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The Superfeet Green Insole is for feet with high arches and volume that need underfoot support. Without support underneath, the arch may "collapse." This results in straining your underfoot and splaying out the toes and metatarsals which ultimately changes the shape of your foot inside the shoe. Aside from being uncomfortable and maybe even painful, an arch that is not well supported (by itself or by a footbed) affects how your foot is able to effectively balance the weight of your body atop it. In simpler terms, the Green Insole can improve a shoe's comfort, fit, balance, and heel stability for runners with a high arch. They're also intentionally made with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials so your running shoes don't turn into a bank for rank stanks.

  • High arch and high volume.
  • Reinforced heel platform and heel cup keep your foot from moving inside the shoe.
  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials will be appreciated by you as well as anyone you run or live with.
  • Easy to clean with simple soap and water.

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