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Comfort is key on the trail and you can choose what makes you most comfortable through a variety of shorts and tights. Inseam length, 2-in-1 design, compression, brief insert - there are a lot of options to consider, but the best shorts are the ones in which you move with the biggest smile on your face.

Simplicity, freedom of movement, and features? Absolutely! The DNA Sky Short from Dynafit, while weighing in at an inconsequential 90 grams, boasts an inner liner, elastic waist with drawstring, and zippered rear pocket for valuables. Additionally, two mesh pockets on the hips allow you to carry gels and a soft flask for a minimalist approach to racing. Grabby shorts can be a drag,..
No Normal pair of britches, the NNormal Race Shorts set the bar for what running pantaloons are capable of. With stretch pockets integrated into the wide waistband, you can carry what would generally go in your belt without worrying about bouncing or something important falling out. Posterior elastic loops can carry poles or a rolled-up jacket. An internal liner keeps things secure..
Despite the short length and minimal materials, the La Sportiva Auster Short is a feature-full piece that won't leave you wanting for more. The 3.5-inch inseam allows maximal airflow and minimal weight while keeping you modest by most modern norms. The Auster has three separate pockets: one zip on the back for cards and keys and two elastic pockets on either side for gels and goodi..
When breathability and minimalism are essential, the Sky Short from Dynafit is an excellent warm-weather, high-mileage choice. These are incredibly lightweight yet boast features such as a zippered back pocket for valuables and two rear mesh pockets to access nutrition or hydration easily. The comfortable mesh brief and 100% recycled polyester outer are highly breathable, keeping y..
$79.95 From $49.95
Somewhere between hitting 'register' for an ultramarathon and toeing up to the starting line, the question of where to stash your goodies should be addressed. The DNA Ultra 2-in-1 short incorporates a zippered back pocket and a roomy front mesh pocket, enough to supplement what's in your pack if you prefer to carry snacks or hydration lower to your center of gravity. Furthermore, t..
You’ll love the Flash shorts from Crazy Idea, well, in a flash! The original Skyrunning shorts, you can haul uphill while hauling plenty of gear in the 5 pockets that are situated around the waist. The microfiber inner briefs are coated with Graphene to help with odors that may arise on a hot, sweaty day. They also sport inside-out seams to avoid chafing in your nether regions. The..
Do you prefer to pair running shorts with active boxers or briefs? Stripping things back to the bare essentials, the Aenergy TR Shorts from Mammut are a minimalist's ultra-light choice for trail running. Gone are the days of a too-tight or stretched-out inner brief. These shorts provide precisely what you need without extra frills. The 2-way stretch recycled fabric is breathable, a..
Simplicity and support are great features of running shorts. fortunately, the La Sportiva Trail Bite Short has both. The full-length inner boxer offers support and comfort for long days out on trails and nearly eliminates any chafing. Keeping these simple is a single zippered pocket in the rear for a key or gels. The use of perforated and mesh materials helps things dry out on warm..
The Alpine Pro 2 in 1 short from Dynafit has been a favorite for those who enjoy the security of an inner boxer brief and shorts that are both comfortable and functional. The flat seams, reflective hits, and excellent moisture-wicking properties have stayed true to the original, but Dynafit has enhanced the shorts with some welcome feature changes. The size of the rear zippered poc..
$89.95 From $69.95
It turns out, Freccia means “arrow” in Italian so that should give you an idea of this short’s intentions - straight to the top. The La Sportiva Freccia is a minimalist short that focuses on freedom of movement while running so you have one less thing to worry about. It’s perfect for uneven terrain, scrambles, alpine environments, and hard-to-reach summits. Four-way stretch side in..
The beauty of running is its simplicity. Grab your shoes, some water, a few gels, and you can head out on the trail or into the mountains. The Cengia short by Karpos is an ode to that simplicity. Combining briefs, a running belt, and shorts into one garment, the Cengia short is equipped to tackle anything from the shortest recovery jaunts to storing everything you need on mid-dista..
Extremely lightweight, the Lavaredo Overshort is intended to be combined with the Lavaredo Boxer to create a comfortable hydration and fuel-carrying setup. In fact, this short has a strap and button system that allows it to integrate into the Lavaredo Boxer and Lavaredo Easy Boxer to keep your shorts in place. However, this short is far from one-dimensional. It is a great pairing w..
