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Leki Trail Running Poles

Starting with ski poles in the 1940s, Leki has redefined the ways in which athletes from different sports interact with poles, including trail running. With innovative grips, incredible portability, and quality materials, Leki is a household name and industry leader in the trail running pole market.

Leki Ultratrail FX One Superlite Running Pole
Sometimes we can all use a boost. When your legs are feeling extra heavy heading into that next long climb, reach for the Leki Ultratrail FX One Superlite running poles. Durable construction will give you confidence from baby smooth single track to full o..
Leki Ultratrail FX One Running Pole
Runners are notoriously prone to overuse injuries, always relying on the same muscles to locomote. What if it were possible to instantly engage more muscle groups, increase balance, and decrease fatigue? Leki has pursued this very thought experiment with ..
Leki Neotrail FX One Superlite Running Pole
If a running pole is full of carbon, does that make it carbonated? Clearly not, but like those little bubbles in your soda pop the Leki Neotrail FX One Superlite running pole will make you float to the top of any trail you decide to tackle. Somehow Leki h..
$199.95 $179.95
Leki Running Pole Parts
If you bust a pole, snap a tip, or lose a strap, you'll need replacements. SkyRun carries a few key items to keep you and your poles out on the trails! All pole parts are sold in pairs. Folding Pole Bag - Need to keep your poles organized so they don't..
From $15.95
Leki Trail Running Pole Belt
So, you have finally converted to running with poles. It's about time! However, that begs the question, what to do with your poles when snacking, layering, or moving through terrain where you do not want them? Go for the weird armpit tuck? Lucky for you, ..

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