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The Les Batons d’Alain is a single-shaft aluminum pole with an eye catching extended foam handle. Crafted in the steep valley of Chamonix, this iconic pole was brought into the world by Mountain Guide Alain Desez. They have seen a surge in popularity within the ski mountaineering community but they’re just as useful for mountain running. With a textured grip that extends far below the likes of other poles, you’ll never feel that awful sensation of slipping down a pole with sweaty hands. Lightweight AND supportive, Les Batons d’Alain just might help you shave off those precious seconds on your next FKT attempt of the local steep climb (slog).

  • Come in a plethora of different color combinations.
  • 7075 anodized aluminum makes up the entirety of the pole shaft giving it a trail-worthy strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The caps of the pole accommodate straps if you so choose.
  • Incredibly lightweight design so it doesn't weigh you down.

Lengths (cm) 105, 115, 125, 135, 145
convert to ounces
201g [125]
225g [135]
Weight (pair) 402g [125]
450g [135]
Collapsed Length   N/A
Sections 1
Grip 70cm long extended foam
Basket & Tip 85mm powder baskets and 38mm mini baskets, carbide tip
Diameter 18mm just below the grip
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, EVA foam, polymer, carbide
Strap Sold separately
SkyRun Says
Usage To help propel you forward
Notes Plenty of foam for gripping at many levels
Bottom Line Multi length pole without all the fiddling of sections
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Benjamin S
On a recent ski tour, the plastic top of my Les Batons d'Alain poles came off. How would I track down a replacement part? Do you sell them?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Benjamin, shoot us an email at with some pictures of the broken poles, and we could potentially help you out!
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Trevor (downright abused product)
Probably my single favorite piece of gear. Use them year round for touring and mediocre ultra. Incredibly light, strong and luxuriously ergonomic. I’m 5’11 and the 135s worked great for me
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thomc (used product regularly)
I have hiked and skied with these for years, and only regretted them once when a partner’s Whippit was a welcome loan on a very firm descent. They are amazing from xc skiing to skimo outings, and everything in between. I find them lighter and better balanced than even the best BD and Leki carbon telescoping ski poles. They have a great swing weight and because the pivot is wherever you hold them, I imagine they will be great trail runners, as long as you don’t need to put them on a pack. That works well when you have longer items like skis. I wouldn’t use these for a long flat approach where you don’t need poles, or a tight couloir where there’s a likelihood they will interfere. But anywhere else they are great value, super strong and handle really well. Bien fait Alain.
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Aaron O (downright abused product)
So caveat that I have used these primarily for skiing but have done a few scrambles with them as well. This is just a silly useful mountain tool year round. You are never going to win UTMB using these bad boys but for multi day adventure schwacks I can’t think of anything better.
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Model: Alain's A2-16 Sticks

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