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Ricky Bobby once said, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Although he was talking about NASCAR racing, we like to imagine that if he kept the attitude but swapped a car for shoes, he’d grab a pair of Dynafit's Alpine DNAs. Afterall, these things are meant to move quick! Of all the things that can slow you down on a run, these shoes won't be one of them. They’re super lightweight with a snug fit for maximum control, response, and sensitivity. And if you really want to make them fit like a glove, the Alpine DNA comes with spare DNA Volume Reducer insoles. Don’t worry about traction either, Vibram’s super grippy lugs have got you covered no matter the surface. You're sure to have your own Cinderella moment when you slip on a pair of Dynafit's Alpine DNA trail runners.

SkyRun Fit Tip - For the Dynafit Alpine DNA shoes we suggest sizing up 1/2 to 1 US size for the best fit.

  • Seamless tongue avoids hot spots to keep you moving along blister free.
  • DNA Volume Reducers can take up volume for a more snug fit if that's your thing.
  • Adaptive Tongue/Fit System is a 3-layer construction that wraps your foot in parachute material, which could come in handy in case you truly start to fly.
  • Alpine Rocker profile makes for a smooth and efficient gait from heel to toe.
  • Snug fit is great for race day, or for a more responsive feel on your feet.

Update 2024: This model was replaced by Dynafit Alpine DNA 2 Shoe.

convert to ounces
259g [10.5]
Weight (pair) 518g [10.5]
Lug Depth   4.0mm
Drop 6mm
Stack Height 26mm
Specs Verified Yes
Outsole Vibram® Megagrip
Fit Race
Last Narrow
Cushion Medium
Protection Medium
Lacing System Traditional
SkyRun Says
Usage Racing, fast technical terrain
Notes Snug fit for high performance
Bottom Line Race ready for up, down and everything in between
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Questions & Reviews

Adam L (downright abused product)
These are a dialed in and race ready version of the Dynafit Alpine. Notable differences are a more slightly aggressive tread, firmer midsole and even more secure fit. I have a fairly medium width shoe and have no issues using these for long days as well as short and fast missions.
For your typical cruiser trail, the Alpine’s will do the job (and will last longer). However, for racing, speed work on trails or moving fast in technical terrain, these are the way to go.
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Question from Eric S
What is the last size on these? Or, to put it another way, do they tend to have a narrow fit, or wide?
Answer from Eric S
Never mind, I see you say "narrow" in the specs.
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Question from Anthony O
I've been using the dynafit feline up pro for awhile now, on my 4th pair I think. Probably the best shoe of all time for my usage, running in tech terrain and climbing like an approach shoe . Unfortunately it was discontinued as are all good things. (I stocked some extra pairs). One of the great things for me was the stretchy mesh upper which didn't mess with my bony feet, so even though it appears a narrow shoe, it just stretched like cling wrap over my fat wide bony feet and felt like a glove. Does this use the same material in the midfoot and above? Does it fit similarly? I notice an increase in drop and weight. Any other shoes I should check out? In all euro shoes I generally go up a full size, so I am usually 11.5 or 12. Generally always 11.5 in Salomon, but in the feline up pro I believe I was a 12 cause their sizing was terrible.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Anthony, thanks for the question. The older Feline Up Pro should fit quite similar to the Alpine DNA shoe. While not having the shoe in front of us it does seem to share a very similar material as the Feline Up Pro (stretchy mesh upper). If you wanted a shoe with a bit more cushion, a relativity aggressive lug pattern, and fairly sticky rubber you could check out the Dynafit Alpine Shoe. I would also say to stick with the same sizing for that shoe as well. Feel free to give us a shout with any other questions!
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Model: Alpine DNA

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