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You have a Velocity reservoir, but you don't have any water. But there's water right there - clean, crisp, flowing water that is probably brimming with unseen microbes just waiting to destroy your intestines. No big deal, just click HyrdaPak's Inline Filer into place, fill up your reservoir, and drink away! This incredibly light, ridiculously compact filter snaps into your HydraPak reservoir's Plug-N-Play port, after which you attach your hydration tube to the other end, and enjoy fresh, clean water! The Inline Filter will remove protozoa and bacteria from around 1,500 liters of water before needing to be replaced. This little bugger won't slow you down either, pumping 1L per minute or more to keep you moving on the trail. You can also screw this filter down onto a Stow bottle for drinkable water by the liter (or half liter). Tipping the scales UNDER the 50g mark, this compact filtration option will go mostly unnoticed. HydraPak has really outdone themselves, revamping the filtration game with their Inline Filter.

  • Compatible with Plug-N-Play ports, or bottles with a 28mm threaded opening.
  • Filters bacteria and protozoa from approximately 1,500 liters of water.
  • Compact and lightweight, making it an easy choice to bring along on any adventure.
  • Works with the 42mm Plug-N-Play adapter as well.
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Length 129mm [5.1in]
Volume 34mm [1.3in] diameter
Specs Verified
Materials   PP/POM, EPDM, Silicone, Hollow Fiber
SkyRun Says
Usage On the go filtration
Notes Works with Plug-N-Play ports and the Stow flask
Bottom Line No excuse to avoid hydration on epic adventures

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Model: 28 MM PNP Inline Filter MPN: F02 UPC: 834456003229

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