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La Sportiva Mountain Footwear and Apparel

Almost a century in business, La Sportiva is known for making legendary footwear in the Italian Dolomites, and its running shoes are no exception. Thoughtful design and quality workmanship make it one of our go-to brands for trail shoes, accessories, and apparel.

La Sportiva Jackal Shoe
The Jackal from La Sportiva is the epitome of a long-distance running shoe by meeting the exacting demands of ultra runners. After all, when you spend that many hours on trail, you’ve got plenty of time to ponder your dream shoe. High on the wish list for..
$154.95 $94.95
La Sportiva Jackal Shoe - Women
When running long distances on trail, it’s a good idea to have a Jackal amount of cushion for your feet. Think about how many times per mile you step on rocks, roots, pebbles, sticks, and other hard uneven surfaces. Now multiply that number by a few dozen..
$154.95 $94.95
La Sportiva Bushido II Shoe
Do your feet yearn for rough mountain trails that demand focus and precision? Do your dream runs have seemingly endless obstacles? Well if so, you are on the right track here. La Sportiva has worked tirelessly to re-engineer the latest iteration of their ..
$154.95 $104.95
La Sportiva Bushido II Shoe - Women
Bushido is the name of a moral code of conduct for Japanese Samurais. We’re not sure what that has to do with La Sportiva’s Bushido II shoe, unless, of course, the Samurais were trail runners that appreciated responsive, durable and protective shoes. If t..
$154.95 From $99.95
La Sportiva Mutant Shoe
The Mutant Shoe is a true mutation bred from a smattering of breakthrough technologies deep within La Sportiva’s R&D lab. All of this tweaking and experimentation has led to the creation of a highly durable, long-distance, mountain running shoe. A sho..
$164.95 $123.71
La Sportiva Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket
Some days you get lucky and the mountains provide perfect, bluebird windless conditions while other times... not so much. Thankfully La Sportiva’s Blizzard Windbreaker jacket makes it so that you don’t have to leave it to chance. Ultralight and packable, ..
$118.95 $83.27
La Sportiva Freccia Short
It turns out, Freccia means “arrow” in Italian so that should give you an idea of this short’s intentions - straight to the top. The La Sportiva Freccia is a minimalist short that focuses on freedom of movement while running so you have one less thing to ..
$68.95 $48.27
La Sportiva Drift Tank - Women
Sahara, Mojave, Sonora, Gobi, your local trail midsummer - it doesn’t matter! High temps and high output are no match for the La Sportiva Drift Tank. As a result, there’s no need to back down from a run just because the sun is putting off some serious hea..
$48.95 $39.16
La Sportiva Briza Windbreaker Jacket - Women
For the type of runner who’s well aware of wind’s heat-zapping capabilities but refuses to be weighed down by a bulky jacket, La Sportiva has literally got you covered with the Briza Windbreaker. This ultralight piece features windproof materials on the c..
$118.95 $83.27
La Sportiva Mutant Shoe - Women
Do you find yourself asking for too much out of one shoe? "I want a burly, rock-scrambling, do-it-all, lightweight shoe with rocket boosters.” Well, the La Sportiva Mutant delivers on all of those things (minus the rocket boosters). The Mutant has been a ..
$164.95 From $124.95
La Sportiva Podium Tight Short - Women
Cut the shackles! The La Sportiva Podium Tight Shorts are so form-fitting it will feel like someone has freed you... Freed you to romp over trails in such comfort that you’ll end up on the podium without much effort. Okay, so they don’t actually make you ..
$58.95 $39.95
La Sportiva Stream Cap
In the natural world, clouds and shadows are the only protection from the unrelenting sun. So for those bluebird exposed, midday runs, your only option is artificial protection such as the La Sportiva Stream Cap. Like a good cap should, it keeps the brigh..
La Sportiva Cyklon Shoe
Welcome to the future! The La Sportiva Cyklon feels like a glimpse into the crystal ball of skyrunning shoes. A brain child collaboration between La Sportiva and BOA, the Cyklon is an impressive end result that provides everything you need for skyraces an..
$184.95 $138.71
La Sportiva Cyklon Shoe - Women
When a legendary footwear maker brainstorms with the inventor of industry-changing lacing technology, it’s perfectly acceptable to expect radical results. And radical is what we got with the La Sportiva Cyklon. It is a trail running race shoe that enables..
$184.95 $124.95
La Sportiva Hobnails & Tool Kit
While many hang their running shoes up when the fluffy stuff starts to fall from the sky, many others do not, and persevere through the sleet, snow, and ice that is representational of winter. It is for these diehard runners that La Sportiva created the H..