Sick of nutrition bouncing around in your running shorts? Find yourself fumbling with a handful of Maurten Gel every time you need to fuel up? With the Lavaredo Boxer, Karpos has come up with a solution to your fueling woes. The Lavaredo Boxer is a highly breathable and comfortable boxer brief that also possesses a waist belt to store all of your running knick-knacks. No less than ..
Built for easy days on your favorite shorter runs, the Lavaredo Easy Boxer from Karpos is comfort incarnate. Featuring Ultraflat seams and bonded leg ends, chaffing will be a distant memory once you find yourself running in these boxers. Designed to work with the Lavaredo Overshort, the Lavaredo Easy Boxer has buttonholes for clean integration. Rocking two side pockets with pull ta..
Could be preference, could be practicality, it will always be comfortable when you choose to throw on the Lavaredo Long Boxer from Karpos. Intended to be paired with the Lavaredo Overshort, these liners can hold up to 2 liters of water along with plenty of other fuel and gear. Ready to ditch your hat? Stuff it in a waist pocket. Jackets gotta go? Stick it in your waist pocket - and..
When the leaves start to change and the weather cools, do you find yourself out for runs before the sun comes up? If so, the Dynafit Reflective Tights will be a welcome addition to your running kit. With 360° of reflective hits, your friends will have no trouble seeing you as you bound up the trail on chilly pre-dawn mornings. The super breathable 4-way stretch fabric provides exce..
Do you keep running after the snow flies? Does the pre-dawn cold deter you from getting your long runs on dark Saturday mornings? Then the Winter Running Tights from Dynafit might be for you because, at SkyRun, it's always running season. With added warmth and storage over the Reflective Tights, the Winter Running Tights are an excellent choice for anything from speed mountaineerin..
$169.95 From $119.95
One part pants, one part tights, add a pinch of water and wind resistance, stir, and you've got yourself an excellent pair of cold-weather move-fast bottoms. The Alpine Warm Pants from Dynafit are protective and comfortable for high-output activities when the days are short. The elastic waist features a drawstring for the perfect fit, a zipped pocket on the rear for a key or other ..
$199.95 $149.95
Fuel? Check. Hydration? Check. Weather forecast? Unchecked. When the weather takes a turn towards soggy, the La Sportiva Drizzle Overpant is a must-have. Sustainably certified, 2.5 layer ripstop fabric will hold up to whatever the precipitation gods can unleash. Uber packable with a weight that barely tips the scales, you can easily tuck the Drizzle in your pack without worrying ab..
The DNA 2-in-1 split short is a double-layered masterpiece of running apparel. Sporting a shorter inseam than the closely related Ultra 2-In-1 shorts, this particular short also integrates a stretchy inner liner with a breathable outer layer for a breezy, chafe-free fit. This is all part of the Active Airflow Ventilation system that helps move heat away from your body for a more pl..
$109.95 $69.95
We’re happy to go over the details with you, but if you want a top-of-the-line pair of running shorts for hot summer runs, feel free to skip the specs and just pick up the ODLO 2-in-1 Zeroweight Shorts. But if you insist, let’s start with the snug liner that makes use of moisture-wicking materials to keep things comfortable and supported. The outer short features a technical 100% r..
$74.95 $42.95
As the saying goes, “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” The ODLO Essential Shorts do just that. They’re straightforward but more than capable for all your running adventures. Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric is used to fend off any impending swampiness and a regular fit ensures maximum airflow and full range of motion. As always, reflective details up your visibility in low light. The OD..
$39.95 $22.95
The only thing more breathable and unrestricted than these shorts would be wearing nothing at all! Assuming the latter isn’t an option, the Dynafit Vert Shorts provide maximum mobility and airflow to prevent swampy-ness during high output jaunts. Featuring an athletic length inseam, the lightweight and moisture wicking fabric is paired with a mesh liner to keep all your parts cool ..
$74.95 From $39.95
2 in 1 and one for all! Dynafit’s Alpine Pro 2 In 1 shorts are made for anyone who enjoys the security of a boxer brief and the simplicity of a single garment. Inner tights offer comfort and breathability while the outer shorts have you covered with a generous inseam length. Pockets are ready to hold gels, or other small items with one dedicated to keep your phone securely tucked a..
$79.95 $49.95

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