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Need to stand out on the race line, or just out on the trail? Check out the Flash shirt from Crazy Idea. Sweet patterns are just the beginning of what makes this shirt sweeter than Shirley Temple in a bowl of sugar. An invisible half zipper can help you dump heat on the climb and retain heat when you hit that ridgeline or mellow downhill (we promise the zipper is there despite being invisible). To further protect you from cooling down too quickly the front fabric has a tight weave to create a wind-resistant property. The collar also helps to trap heat when the shirt is fully zipped. Races and runs mean you need to take care of your body with fuel and liquids. For shorter jaunts, you can bring them along in the four side pockets, strategically placed for a smooth ride with minimal bounce. So cool it’s hot, so hot it’s cool – let the Crazy Idea Flash shirt keep the temperature just right the next time you hit the trail.

  • Invisible half zipper helps you regulate your body temperature in a flash.
  • Four side pockets can carry what you need on hand with minimal bounce.
  • Tight-weaved front fabric is wind-resistant to keep you warm when the wind kicks up.
  • Collar design helps trap heat when you need to stay warm as the weather or altitude changes.
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127g [M]
Ventilation Zippered front
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic
Materials   Light Stretch Layer
Coating SCafé
SkyRun Says
Usage Hard uphills, gnarly downhills
Notes The compact weave on the front offers effective wind protection
Bottom Line Way cool technology in the ultimate skyrunning shirt
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