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At SkyRun, we don't engage in sales gimmicks like claiming the "lowest prices of the year" every week. Instead, we offer always-low prices on current items and we lower the prices of discontinued gear until it's gone. Always check here first for the best deals on mountain running gear.

Dynafit Reflective Tights - Women
With warmth and visibility in mind, the Reflective Tights from Dynafit are a great cool-weather choice. The 360-degree reflective hits are a great safety feature for early morning runs in the dark. You'll appreciate the flat seams that prevent chafing on ..
$139.95 $104.96
Dynafit Reflective Tights
When the leaves start to change and the weather cools, do you find yourself out for runs before the sun comes up? If so, the Dynafit Reflective Tights will be a welcome addition to your running kit. With 360° of reflective hits, your friends will have no ..
$139.95 $104.96
Dynafit Winter Running Tights - Women
Running is a year-round activity, so there is no need to stop when the thermostat drops as long as you're prepared. The Winter Running Tights from Dynafit is an excellent addition to your cold-weather running kit. Made for cold weather activities, these t..
$169.95 $127.46
Dynafit Winter Running Tights
Do you keep running after the snow flies? Does the pre-dawn cold deter you from getting your long runs on dark Saturday mornings? Then the Winter Running Tights from Dynafit might be for you because, at SkyRun, it's always running season. With added warmt..
$169.95 $127.46
Dynafit Alpine Pro 2-In-1 Short
The Alpine Pro 2 in 1 short from Dynafit has been a favorite for those who enjoy the security of an inner boxer brief and shorts that are both comfortable and functional. The flat seams, reflective hits, and excellent moisture-wicking properties have stay..
$89.95 $67.46
Dynafit Sky Short
When breathability and minimalism are key, the Sky Short from Dynafit is a great warm-weather, high-mileage choice. These are incredibly lightweight yet boast features such as a zippered back pocket for valuables and two rear mesh pockets to easily access..
$79.95 $59.96
Altra Lone Peak 7 Shoe
Iconic and impressive, Lone Peak in Utah is the namesake for the legendary Lone Peak trail running shoe from Altra. Now in its seventh iteration, it's clear that this shoe is a fan favorite and a high performer. As a staple of Altra since its inception, t..
$149.95 $104.95
Salomon Pulsar Trail Pro 2 Shoe - Women
You just signed up for your first ultra, didn't you? Once you're over the thought of, "oh no, what have I done?" it's time to start thinking about gear. First up - shoes! The Salomon Pulsar Trail 2 Pro shoe is a great place to begin. The highly cushioned ..
$159.95 $127.95
Salomon Pulsar Trail Pro 2 Shoe
Did you know that the Pulsar SG 2 is just one of a family of shoes from Salomon? The Pulsar Trail 2 Pro may be a touch huskier, but that burliness comes with a host of benefits. The high cushion midsole is made of a foam that combines EVA, Olefin [OBC], a..
$159.95 $127.95
Salomon Sense Pro 5 Pack - Women
Whether it's your first or 50th ultra-race, you'll appreciate everything Salomon's Sense Pro 5 running pack has to offer. This pack truly is women's specific, not just a smaller version of the unisex pack. Avoiding pressure points is key to long-term comf..
$159.95 $114.95
Salomon Sense Pro 5 Pack
Sweet pack, wanna run? Salomon has put together a running pack so perfect, that even Nostradamus couldn't have predicted its success. Their Sense 5 Pro running pack starts with the SensiFit™ construction. Made of soft stretch fabric, you know this vest wi..
$159.95 $114.95
La Sportiva Bushido II Jr Shoe
Need a pair of shoes that can keep up with the young mountain athlete in your family? La Sportiva has you covered with their Bushido II Jr. shoe. These passionate Italians tried to capture the best of the perennial powerhouse that is the Bushido II, in a ..
$84.95 $63.71
Black Diamond Distance 4 Vest - Women
A well made running vest should feel like a seamless addition to any run. So comfortable you forget it is there, and pockets strategically placed to keep everything in arms reach. With the Women’s Distance 4 Vest, Black Diamond sought to accomplish all of..
$149.95 $119.95
Black Diamond Distance 4 Vest
In a running vest, size is critical. Too baggy, and you risk stroopwafel shaped bruises from the contents of your pack bouncing off your lumbar for miles on end. Too tight, and you won’t be taking a full breath. Black Diamond has tackled this issue with 3..
$149.95 $119.95
Darn Tough Micro Crew Ultra Lightweight w/ Cushion
Introducing the pick of the sock litter, the pinnacle of sock mountain, the one sock to rule them all, the only sock you'll ever want and ever need - that's right, it's the Darn Tough Micro Crew Ultra Lightweight with Cushion socks. If Darn Tough is a new..
