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We don't know how to properly pronounce "Kjerag" either, we just know it stands for one of the fastest-feeling shoes on the planet. When super-human Kilian Jornet set out to create NNormal's Kjerag race shoe, we knew it was going to be epic. Everything in this guy's life is about going fast, we can only assume he has racked up plenty of speeding tickets all over Europe. An obsession with trail running has now turned into a passion for footwear and we are all the lucky recipients of his hard-earned knowledge. NNormal's Kjerag shoe is a lightweight yet durable option for anyone who wants to tackle trails around the neighborhood or around the world. Speaking of this beautiful world, NNormal is committed to minimizing its impact throughout the process of making its products. High-quality materials abound starting with the Matryx upper that is part Kevlar for abrasion resistance and high durability. The undercarriage features a Vibram Megagrip outsole that uses Vibram's Litebase material to significantly drop some weight. An EExpure midsole is the real gem here, maximizing protection, cushion, and rebound all in one material. From a VK to a 10k day, NNormal's Kjerag might just replace your entire closet of shoes.

SkyRun Fit Tip - We suggest sizing down by at least 1/2 US size in the Kjerag for the proper fit.

  • Vibram Megagrip outsole with Litebase construction gives traction in all directions in a lightweight package.
  • Matryx upper is highly abrasion resistant to keep you in these shoes for a very long time.
  • EExpure midsole offers cushion and protection and may even help prevent blisters.
  • NNormal is committed to minimizing its impact on our environment by selecting materials and processes that support this goal.
  • The Kjerag does not come with insoles.

convert to ounces
244g [10.0]
Weight (pair) 488g [10.0]
Lug Depth   3.5mm
Drop 6mm
Stack Height 23.5mm
Specs Verified Yes
Outsole Vibram® Megagrip + Litebase
Fit Medium Volume
Last Medium / Wide
Cushion Medium
Protection Medium
Lacing System Traditional
SkyRun Says
Usage Race day, ultra-marathons, distance training
Notes Highly durable for a race shoe
Bottom Line Lightweight option for race day in any terrain
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jochen
Hi, I wear a male US size 9 in my salomon sense ride 5 to get a nice snug fit. I've heard the sizing is very much similar to salomon, so I'm wondering if I should size down or just stay with my salomon size?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jochen, we'd recommend starting with a US 8.5 in the Kjerag.
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Question from Jake
I wear a US size 9 in the Salomon S/Lab Ultra 3, and the fit is perfect.

Does the Kjerag have a similar fit in the forefoot and toebox? And what size would be best?
Answer from Andrew C
Jake, the overall fit is fairly similar between the two models. I would recommend sizing down a half size and going with the 8.5 in the Kjerag.
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Question from Goethals Brent
It is possible to put an insole in the shoe or would that ruin the shoe?
If so which size would you recommend I wear a 45 EU for my road shoes?
Answer from Jeremy L
You can put an insole in these, Goethals. It will provide additional cushion and take up a bit of the generous volume. If you provide us with a little more information by filling out our Shoe Fitter we can suggest a size for you.
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Question from Erik
Male, and I measured my feet to be 10.2 inches. Normally at 9.5 in Hokas, Nikes, and Nordas. Prefer a snug fit. What size do you recommend?
Answer from Andrew C
Erik, I would recommend a 9 if you plan on using it the way it comes which is without an insole. If you plan on throwing an insole in there, I would recommend a 9.5.
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Alfredo A (downright abused product)
I initially bought these at skyrun then returned them because the midfoot felt too narrow. Then, as fortune had it, my local gear shop had a pair of the same shoe, same size, discounted as they are gearing up for winter. So I tried them on again and, lo and behold, this time the midfoot felt fine. Maybe it was a difference of color (these were black, the pair I bought at skyrun were grey)?

In any case, I started running them the same day and have put down ~100 miles and 25K+ ft vert in 10 days with them. What can I say? They are almost perfect shoes for my purposes, style, and preferred way of experiencing mountain running.

