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CAMP Running Vests, Packs and Belts

CAMP makes more products than a caterpillar has legs. Within that line-up are an amazing set of running vests, packs and belts that stand for quality, innovation, and comfort. With every new iteration of gear, CAMP never compromises and always finds a way to make the next version that much better. Comfort meets high functionality using CAMP running products.

CAMP Trail Force 5 Pack
CAMP consulted with Italian skyrunners Giuditta Turini and Franco Collé in updating the Trail Force 5, a sleek pack built for skyrun races and quick strikes in the mountains. The TF5 2.0 drops weight from its predecessor, yet maintains enough material to ..
CAMP Trail Force 20 Pack
The Trail Force 20 is an offering from CAMP geared towards multi-day races where a smaller pack won't cut it. Long gone are the days when packs simply consisted of a pouch with a couple of dividers to keep your stuff generally sorted. Now, CAMP references..
CAMP Trail Force 10 Pack
The Trail Force 10 is back with some cool updates geared toward total comfort and usability. Every inch of this pack is bursting with Easter eggs, making the 10-liter a great Goldilocks size for bringing along a fuller gear collection on your runs. The up..
CAMP Trail Force 2 Pack
Grandeur Peak is a popular 4.4-mile out-and-back on the edge of Salt Lake City, offering a vertical kilometer of climbing on its well-worn trails. Though it's a short distance, the effort involved typically requires bringing along some supplies. It's for ..
CAMP Ergo Belt
Not all runs require voluminous packs, ergo the CAMP Ergo Belt makes way more sense when the mileage is in the single digits. This comfortable belt is lightweight, simple, and capable of bringing just the essentials - such as two soft flasks. Which is con..
$79.95 $49.95
CAMP Trail Force 10 Pack - 2022
Maybe if you had access to a magic crystal ball or Miss Cleo on speed dial, you’d be more certain about what gear you’d need for tomorrow’s all day running adventure. But assuming you don’t (or do you?!), the CAMP Trail Force 10 gives you more space to br..
$149.95 $84.95
CAMP Trail Force 5 Pack - 2022
CAMP is a legendary Italian gear maker known for their crazy-lightweight yet functional products for climbers, skiers, mountaineers, and ski mountaineers. So are we surprised to find out that CAMP’s trail running vest is every bit as stellar as the rest o..
$119.95 $68.95
CAMP Corsa Race Ice Axe
For those who are counting every gram but don't want to run in snowy conditions without an arrest tool, you may recognize the CAMP Corsa Race Ice Axe from your lucid dreams. Designed specifically for skimo racing, CAMP pulled out all the stops to shave we..
CAMP Corsa Alpine Ice Axe
Sometimes your skyrun will take you places the average runner (or hiker) seldom accesses. Snowfields, ice sheets, and glaciers are all alpine obstacles that may lie in the path of your run, and there is hardly a better tool for runners to handle adverse f..
CAMP Essential Light Mat
Camp Essential Light Mat is just that. A super light, essential piece of gear if you're going to sleep out under the stars. A svelte packed size will keep room in your pack for the important things, like food! 100% polyamide exterior is reasonably s..
$99.95 $79.95
CAMP Action Bottle
Behold the CAMP Action Bottle! From the very first single-celled organisms drifting through the primordial soup, life has never been able to exist on this planet without water. This is especially true for large, bipedal mammals scampering along ridgelines..
CAMP Ice Axe Spike Protector
Running with an unprotected ice axe may sound like a bad idea... because it is! The CAMP Ice Axe Spike Protector is a little rubber cap that slides over the spike of your axe so it can't scratch you or your gear when it's not in use. You'll only have to r..
CAMP Ice Axe Head Protector
The CAMP Ice Axe Head Protector is a rubber cap for your axe that covers both the tip of the pick and the adze thus protecting you and your gear from the pointy bits during travel and storage. But when it's time to bust out the tool, simply stash the prot..
CAMP Action Bottle Holder
You've got a bottle to hold your water, but what's going to hold the bottle? The CAMP Action Bottle Holder is a versatile solution to all of your bottle-holding hangups. A combo of an upper vertical velcro strap and a center lateral strap make it easy to ..
CAMP Corsa Ice Axe
When running in high alpine environments, it pays to expect the unexpected. With the CAMP Corsa Ice Axe on your pack, snow-covered paths won't force you to turn back early or, worse, risk it all during a sketchy traverse. The full aluminum construction is..

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