, this tidy jacket is everything yo..
$179.95 From $109.95
For the type of runner who’s well aware of wind’s heat-zapping capabilities but refuses to be weighed down by a bulky jacket, La Sportiva has literally got you covered with the Briza Windbreaker. This ultralight piece features windproof materials on the chest, arms, and hood to keep you protected from the fiercest of gusts and a DWR treatment to fend off drizzle. However, unlike so..
The weather on race day is definitely out of our control, but what we can control is the gear we bring to combat adverse conditions. If protection from the elements is paramount, but weight and space are a concern, Dynafit's DNA 3L Jacket will save precious room in your running vest and add a scant 148 grams, which will likely go unnoticed. Helping to keep the weight to a minimum w..
Not every day can be sunny with beautiful, blue skies; on days that aren't, the NNormal Trail Rain Jacket will be your most faithful of allies. The waterproof Pertext Shield membrane is as impenetrable as the mythical Shield of Achilles while allowing for airflow comparable to the great winds of the northern realms. Despite being made from 100% recycled materials, this jacket is bu..
The Yeti. The Chupacabra. Santa Claus. All mythical creatures that no one can dispel (ok, Santa Claus is not real, spoiler alert). In the running apparel world, Salewa's Pedroc 2.5L PTX Light jacket is the mythical creature we all hoped would be real - and it is! A lightweight, wind and waterproof jacket with features is kind of a big deal, so SkyRun decided to bring it on board. N..
Fall and winter running can be a blast, especially if you're prepared. With a DWR coating and light insulation, the La Sportiva Koro Jacket is like having two layers in one. The stretchy back fabric is highly breathable and will fit over a vest for on-the-move efficiency. The use of the same fabric on the arms and hood allows for total freedom of movement. Primaloft insulation over..
Sahara, Mojave, Sonora, Gobi, your local trail midsummer - it doesn’t matter! High temps and high output are no match for the La Sportiva Drift Tank. As a result, there’s no need to back down from a run just because the sun is putting off some serious heat. Lightweight, breathable materials with body-mapped venting keep you as cool as possible when moving full speed. The quick-dry ..
$48.95 $39.16
Allow ODLO’s Zeroweight Chill-Tec Tank to keep you cool even when the summer heat is trying to melt you. Aptly named, ODLO’s Zeroweight material is 100% polyester and so light that it barely registers on a scale. To really turn down the thermostat, the shirt is airflow engineered. This fancy speak means that the shirt fabric is crazy breathable and has been subjected to lasers that..
$48.95 $28.95
A warm sunny day can be so inviting for a run but crank up the grade along with the heat and the sweat factory goes into high gear. Combat the heat with Dynafit’s Vert tank with its highly breathable, lightweight construction. When it's time to head back down the quick-dry fabric will shed moisture and have you feeling fresh as a farm-to-table salad. Knowing that sweat can lead to ..
$39.95 $29.95
Trailrunning may not be an Olympic sport, but that doesn't mean you should lose out on the benefits of those snazzy track singlets. Featuring a race-style back and a subtle v-neck cut, the La Sportiva Joy Tank will turn heads and shed heat on the trail. Chafeproof seam construction and mesh inserts through the underarm and back will have you feeling fresh, while the reflective neck..
$34.95 $27.96
Go light my fellow runners, as light as possible on hot days with Dynafit's Sky Crop Top. The sleeveless, short hem design keeps you cool on runs where you know heat will be part of the equation. These runs are usually accompanied by plenty of sweat. Dynafit is way ahead of you there, making this material quick-drying and treated with Polygiene for anti-odor properties. Flat seams ..
$49.95 $37.46
Sweat is human nature’s attempt at cooling down when overheating and it works well, sometimes a little too well. To compensate for this superhuman reaction, the Dynafit Vert Shirt uses a highly breathable material to keep temperatures down. But once that inevitable sweat fest begins, that same shirt material will wick moisture away and keep you dry while logging miles. Oh, and the ..
$49.95 $32.95
Bring on the heat! ODLO’s Blackcomb Ceramicool shirt is up to the task and designed to keep the temps down, regardless of the sun’s best efforts. To start, the shirt prioritizes all-day comfort by choosing lightweight, fast drying, and incredibly soft materials. Seamless construction ensures chafing and discomfort are a thing of the past enabling you to enjoy the run pain-free. For..
$64.95 $39.95
When Dynafit created the Traverse 2 women's shirt they did so with both fashion and function in mind. Let's face it, the Euros have this combo dialed in. Traversing can be a break between those crushing climbs and crazy descents often giving the best views and most memorable trail moments. Let that Dynafit logo share the adventure as you enjoy your favorite trail in your backyard p..
$39.95 From $24.95
Not every day is race day! Proudly show off your appreciation for slow, steady runs with Territory Run Co’s Easy Miles Run Club tee. Even better, join in on the celebratory Easy Miles group runs hosted in cities throughout the US. And although the shirt emphasizes going easy, the shirt itself is anything but a slacker. Using Territory Run Co’s popular All Day fabric, the incredibly..
$49.00 $36.95
There are a few items you shouldn't leave home without: keys, purse, clothes - you know, the basics. As soon as you slip into Dynafit's Traverse DST women's jacket it will become the first item you reach for as you head out the door en-route to your next trail run. Lightweight and stretchy this jacket will move when you move and stay out of your way no matter how hard you're sendin..
$139.95 From $89.95
When a wet weather front hits a mountain range, water vapor is forced upward, whereupon it condenses and falls as rain or snow. If your runs are frequently subject to this or any other precip-generating process, you're going to need protection. Enter the Dynafit Ultra 3L jacket. This layer is fully wind and waterproof, so it'll stand up not only to the occasional ridgeline gust but..
$299.95 $204.95

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