La Sportiva Blizzard GTX Shoe
Do you even trail run in winter?! Well now you can so no more excuses, the La Sportiva Blizzard GTX can handle tough conditions when you find yourself running in a winter wonderland. Like its name suggests, the Blizzard GTX shines its brightest in incleme..
$244.95 $183.71
La Sportiva Slipstream Tank
Considering the bold style and innovative materials, it makes sense that La Sportiva says the Slipstream Tank is inspired by the speed of light. We can neither confirm nor deny this claim, but we can promise that the Slipstream does everything in its powe..
$58.95 $41.27
La Sportiva Akasha II Shoe
The Akasha is back! Loved by many runners for its legendary comfort and do-it-all attitude, La Sportiva took it off the menu for a few seasons but brought it back better than ever with increased durability, protection, and breathability. The La Sportiva A..
$174.95 $131.21
La Sportiva Wave Shirt
Soon after the evolution of bipedalism, humanity began to shed its furry overcoat in favor of a more breathable, hairless approach to life. La Sportiva has picked up where Homo Neanderthalis left off with the Wave Shirt - a lightweight and breathable addi..
$68.95 $48.27
La Sportiva Drizzle Overpant
Fuel? Check. Hydration? Check. Weather forecast? Unchecked. When the weather takes a turn towards soggy, the La Sportiva Drizzle Overpant is a must-have. Sustainably certified, 2.5 layer ripstop fabric will hold up to whatever the precipitation gods can u..
$108.95 $76.27
La Sportiva Joy Tank
Trailrunning may not be an Olympic sport, but that doesn't mean you should lose out on the benefits of those snazzy track singlets. Featuring a race-style back and a subtle v-neck cut, the La Sportiva Joy Tank will turn heads and shed heat on the trail. C..
$34.95 $27.96
La Sportiva Sky Tank
We here at SkyRun love long training hours as much as anyone, but eventually, it's time to cash in the fitness and go racing! This is where the La Sportiva Sky Tank comes into play. HeiQ Smart Temp technology actively regulates your body temperature, keep..
$58.95 $41.27
La Sportiva Timing Short
La Sportiva's Timing shorts are designed to attract jealous glares as you speed past your competitors! These shorts feature a small storage pocket to hold the essentials, so you don't have to ponder the question of whether you stashed your valuables safel..
$78.95 $43.42
La Sportiva Captive Top
With long-distance runs in mind, the La Sportiva Captive Top is designed to keep you comfortable while you churn out mile after mile. Body-mapped fabric venting prevents overheating, even during the hottest of midsummer days. Sturdy shoulder straps, racer..
$48.95 $28.95
La Sportiva Swift Ultra Skirt
There are a lot of great reasons to trail run in a skirt since they’re breezy, stylish, functional, feminine, and just plain fun! But don’t stress yourself out thinking of which reasons appeal to you because the La Sportiva Swift Ultra Skirt 5’’ checks al..
$78.95 $55.27
La Sportiva Hive Cap
Calling all head sweating, mouth breathing, desert rat, hot weather running folks! La Sportiva's Hive Cap is going to be your new best friend. This unique piece of headgear is the ultimate in breathability thanks to the innovative brim that's made out of ..
La Sportiva Cyklon Cross GTX Shoe
“Snowy trail, take me up, to a peak, where I belong.” I can hear everyone singing along as they skip their way up or down their favorite snow-covered trail in their Cyklon Cross GTX shoes from La Sportiva. Based on the popular Cyklon shoe it was decided t..
$244.95 $183.71
La Sportiva Cyklon Cross GTX Shoe - Women
USPS employees aren’t the only ones who can’t be stopped by inclement weather. For the absolute nut job runners out there, La Sportiva’s Cyklon Cross GTX shoe was made just for you. Don’t let snow slow you down or end your season, these highly weather res..
$244.95 $183.71
La Sportiva Jackal II BOA Shoe
High alpine running requires a shoe that won’t let you down and can outperform the demands of the terrain. With this in mind, La Sportiva created the Jackal II Boa - a comfortable, well-cushioned shoe that can take to the mountains with confidence. Built ..
$184.95 $138.71
La Sportiva Jackal II BOA Shoe - Women
We're all in a constant struggle to find the perfect footwear to balance x,y, and z, which is why we're singing the praises of La Sportiva's Jackal II BOA shoe! This shoe is featured-filled and may truly be the only shoe you'll need - seriously. Built for..
$184.95 $138.71
La Sportiva Vector Short - Women
Shorts can be a very under-appreciated item in your gear wardrobe, but we think they're a lot like a piece of art; sometimes the simpler, the more details you actually notice they have! The Vector Short is a perfect example of this principle. The Vector s..
