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SCARPA Ribelle Run Kalibra HT Shoe

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The Ribelle® line of running shoes borrows tech from SCARPA's mountaineering boots, lightens it up, and streamlines it for serious mountain running. The Kalibra HT is the most recent addition to that line, whose only limitation is where you're willing to go and how far. This shoe is just at home on miles of single-track as a climb of the Grand and will hold up to daily abuse high in the mountains. The full perimeter rand provides 360° of foot-saving protection and extra durability on and off the trail, so leave those approach shoes at home and send. The Li2 BOA allows for two-way adjustability, so you can dial in your fit on the go while focusing on your objectives. The 4mm lugs on the grippy PRESA outsole are an ideal length for moving fast in technical terrain. A 24.5mm stack height offers an unparalleled ground feel, which makes this a clear choice for all-day mountain adventures. The SCARPA Ribelle Run Kalibra HT is a specialized shoe for conditions ranging from straightforward to straight crazy.

SkyRun Fit Tip - The Ribelle Run Kalibra HT runs long. We recommend sizing down by 1/2 Euro size.

  • The PRESA® TRN-01 / SuperGum outsole provides unparalleled traction in all terrain.
  • The two-way BOA dial allows for speedy fine-tuning of the fit.
  • Dyneema-reinforced soft laces offer security and dependability.
  • The EXO upper is made from recycled materials, provides support, and is highly breathable.

convert to ounces
342g [10.5]
Weight (pair) 684g [10.5]
Lug Depth   4mm
Drop 4mm
Stack Height 26.5mm
Specs Verified Yes
Outsole PRESA® TR-01 / SuperGum
Fit Medium Volume
Last Medium
Cushion Medium / Low
Protection High
Lacing System Li2 BOA Dial
SkyRun Says
Usage Gnarly terrain, short to middle distances
Notes Li2 2-way BOA lacing system - For the win!
Bottom Line Technical grippy mountain shoe
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Anthony O
I wear a 44.5/10.5 topo MTN racer, a 46/12 in Dynafit feline up pro. I am usually 11-11.5 in salmons and depending on the show 44.5-45.5 in la sportiva. I usually have to upsize because of width. I have never ran in a scarpa. I prefer more room in front of my toes than less.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Anthony, so far it seems like folks have been staying true to size or going 1/2 Euro size down. Based on your sizing for La Sportiva/Salomon 44.5 would maybe give you some extra toe room and the 44 could be a bit more precise.
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Question from Timothy R
Does the Kalibra HT fit the same as the regular Ribelle Run?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Timothy, it's close. The fit is slightly different, with the Riblle Run being a lower volume, more technical fit because of the internal "sock" construction. The Kalibra HT has a more relaxed/regular fit, with the BOA making things snug and secure. One thing to note: I went one-half Euro size down from my normal SCARPA size. If you have previously run in the Ribelle Run, you should be able to make a lateral move in size.
Answer from BENJAMIN M
Hey, Jeremy. So if I fit and run comfortably in a 44 with both the Scarpa Spin Infinity and Spin Planet - you're suggesting that I would go to a 43.5 for any of the Ribelle Run models?
Answer from Timothy R
Hey Benjamin, I'm the guy from the question above. I've worn the Infinitys, Planets (on my second pair), and regular Ribelle Runs all in a size 42, and all have fit me very, very well. However, as Jeremy described in his answer to my question above, the Kalibra HT has more volume, and my feet (mostly heel) do move around a tiny bit in the 42 when pushing things on ascents and descents (you only want to tighten things so much). But I love the BOA, and no blisters so far, so I'm sticking with the 42. But when and if I go for a second pair, I'll try going down half a Euro size, just to see if that might work a little better.
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Benjamin, and thanks, Timothy. It's been a bit since I've had a Ribelle run on my foot, so cannot confirm you'd size down for any Ribelle product, Benjamin. I wear the Planets in a 42.5, and they fit really well. I sized down for the Kalibra, and it provides me with more of a performance fit, but I still have an appropriate amount of room up front. I hope that helps.
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Model: Ribelle Run Kalibra HT

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