$20.95 $15.71
Darn Tough No Show Ultra-Lightweight w/ Cushion
The No Show Ultra-Lightweight sock with Cushion gives you more cushion for pushing extra miles. Light padding on the sole of the sock provides blissful comfort with every step and is as appreciated on the last mile as much as it is on the first (if not ev..
$17.95 $13.46
Darn Tough No Show w/ Cushion - Women
When it comes to everyday life, nobody likes a "no-show." When it comes to running socks, plenty of folks love a no-show! Throw some cushion on the bottom of your Darn Tough No-Show socks and you have the makings of foot bling greatness. It's been scienti..
$17.95 $13.46
Dynafit DNA Wind Jacket - Women
Early sailors no doubt paid close attention to the winds, depending as they did on predictable gusts to ply their trade on the open ocean. Even if you couldn't tell a trade wind from a mistral, a little extra care for how to negotiate this element will go..
$139.95 $89.95
Dynafit DNA Wind Jacket
Battling wind on a run isn't just annoying, it's mentally taxing, potentially even dangerous. Dynafit has prepared a solution with the DNA Wind jacket, which resists wind and repels water. To keep you from getting soggy with sweat the back panel is breath..
$139.95 $89.95
Dynafit Ultra 3L Jacket
On July afternoons in Colorado's San Juan Range, HardRock 100 runners often confront thunderstorms that threaten to make an already arduous event downright impossible. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, you will be thankful to have the Dynaf..
$299.95 $184.95
Dynafit DNA Ultra 2-In-1 Skirt
If the multitudinous pockets of your preferred running pack simply won't cut it, you can smuggle even more calories onto the race course with the DNA Ultra 2-in-1 skirt. Featuring a zippered pocket on the back and 2 side mesh pockets, you can bring along ..
$139.95 $89.95
Dynafit DNA Ultra 2-In-1 Short
Somewhere between hitting 'register' for an ultramarathon and toeing up to the starting line, the question of where to stash your goodies should be addressed. The DNA Ultra 2-in-1 short incorporates a zippered back pocket and a roomy front mesh pocket, en..
$139.95 $89.95
Dynafit DNA 2-In-1 Split Short - Women
Short shorts? Damn right. Dynafit's DNA 2-In-1 Split shorts are the right length for fast days on course, or on your local trails. A form-fitting inner is complemented by an incredibly lightweight outer short that wicks moisture and keeps you cool with th..
$109.95 $74.95
Dynafit DNA 2-In-1 Split Short
The DNA 2-in-1 split short is a double-layered masterpiece of running apparel. Sporting a shorter inseam than the closely related Ultra 2-In-1 shorts, this particular short also integrates a stretchy inner liner with a breathable outer layer for a breezy,..
$109.95 $74.95
Dynafit Ultra 3L Jacket - Women
When a wet weather front hits a mountain range, water vapor is forced upward, whereupon it condenses and falls as rain or snow. If your runs are frequently subject to this or any other precip-generating process, you're going to need protection. Enter the ..
$299.95 $184.95
Dynafit DNA Shirt
Dynafit's DNA shirt is a layer you're supposed to forget about. By this, we mean that instead of fussing with the fit or warding off chafing, you can let your running mind wander more freely. All the while, this shirt is quietly at work using Active Airfl..
$99.95 $59.95
Dynafit DNA Shirt - Women
When Dynafit set about revolutionizing the business of backcountry bindings, they dubbed their creation the 'Tech-Low Tech,' referencing both its novelty and its refreshing simplicity. With its straightforward yet highly effective design, the DNA shirt se..
$99.95 $59.95
Dynafit DNA Tank - Women
Designed specifically for racing, the DNA tank from Dynafit aims to keep you properly thermoregulated, no matter how warm the course is on race day. Summer in the Appalachians? No problem. Sandstone singletrack in the American Southwest? Don’t forget wate..
$89.95 $54.95
Dynafit DNA Tank
Whether you know them as singlets, bibs, pinnies, tanks, or some other term, sleeveless sports tops are a time-honored look calibrated towards heat shedding and bicep display. If you're a current or wannabe victim of the Sleeve Monster, you are likely a w..
$89.95 $54.95
CAMP Trail Force 5 Pack
CAMP consulted with Italian skyrunners Giuditta Turini and Franco Collé in updating the Trail Force 5, a sleek pack built for skyrun races and quick strikes in the mountains. The TF5 2.0 drops weight from its predecessor, yet maintains enough material to ..
$129.95 $89.95
CAMP Trail Force 20 Pack
The Trail Force 20 is an offering from CAMP geared towards multi-day races where a smaller pack won't cut it. Long gone are the days when packs simply consisted of a pouch with a couple of dividers to keep your stuff generally sorted. Now, CAMP references..
$149.95 $119.95
CAMP Trail Force 10 Pack
The Trail Force 10 is back with some cool updates geared toward total comfort and usability. Every inch of this pack is bursting with Easter eggs, making the 10-liter a great Goldilocks size for bringing along a fuller gear collection on your runs. The up..
