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Do you commonly find yourself on the verge of collapse from dehydration because you don't want to bother with bringing heavy, sloshing water? With the Katadyn Be Free Filtration Bottle (BPA Free) you can literally drink those problems away. Just find a source of water, running or still, and fill the bottle. The filtration system will clear the water of 99.9% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa. This is perfect for those days where you’ve got a lot of vertical ahead of you and don’t want to carry burdensome water. The Katadyn Be Free Filtration Bottle is the perfect addition to any trail runner’s hydration arsenal without weighing you down.

  • 0.6L (20 fl oz) carrying capacity.
  • Extremely capable filtration system kills 99.9% of bacteria & protozoa so you can slurp from even the nastiest puddles.
  • Constructed out of BPA Free plastics, keeping the water even cleaner.
  • The filter is good for up to 1,000 liters for long life but easily replaceable with the Be Free Filter
  • Collapsible bottle takes up no space when empty.

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Model: BeFree 0.6L UPC: 0604375196391

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