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A collaboration between ultrarunning legend Kilian Jornet and Camper Shoes, NNormal shoes are fast, fashionable, and environmentally conscious. In 2022, Kilian wowed the world by running every race in the same pair of shoes and winning the Hard Rock 100 and UTMB just weeks apart.

NNormal Kjerag Shoe
We don't know how to properly pronounce "Kjerag" either, we just know it stands for one of the fastest-feeling shoes on the planet. When super-human Kilian Jornet set out to create NNormal's Kjerag race shoe, we knew it was going to be epic. Everything in..
NNormal Tomir Shoe
Tomir is Norwegian for training. Well, that's a guess. Kilian Jornet is Spanish for, "how the, what the, why the?" Kilian trains more than a little bit and in those epic adventures amongst the fjords and high peaks he finds himself with a set of NNormal's..
$165.00 $100.00
NNormal Tomir WP - LC Shoe
WP stands for waterproof, LC stands for low cut, Tomir stands for an excellent shoe from an even more excellent brand. NNormal knows that not every trail is dry, smooth, and dream-like. Rain is a thing, rocks are a thing, and uneven terrain is definitely ..
NNormal Tomir WP - MC Shoe
Tomir WP - MC is not the name of an up-and-coming hip-hop artist, it's the name of one cool shoe from NNormal. Built on the platform of NNormal's Tomir shoe, this mid-height runner is a taller, but not better-looking version of the Tomir WP - LC. If your ..
NNormal Race Cap
What makes this a cap and not a hat? Potatoe, potato. The NNormal Race cap is fast no matter what you call it. If you want to be as epic as Kilian Jornet you'll need to quit your job, start training (a lot) and hope that your physiology changes miraculous..
NNormal Race Socks
Unless you love blisters, chances are you wear socks on race day. NNormal has created just what you're looking for in their Race socks. When NNormal founder and ultra-racing mythical creature Kilian Jornet sets out to run 10, 20, 100, or 200 miles you can..
NNormal Race Pack
Five liters is the perfect size for a running vest. It could be argued it is also the perfect size for a tub of ice cream, but that's a whole different conversation. When Kilian Jornet set out to create the best running gear available, the NNormal Race Pa..
NNormal Merino Socks
Even sheep around the world are excited about NNormal socks! Kilian has been sure to include wool lovers in his line-up of trail running gear that can cover you from head to toe (please provide your own shorts and shirt). Ready to sweat? These socks can t..
NNormal Run Belt
A good running belt is an essential piece that every runner should have. For runs where a vest is far too much volume, the NNormal Run Belt is precisely what you'll want. The front pocket is large enough to hold lengthy soft flasks, with side pockets for ..
NNormal Hike Cap
That pesky sun keeps returning daily, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It never takes a day off; regardless of whether you decide to or not. It's always wise to hit the trails with some protection. The NNormal Hike Cap is a classic cap with a stiff bri..
NNormal Tomir 2.0 Shoe
When Kilian Jornet announced his new brand, NNormal (No Normal), there was much anticipation to see if one of the fastest people in the world could deliver on his promise of lightweight and long-lasting shoes. Despite these very ambitious goals, the Kjera..
NNormal Trail Rain Jacket
The NNormal Trail Rain Jacket should go with you on any run where the weather conditions are uncertain (or certainly bad). Thankfully, the jacket is lightweight and packable, so you'll never have to grimace about bringing a rain layer. The highly breathab..
NNormal Race Vest
Stop running with all of your gear spilling out of your arms and hands like a fool, and instead put it in your NNormal Race Vest! With a five-liter capacity, this vest boasts a plethora of pockets, including a full-length back storage; pairs of flask, sta..
NNormal Race Shorts - Women
What do you get when you cut the legs off a pair of pants? That's right, you get shorts, but not the NNormal Race Shorts. These running shorts are intelligently designed to be all you need for the highest-effort activities. The two-layer construction is d..
NNormal Race Sock Low Cut
Everything is better with a fun-sized option: candy, board games, race socks. Okay, so we might be stretching on that one, but everything you love about the Nnormal race sock now has a fun size option! A light compression throughout the sock is designed t..
NNormal Race Tee - Women
One can never have enough running shirts, and the Women's NNormal Race Tee will make for a fine addition to your arsenal. While this T-shirt is made from 90% recycled material, it's designed to be durable and last run after run after run. Slim-fitting, li..
NNormal Race Tank - Women
Nnormal's Women's Race Tank is designed to be as minimal as can be. Slim cut and with a comfortable fit, the Race Tank is lightweight and nigh unnoticeable. The racerback allows freedom of movement and minimizes the material against your skin. As with all..
NNormal Trail Sports Bra
Why wear a top and a vest or belt when you can use a top alone? The NNormal Trail Sports Bra combines storage and clothing, allowing you to bring one less thing on your run. With three deliberately designed elastic pockets, this sports bra is the only app..
NNormal Race Shorts
No Normal pair of britches, the NNormal Race Shorts set the bar for what running pantaloons are capable of. With stretch pockets integrated into the wide waistband, you can carry what would generally go in your belt without worrying about bouncing or some..
NNormal Race Tank
Designed to keep you cool and reduce the amount of fabric on your body, the NNormal Race Tank is a minimalist top for maximal athletes. It is constructed from 90% recycled material that has been (re)engineered for lightness and durability. Available in a ..
NNormal Race Tee
Humiliate the environment and intimidate your surroundings with the NNormal Race Tee. Others will see the logo of Kilian Jornet's fast, light, and eco-friendly brand emblazed on your blurred form and jump out of the way as you fly past. As durable as your..
NNormal 500ml Transparent Flask
Made to fit NNormal Running Vest pockets, it is conveniently tapered to roll and stow easily. A soft, high-flow bite valve that seals automatically after every sip reduces drips and leaks! NNormal is all about less trace and reducing waste, so this bottle..
NNormal Trail Rain Jacket - Women
Not every day can be sunny with beautiful, blue skies; on days that aren't, the NNormal Trail Rain Jacket will be your most faithful of allies. The waterproof Pertext Shield membrane is as impenetrable as the mythical Shield of Achilles while allowing for..

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