$139.95 $99.95
Dynafit Sky Crop Top - Women
Go light my fellow runners, as light as possible on hot days with Dynafit's Sky Crop Top. The sleeveless, short hem design keeps you cool on runs where you know heat will be part of the equation. These runs are usually accompanied by plenty of sweat. Dyna..
$49.95 $37.46
Dynafit Ultra 100 Shoe - Women
The movie "Shrek" premiered in 2001 as a fun satire littered with pop culture references, filtered through the lens of a standoffish ogre. "Shrek II" retained the same core cast while improving the animation and plot sophistication on the way to becoming ..
$169.95 $127.46
Dynafit Ultra 100 Shoe
Dynafit's Ultra 100 has been one of their most popular all-around shoes for folks who wanted a bit more cushion. The shoe's versatile performance remains, but various elements have been reworked in this edition. This reimagining of the Ultra 100 has a rec..
$169.95 $127.46
Dynafit Ultra 12 Vest
If you're going the full distance of any ultramarathon, or just out for a "mere" 26.2 miles, you'll need to come prepared. When aid stations are sparse, or your unsupported FKT attempt is looming, you can depend on the Ultra 12 running pack from Dynafit t..
$139.95 $104.96
Dynafit Sky 4 Vest
Here at SkyRun, we're partial to any product with the word 'Sky' in it. The word conjures images of intrepid mountain runners silhouetted against an azure background. Ahh, bliss. The Sky 4 Vest does little to dispel these associations, built as it is for ..
$109.95 $82.46
CAMP Trail Force 2 Pack
Grandeur Peak is a popular 4.4-mile out-and-back on the edge of Salt Lake City, offering a vertical kilometer of climbing on its well-worn trails. Though it's a short distance, the effort involved typically requires bringing along some supplies. It's for ..
$119.95 $74.95
SCARPA Golden Gate Kima RT Shoe
No, these are not road shoes meant to traverse the iconic bridge of San Francisco. SCARPA's Golden Gate Kima RT shoe is a feature-filled mountain hog ready to take off at full throttle. Bring all your energy and feel confident you will get some return fro..
$218.95 $164.21
La Sportiva Jackal II BOA Shoe - Women
We're all in a constant struggle to find the perfect footwear to balance x,y, and z, which is why we're singing the praises of La Sportiva's Jackal II BOA shoe! This shoe is featured-filled and may truly be the only shoe you'll need - seriously. Built for..
$184.95 $138.71
SCARPA Golden Gate Kima RT Shoe - Women
Designed to fulfill the needs of fast-moving trail runners everywhere, the Golden Gate Kima RT shoe from SCARPA will have you feeling light on your feet as you speed through the mountain alpine. Their Foot Active Control system combines a 1mm thick carbon..
$218.95 $164.21
La Sportiva Jackal II BOA Shoe
High alpine running requires a shoe that won’t let you down and can outperform the demands of the terrain. With this in mind, La Sportiva created the Jackal II Boa - a comfortable, well-cushioned shoe that can take to the mountains with confidence. Built ..
$184.95 $138.71
Dynafit Trail Graphic Wind Jacket
When considering your options within the windbreaker jacket world, there are plenty of them. Why not acquire one designed for both performance and comfort? While you're at it, why not get something flashy as well? The Trail Graphic Wind jacket from Dynafi..
$149.95 $94.95
SCARPA Rapid Shoe
Built with versatility in mind, the SCARPA Rapid wears many hats. Looking to put in some trail miles on buff singletrack? Check. Looking to do a low fifth-class scramble? Check. Looking to do something that incorporates both running and scrambling? Even b..
$168.95 $126.71
SCARPA Spin Planet Shoe - Women
SCARPA is pushing the needle when it comes to sustainable and high-performing shoes starting with their Spin Planet shoe. The upper is made from 100% recycled materials and features their Exo construction that beautifully wraps the midfoot with its intern..
$158.95 $119.21
SCARPA Spin Planet Shoe
Being both feathery on your feet with a low impact on the beautiful blue sphere that we call home, the Spin Planet is a responsible companion optimized for middle to long distances. Being generously cushioned with a 45% recycled EVA midsole, the Spin Plan..
$158.95 $119.21
Dynafit Vert Short Tights - Women
When you're heading straight up a mountain, you don't want ANYTHING to get in your way. Let the slim-fitting Dynafit Vert Short tights be your choice for ultimate range of motion with nothing but speed in mind. The breathable, 4-way stretch material is ti..
$79.95 $49.95
Dynafit Ultra Graphic Long Tights - Women
What do you long for on a long run at the end of a long day? How about Dynafit's Ultra Graphic Long tights? That's right, SkyRun is on the cold weather running scene for those who embrace more wintry conditions, or chillier morning runs. The 4-way stretch..
$119.95 $74.95

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