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Dynafit's DNA shirt is a layer you're supposed to forget about. By this, we mean that instead of fussing with the fit or warding off chafing, you can let your running mind wander more freely. All the while, this shirt is quietly at work using Active Airflow Ventilation to keep your torso cool. 'AAV' incorporates laser-cut perforations into the armpits and back to help air flow upward and away from the body. The lightweight and breathable synthetic fabric is also antimicrobial, making it anti-odor by extension. This means if you like to run for 24+ hours or otherwise skip daily laundry cycles for your running garb, you can safely eke out some extra usage before frightening away your trail partners. We're not sure if "daily driver" is a term used to describe shirts, but the reliable moisture-wicking, ventilated comfort of the DNA is making us think it should be.

  • Active Airflow Ventilation channels warm, moist air up, up, and away from your arms and back.
  • Lightweight construction instills confidence when the thermometer reads hotter than you'd prefer.
  • 90% recycled polyester reuses synthetic fibers that might otherwise end up in waterways.
  • Reflective markings signal "here I am" to other runners and "do not eat me" to carnivorous megafauna.
  • Anti-odor material impedes the reproduction of microbes at a cellular level.
  • Quick-drying, moisture-wicking properties transport sweat to the outside of the shirt where it can evaporate, completing the water cycle.
convert to ounces
79g [M]
Ventilation Active Airflow Ventilation
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic
Materials   90% recycled polyester, 5% non-recycled polyester, 5% elastane
Coating HEIQ Fresh
SkyRun Says
Usage Racing, training in the heat
Notes Recycled materials are also super light
Bottom Line Breezy running top
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Question from Zesheng H
Hi: Skyrun

Are you going to have new color "Pink Glo" XS size in future?

Thank you
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Zesheng,

We can likely order that for you if you like. Please contact us at, and we'll see what we can do.
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Model: DNA M S/S TEE

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