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Dynafit Podium Sandals

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The more time we spend cramming our feet into ski boots and running shoes, the more we can't wait to let the toes loose - especially if we're spraying champagne from the winner's podium! With that victory celebration in mind, the Dynafit Podium is an ergonomic and cushy flip-flop ("jandal" for those tuning in from New Zealand) made by everyone's favorite beachwear brand, Dynafit. More waterproof than leather and durable than foam, these sandals are an exercise in Sprezzatura, an Italian fashion expression meaning "casual nonchalance." Though they look best after a hard-earned day in the mountains, you're also welcome to wear 'em in the sauna, in the car, during expedition prep, or just simply putzing around the back patio during the toasty months.

  • Lightweight profile reduces fatigue pacing around the kids' sports practices.
  • Squishy, thick platform helps satisfy rollercoaster height requirements.
  • Wide straps won't dig into your skin.
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