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Tomir is Norwegian for training. Well, that's a guess. Kilian Jornet is Spanish for, "how the, what the, why the?" Kilian trains more than a little bit and in those epic adventures amongst the fjords and high peaks he finds himself with a set of NNormal's Tomir shoes on his feet. A more durable option for higher mileage, the Tomir is an exquisite example of a true mountain running shoe. One way to lower your impact on the environment is to buy fewer shoes, which oddly enough is NNormal's goal with the Tomir, to build a shoe that will stand up to more miles than other shoes. The upper is sewn to the midsole and made of a combination of polyester and TPU for abrasion resistance and high durability. Not just for looks, the asymmetrical lacing design is intended to reduce pressure points and give a more secure hold on the forefoot to keep you in touch with your shoes and the trail. A generous stack height and EVA midsole cushion your feet and offer plenty of rebound with each stride. Meant to do it all for every runner and hiker, NNormal's Tomir shoe is an optimal choice for any outing.

  • Highly durable upper will keep you going for more miles than you can imagine.
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole with Vibram Litebase material is 30% lighter than traditional Vibram soles.
  • EVA midsole is light, well cushioned, and offers some rebound to help you be happy and efficient.
  • Abrasion-resistant upper is sewn to the midsole to increase durability.
  • Additional set of laces will help you spice up your running life.
convert to ounces
285g [10.0]
Weight (pair) 570g [10.0]
Lug Depth   4.5mm
Drop 8mm
Stack Height 31mm
Specs Verified Yes
Outsole VibramĀ® Litebase-Megagrip
Fit Medium Volume
Last Medium
Cushion Medium / High
Protection Medium / High
Lacing System Traditional
SkyRun Says
Usage Long training days, ultra-marathons
Notes Asymmetrical lacing reduces pressure points
Bottom Line Distance shoe that is comfortable with a hike in the woods, an FKT, or an ultra
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Marc
I've read that the last on this shoe is reasonably wide. My best fitting shoe is probably the Altra Olympus, and I need every bit of it's forefoot width. Any chance of this Tomir fitting me?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Marc, the Tomir is noticeably less wide than the Altra Olympus. Though the Olympus is one of the widest shoes we've got, other comparable wide shoes that'll accommodate some forefoot width are the Dynafit Ultra 50 and La Sportiva Jackal.
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Question from Henriette
Hi, there. Looking for a shoe for a 44km with lots of elevation gain and a mix of dirt, gravel, scrambling over lots of just rocks strewn around and called a trail. Plenty of uneven foot-planting, in other words. I'm finding that my old Speedgoats are super comfy, but I don't like the stack height for a route like this one. Loved my Salomon Ultra Max 3 (if that's the right name. the maroon unisex shoes), but after the Hokas, they feel too hard. Thinking about the Sense Ride 5, or another Hoka model, but really intrigued by these (though, my goodness, could they be uglier?!). Any advice would be appreciated.
Answer from Patrick C
Looks aside, this is a very versatile shoe. The Tomir still has a fairly high stack height, but I'm willing to bet that stability and trail feel are better than the other high-cushion shoes you mention. The tread is aggressive enough to scramble, but still performs well on packed dirt, or (hopefully not) pavement. Overall this is a super versatile shoe that is intended to have you covered from distance runs to scrambley adventures. Hope this helps!
Answer from Henriette L
Thanks! I'm going to give them a try--in comparison with the Salomon Ultra Pro (I can never keep their names straight). Let's see what Kilian's all about.
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Question from Kiel
Curious to know if this (or the Kjerag, or neither) would be a good pick for primarily dirt, gravel, and non-technical ultras.
Answer from Riley W
Hi Kiel,

The Tomir would be a great choice for that style of running. I have a pair that I use on trails and some scrambling here in Salt Lake.
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Question from Ryan D
Any thoughts on this model vs the WP model as far as warmth/durability? i.e. is the non-WP model ligheter/semi-permeable/breathable? Mostly curious for colder winter months here in the snowless southwest.

Also do the shoes fit true to size? I am on the bigger end of the size spectrum and am concerned the 12.5 might be a little short. For reference I generally wear a 47 in La Sportiva shoes.

Thanks for any and all the help you can offer!
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Ryan,

The WP model will be the choice for winter months! It uses a material that is similar to Goretex, so it's waterproof and still relatively breathable. You can also get the mid cuff, which will be warmer and leave less of a chance for snow to sneak between your shoes and gaitors. Both the WP and the non water proof version are extremely durable. One employee here has 100+ miles on his and they look brand new! The WP is less breathable, so for the dry season, you could find that the breathability keeps your feet dryer and as a result, warmer. But for the winter, I would definitely recommend the WP.

As far as fit, the people I've talked to who wear the Tomir sized down a half size US. So I'd recommend going with the size 12.
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