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HydraPak Performance Hydration

Since 2001 HydraPak has been creating better ways to help hydrate your body. From reservoirs to soft flasks and plenty in between you can address all your hydration needs with a HydraPak product.

HydraPak Velocity 1.5L Hydration Reservoir
Reservoirs can be finicky things. Not always the most intuitive to use, the hassle can outweigh the benefit. Enter the HydraPak Velocity 1.5L reservoir. The lightest reservoir in the HydraPak fleet, this water bag is a great pairing with a range of packs ..
HydraPak Stow Bottle
For some, hard bottles are just not their jam. Even when empty, they are one way to fill up pack volume. If you prefer the world of soft flasks, check out the HydraPak Stow collapsible bottle. An easy-open cap protects the already spillproof nozzle, makin..
From $16.95
HydraPak UltraFlask Speed
Continuing to lead the pack in soft flask innovation, the wizards at HydraPak pulled out all the stops on the UtlraFlask Speed. Designed with a soft material that will fit most hydration vests, belts, or any old backpack, there is no excuse to leave this ..
From $22.95
HydraPak SoftFlask
Sick of Gel remnants sabotaging your pockets? Tired of single-use packaging for your fuel of choice? Switch to the HydraPak SoftFlask. Coming in 150ml and 250ml options, this soft flask sports a wide opening soft silicone nozzle for easy fueling, no matte..
From $13.95
HydraPak SkyFlask
Hydration on mid-length runs can be challenging. Too long to go without H2O, but too short to warrant a full-on reservoir. What’s that you say, just hold a water bottle? But the sloshing alone will have you looking for an alternative within a mile. Let us..
From $27.95
HydraPak Accessories
Break a part? Feel the need for customization? Luckily for you, the folks at HydraPak are more than willing to provide accessories. Whether you chewed through a bite valve on your 100 miler, or want to add a tube magnet for convenience, HydraPak has you c..
From $5.95
HydraPak Filter Cap
So, you hit the trail with your HydraPak UltraFlask Speed, or SkyFlask handheld and just ran out of water. What now? Bust out your Filter Cap, fill up your flask from your nearest water source, screw the filter into place, and hydrate! This nifty little b..
HydraPak Inline Filter
You have a Velocity reservoir, but you don't have any water. But there's water right there - clean, crisp, flowing water that is probably brimming with unseen microbes just waiting to destroy your intestines. No big deal, just click HyrdaPak's Inline File..

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