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Behold the CAMP Action Bottle! From the very first single-celled organisms drifting through the primordial soup, life has never been able to exist on this planet without water. This is especially true for large, bipedal mammals scampering along ridgelines for the sake of fun. Thankfully, 1.4 million years of human evolution has created the CAMP Action Bottle so that we silly sapiens needn't worry about tracking down the sweet nectar of life while trapezing through the high country. The Action Bottle carries 750ml of water or whatever sports drink you prefer and fits into the bottle carrier on most vests, packs, and belts. Emblematic of the free will of our species, you can choose between the 98g standard spout style or 118g bottle with a tube for easy drinking on the go. Simply fill'er up, screw on the cap, and you're ready for any adventure.

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