$84.95 $50.95
La Sportiva Skyline Cap
Regarding hats, our checklist can be elementary - it must be wearable on the head and help keep the sun out of your eyes. La Sportiva came in and said, "Yeah, but - what about a dynamic five-panel cap with reflective detailing on the visor and back, with ..
La Sportiva Bushido II Jr Shoe
Need a pair of shoes that can keep up with the young mountain athlete in your family? La Sportiva has you covered with their Bushido II Jr. shoe. These passionate Italians tried to capture the best of the perennial powerhouse that is the Bushido II, in a ..
$84.95 $63.71
La Sportiva Skyrun Visor
The perfect visor for us, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to offer La Sportiva's Skyrun visor here at SkyRun! Fantastic colors are just the start. Large integrated sweatband wicks all that sweat that's just waiting to sting your downturned eyes on tha..
La Sportiva Ultra Trail Vest 10L
From the fit to storage solutions and the overall construction, the wizards at La Sportiva have again pleased us by creating the Ultra Trail Vest 10L. This Italian work of art may be the one vest to rule them all by eliminating the need for a lower-volume..
La Sportiva Trail Glove
Not every run can be on the sunny slopes of West Grandeur during a beautiful 100°F day here in Salt Lake City. On days when the temp drops and the wind rises, the La Sportiva Trail Glove has you covered (or your hands, anyway). Light enough to be forgotte..
La Sportiva Trail Glove - Women
A few small items can make running in cooler temps more manageable and fun. The La Sportiva Trail Glove is a simple but effective way to keep your digits warm while getting miles in when the thermostat drops. A simple liner glove that is touch-screen frie..
La Sportiva Tracer T-Shirt - Women
The Tracer T-Shirt from La Sportiva has everything you need in a running shirt. Flatlock seams are comfortable and prevent chafing even when wearing a vest. S.Café ® fabric keeps odors to a minimum, and it's super breathable, which keeps things dry when y..
$48.95 $34.27
La Sportiva Trail Bite Short
Simplicity and support are great features of running shorts. fortunately, the La Sportiva Trail Bite Short has both. The full-length inner boxer offers support and comfort for long days out on trails and nearly eliminates any chafing. Keeping these simple..
$64.95 $45.47
La Sportiva Auster Short
Despite the short length and minimal materials, the La Sportiva Auster Short is a feature-full piece that won't leave you wanting for more. The 3.5-inch inseam allows maximal airflow and minimal weight while keeping you modest by most modern norms. The Au..
$54.95 $38.47
La Sportiva Pacer T-Shirt
Not every running shirt is made equal, and the La Sportiva Pacer Shirt is the reason why. Made to be as light as you are fast, the Pacer shirt is constructed with ultralight, 100% recycled polyester that is even more comfortable than the emperor's new clo..
$54.95 $38.47
La Sportiva Koro Jacket - Women
Fall and winter running can be a blast, especially if you're prepared. With a DWR coating and light insulation, the La Sportiva Koro Jacket is like having two layers in one. The stretchy back fabric is highly breathable and will fit over a vest for on-the..
$138.95 $97.27
La Sportiva Koro Jacket
Essential gear is needed when the love of running takes you up into the alpine and doesn't fade when days grow short and the weather is cold. Since more is not always better, the lightly insulated Koro Jacket from La Sportiva is like having two pieces of ..
$138.95 $97.27
La Sportiva Prodigio Shoe
In 1928, La Sportiva began by producing quality wooden clogs and boots for the Fiemme and Fassa Valleys farmers. Fast forward more than 95 years, and they continue to innovate by introducing the La Sportiva Prodigio. With an emphasis on high performance, ..
$154.95 $116.21
La Sportiva Bushido III Shoe
Bushido translates to "warrior way". If your inner warrior's way is over rough trails and ridgelines, the newly updated Bushido III from La Sportiva will take you to whatever place you dare. With new features such as increased breathability, a restyled ou..
$144.95 $108.71
La Sportiva Bushido III Wide Shoe
At last! The beloved Bushido is no longer limited to those with narrow feet. The La Sportiva Bushido III Wide offers the same form, functionality, and features to runners with feet that the standard model squishes. The Bushido II has been accoladed for it..
$144.95 $108.71
La Sportiva Bushido III Shoe - Women
With the two previous iterations as evidence of its durability and versatility, the La Sportiva Bushido III keeps the great look of its predecessors and receives some excellent upgrades. This version will keep many features that have made this shoe wildly..
$144.95 $108.71
La Sportiva Levante Shoe - Women
Built in collaboration with female athletes, the La Sportiva Levante was designed by women for women. From the mesh toe box and the knit collar to the anatomical curve of the heel, the engineers and athletes have taken a very detailed approach to the cons..
$154.95 $116.21

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