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Don’t put off your run just because of a little bit (or a lot) of mud! Dynafit's Feline SL thrives on those soft and muddy trails - whether spring snowmelt is underway, a rainstorm just unleashed its fury, or your local running spots are perpetually soft. Featuring Pomoca’s Gliding Path tread pattern, the fan-favorite Feline now ups its game by facilitating a better roll-through of the foot, promoting a better push off, and minimizing deformation for better shape retention. As always, it provides full protection for your feet with plenty of cushioning and reactivity. Lace up your shoes and prepare to get a fresh mud-colored paint job with the Feline SL from Dynafit.

  • Invisible Lacing system gives your laces a place to go while keeping debris and mud out of your shoes.
  • Pomoca Gliding Path construction keeps you aligned for a more efficient stride.
  • Burly construction holds up to abuse while keeping your feet well protected from rough trails.
  • Outsole eats up mud and softer trails to keep you upright in a downpour.

*For Dynafit trail running shoes we suggest sizing up half a US size for proper fit.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 618g
Fit Medium Volume
Last Medium / Wide
Drop 8mm
Stack Height 28mm
Cushion High
Protection High
Specs Verified Yes
Lacing System Quick Lacing
SkyRun Says
Notes Solid construction gives both protection and cushion
Bottom Line Mud hog meets race shoe for fast, secure footing
Usage Soft, muddy conditions
Compare to other Mountain Running Shoes

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Questions & Reviews

Will McD (used product a few times)
Brought my Felines up to the Uintas for some fastpacking last weekend. Though I only put in about 17 miles, the trail involved scrambling over deadfall, a handful of stream crossings, and lots of trudging through marshes. These shoes absolutely killed the wet and variable terrain, gripping reliably on mud or dusty eroded riverbanks, but the best part was how the shoe dries and drains. Were I in another shoe, or god-forbid a GoreTex hiking boot, I likely would have finished my trip with trench foot. Instead, I just had to lift my foot up behind me and watch the water spill out of the shoe through the meshed upper material. If (like me) you're foolish enough to leave your socks on while crossing water, you can even squeeze water out of them by squeezing your feet with the shoes on. I had a roughly 20lb pack on and didn't feel that the Felines lacked ample cushion for my objective. For springtime in the Uintas, there's hardly a more optimal trail runner.
(Pictured: My Felines getting me across the first river crossing)
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Model: Feline SL

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