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4/7/2021 Welcome to SkyRun

It’s been a long time in the making but we are proud to announce that SkyRun is open for business! Consider it your new go-to shop for all things mountain running.

In our opinion, running in the alpine is the simplest form of mountain exploration - requiring just a pair of shoes and determination - but offers endless possibilities for adventure. Whether they’re short jaunts, all-day epics, timed events, or off-trail ridge scrambles -- we believe that running is best experienced in nature.

In fact, we won’t be carrying road shoes at all. However, through shoe demos and group runs, we will encourage the road runners among us to take their sport to the hills. Here, they’ll still find the joy, challenges, and rewards of running, but the noisy, urban setting will be replaced by the raw beauty of dirt trails and summit views!

SkyRun was founded by the same mountain-loving folks at Skimo Co. So expect the same level of friendly customer service, expert knowledge, high-quality gear, and, of course, a passion for the light and fast ethos. And yes, we will also continue to verify specs, produce helpful articles, dish out store credit for reviews, and support the mountain community with events.

After all, at its core, mountain running is the summertime equivalent of ski touring - just different tools for different conditions. Regardless of the season, we’re still summiting our local favorite, Mt. Superior!

Thank you for checking us out and, as always, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve your time in the mountains. See you out there!


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