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Running Visors and Hats

Keep the sun out of your eyes and maybe off your head. Wick that sweat from your brow or maybe take comfort in a little extra heat retention. Hats and visors can fill many roles on the trail for comfort and protection.

The Dynafit Graphic Performance Headband was designed with the ambitious athlete in mind. Breathable and moisture-wicking, this headband will keep the sweat off of your brow and out of your eyes. Light windproofing helps prevent a cold breeze from stripping all the heat from your head and ears without hampering heat ventilation. That way, your dome can be kept comfortable in a vari..
The perfect visor for us, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to offer La Sportiva's Skyrun visor here at SkyRun! Fantastic colors are just the start. Large integrated sweatband wicks all that sweat that's just waiting to sting your downturned eyes on that crushing uphill. When the sun is up, or just about to crest that ridgeline you will appreciate having a brim to block its welco..
What makes this a cap and not a hat? Potatoe, potato. The NNormal Race cap is fast no matter what you call it. If you want to be as epic as Kilian Jornet you'll need to quit your job, start training (a lot) and hope that your physiology changes miraculously. If you want to look like Kilian Jornet you can simply buy this hat. Weighing in at a scant 50g you won't even know it's on yo..
In the natural world, clouds and shadows are the only protection from the unrelenting sun. So for those bluebird exposed, midday runs, your only option is artificial protection such as the La Sportiva Stream Cap. Like a good cap should, it keeps the brightness out of your eyes and radiation off your face. But its construction is what makes it stand out from the rest - the Stream Ca..
When out adventuring, you'll want a head covering that is both lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable. The Aenergy Light Cap from Mammut is a stylish option should you find yourself in need of such a product. This 5-panel cap looks great and has a unique drawstring and stopper on the rear, allowing for quick adjustability. Flexible and foldable, the Aenergy Light Cap wi..
Regarding hats, our checklist can be elementary - it must be wearable on the head and help keep the sun out of your eyes. La Sportiva came in and said, "Yeah, but - what about a dynamic five-panel cap with reflective detailing on the visor and back, with a moisture-wicking integrated sweatband?" Well, that's precisely what they're delivering! As a sustainable 100% recycled polyeste..
That pesky sun keeps returning daily, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It never takes a day off; regardless of whether you decide to or not. It's always wise to hit the trails with some protection. The NNormal Hike Cap is a classic cap with a stiff brim to cast some shade on the brightest of summer hikes. Functional, swanky, and besides, who would say no to more headwear? ..
Calling all head sweating, mouth breathing, desert rat, hot weather running folks! La Sportiva's Hive Cap is going to be your new best friend. This unique piece of headgear is the ultimate in breathability thanks to the innovative brim that's made out of a flexible plastic frame covered in 3D mesh. In other words, it blocks the sun like a regular brim but allows air to easily pass ..
Trail runners rejoice, the age-old trucker hat just got a revamp! Territory Run Co’s Loowit Trucker hat allows you to get all the style points of your Granddaddy’s trucker hat without sacrificing any of the technical features that runners demand of their headwear. Most notably, the usual foam front panel has been replaced with a breathable open mesh and the back panels are made wit..
$36.00 $26.95
Once the staple of seedy bars and farmer's fields, the trucker hat got pushed into the mainstream in the early 2000s and is here to stay. The good news is that the stylish hat also works well for keeping the sun off your face while not overheating. So, proudly adorn your skull with a logoed SkyRun hat and continue to set trends. Sure to fit all but the largest or smallest noggins, ..
Extraordinary, elegant, and colorful are all words you could use to describe the Dynafit Transalper Cap. Now, those adjectives are great for a running cap but don't actually matter if the cap itself isn't functional. But since it's made by Dynafit, we're not concerned in the least. After all, Dynafit probably wouldn't be around to this day if the functionality of their gear was eve..
$29.95 $19.95
You’d be forgiven for assuming all visors are the same. Take a simple regular hat and remove the top, right? That may be true for other brands, but the folks at Dynafit took their time elevating the oft-neglected visor category with their React Visor Band. To them, it’s a headband that happens to have a flexible brim. So yes, it keeps the sun out of your eyes like a visor, but it a..
$39.95 $29.96
As much fun as it is to have hair flying in your face, blocking your view, and getting in your mouth, why not just curb that issue with Dynafit's Running hairbands? This handy 3-pack helps you pick the perfect color of the day and also extends your washing cycle. These eye-popping colors are a retro way to stay visible and keep your face hair free (unless you have a beard and count..
$19.95 $15.96
Ever been getting ready for an adventure and not sure if you should wear a headband to keep your hair out of your eyes or hat to keep the sun off your face? Introducing the solution, the Alpine Graphic Visor Band from Dynafit which combines both. The light weight, quick drying, wicking fabric keeps you cool. The flexible visor keeps the sun out of your eyes. And with a Polygiene tr..
$34.95 $24.95

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