They are wonderfully minimal with a very comfortable, lightweight upper that conforms to your foot with the right adjustment of the laces. The heel hold is so secure that I've simply never felt anything like it after years of running in nothing but various iterations of Hoka Torrents. The lack of insole makes the running feeling direct and energetic, as the midsole is also perfectly firm yet bouncy, energetic, and still somehow soft.

You can often forget about the shoes entirely while running, such is their lightness and great grip in almost all conditions I've run in. Sure, during very technical fast descents with lots of sharp rocks you need to be more careful than when running in big marshmallow shoes - but I think that ups your skill and game as a runner anyway.

I took them on a very gnarly day of running mixed with high alpine scrambling on tough rock that normally destroys my shoes in one go. The kjerags came through with minor scratches to the foam but nothing underfoot and nothing on the upper. In fact, I've tumbled pretty hard while wearing them, slide across dry dirt and rock, and they were unscathed - so I'm very optimistic about long term durability and getting maximum mileage out of them.

The only cons I can think of are related to the protoype-y feel of the overall fit. They definitely seem like an awesome, near perfection V1 of a shoe that could use refinements. Areas of improvement (for my foot anyway):

- the arch support is a little overly pronounced and prescriptive which is maybe a consequence of a somewhat narrow midfoot. it would be great if this area was more neutral and slightly more accommodating by about 1-2mm.
- toebox shape is strange. It's great around the big toe and middle toes but tapers off sharply toward the pinky toe, resulting in my small toes hitting the front on descents even with a full thumbnail width in front of my big toes to the bumper.

My footshape is wider across the toeline (most salomons are too constricting for my feet) and hoka-wide at the midfoot, narrow at the heel and low-ish volume overall with a low instep.

If you like feeling a high degree of connection with the trail, and are a high-cadence mountain runner with a well-established midfoot or forefoot strike, you will probably REALLY get along with these shoes. And come to think of it, they run road wonderfully and make long road to trail transitions quite enjoyable too.

Hoping that kjerag v2 will smooth out some of the rough spots in this shoe and deliver the holy grail i've been waiting for - the kjerags are so close!
Reply from Alfredo A
edit: in the footshape description, by hoka-wide I'm not referring to their wide shoes, but rather the width of their standard shoe last.
Reply from Alfredo A
edit 2: after awhile, the upper completely breaks in and conforms to your foot like the most perfectly comfortable running sock you've ever worn. so, having said that, there is now essentially nothing i would change about this shoe!
Reply from Alfredo A
after 1200km in these, i thought it was time for an update. all i can say is wow...these are the best shoes i have ever experienced. they've changed my running life - and that's no exaggeration.

I've done technical 50k races, huge alpine days, taken them through environments that would have shredded 4 pairs of hokas by now. and despite all that, they still little sign of wear, tons of tread left, no holes/tears/scratches anywhere to the upper...i don't know how its possible but nnormal did it!

i seriously expect to be able to run these for well over 2,000 km at this rate, and they'll surely have a long life as my walking shoes after that. highly recommended!
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Question from Per Wester
Hi, I’m wondering what size to pick for the Kjerag. I mostly wear US size 10 with Nike.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Per, in general we recommend going a half size down in US sizes for this shoe. However, if you have multiple shoes and you can check the European size, matching the EU size to your most performance-fit shoe would also be a good way to go.
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Chad P (downright abused product)
I've been running in the Kjerags for over 3 months and put over 400 miles on two pairs.
I've used them for training on trails and even road as well as in two ultra events, the San Juan Solstice 50 and the Hardrock 100. I used the same pair for both ultras and never changed out of them. After all this all I can say is the hype is true. I'm not a Kilian fanboy, but these are the best all around trail running shoes I've ever used in 20+ years of running. Protective enough, but still great ground feel, energy rebound, and unbelievably light. This combined with being more durable than any other running shoe I've seen. It's wide enough for swollen feet in an ultra, but still has great foot lockdown. It's in a league of its own! As far as sizing goes, go down a half size from your regular US size no matter how you plan to use it or how wide you think your foot is. I don't even know what could be improved on this shoe without changing it in a negative way. I hope they keep making it for a long time.
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bruno wick (used product a few times)
I recently purchased the Kjerag as my speed shoe to compliment my Tomirs and found them to be an awesome addition to the quiver, especially on long runs. I bought the same size as my Tomirs (10, for reference I wear a 28 F1Lt and 27.5 Tecnica Pro Tour) and they have been my agile, light, "race" shoe. The cushioning is minimal but definitely there. The toe box is narrower than the tomir, but not narrow enough to cause pain, just a more precise feeling. I have no experience with carbon shoes but find this shoe to be more energetic feeling than any of my other non carbon shoes.

This has become my dedicated long run and speed attempt shoe and I am happy for it.
Reply from bruno wick
Oh and I threw my Tomir stock insole in and have had no issue.
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Question from Carmen C
Sizing question. Female, foot measurement 10 inches. I comfortable wear the shoes noted below, meaning there's a little bit of wiggle room for my toes. What size is recommended for the Kjerag?
- Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra TMG 300, women's 9.5
- Altra Olympus 9.5
- Salomon Speedcross 5 Wdie: size 9
Answer from Andrew C
Carmen, I would recommend getting an 8 in the Kjerag which would be a women's 9.
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Question from Anthony O
Hi I wear a 12 in almost all la sportivas, 11.5 in dynafit and Salomon, and some shoes I can get away with an 11 (Hoka torrent). When I have to upsize it is for width. Should I go for 11.5 or do these run particularly big or small
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Anthony, this shoe is fairly wide, so we'd recommend going true to size. You shouldn't need to upsize for width.
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Question from Brigit R
Are these sizes US men's sizes? I'm an 8.5 in most women's shoes (Hokas, etc), and am trying to decide what size to try of the NNormal Kjerag.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Brigit, these are listed in US men's sizes. I would think the 7.5 would work well!
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Question from Stanislav Chiknavaryan
I am trying to figure out the best fit for NNormal Kjerag. I prefer a reasonably tight fit that is good on a steep terrain. I wear size 45.5 (US 12) in most La Sportiva shoes, although with some La Sportivas I had to size up to 46 (e.g. Karacal). I wear size 46 (US 12) in Dynafit. I wear size 11.5 (EU 46) in Hoka, and that is usually fairly spacious, good for longer ultra distances. I wear size 11 or 11.5 in Salomon depending on the model. For example it is 11 for S-lab Ultra 3 but 11.5 for S-lab Pulsar. I'd say that Salomon 11 feels a bit on the tight side and 11.5 feels a bit on the large size.

What NNormal Kjerag size would you recommend? I would want these shoes to be comfortable for 50k to 100k distances. All examples given above are reasonably comfortable for 50k but perhaps would be too tight for 100k (with the exception of Hoka).

I asked a few other people and they mentioned that Kjerag was true to size, but the suggestion above on this site is to go half size down.
Answer from bruno wick
Hi Stanislav,

I recommend sizing the same as your La Sportiva Euro size for a distance shoe fit. I wear a 44 La Sportiva Mutant as my distance shoe and found that the Kjerag fit similarly.
Answer from Manavpreet t
Hello, similar to the question above, most videos seem to mention half-size down? I run in 8.5 La Sportiva Karacal. What size should I go for? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Manavpreet, if you're thinking in US sizes, you will want a half-size smaller. If you're used to Euro sizing, you can keep it the same.
Answer from Manavpreet t
Thank you, yes I have a 8.5 US Karacal, I will go ahead with 8 US on this one.
Answer from Stanislav C
Thank you for the answer, Riley! I could try matching my La Sportiva size. However I wear 45.5 in La Sportiva, which is already on the tight side, and Kjerag only comes in 45 1/3. I guess I need to try it on before buying.
Answer from Manavpreet t
Thank you. FYI I had to go down one complete size between la sportiva and this one but it works great now.
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