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For those who are counting every gram but don't want to run in snowy conditions without an arrest tool, you may recognize the CAMP Corsa Race Ice Axe from your lucid dreams. Designed specifically for skimo racing, CAMP pulled out all the stops to shave weight without compromising the functionality of the tool. At a minuscule 188g, you will barely notice the Corsa Race on your pack but you sure will be glad to have it once you need it. After all, a loss of traction on slick terrain could be the difference between a great run and a really really bad one. It should be noted that this axe is not designed for climbing ice or general mountaineering but for self-arresting - arguably the most important use of an axe for some of us high-elevation runners. If you're on the hunt for a hyperlight self-arrest tool that works well when called to duty but out of your way when you don't need it, the CAMP Corsa Race Ice Axe is your best bet.

  • Hyperlight and perfect for running with a wider safety margin (at less weight).
  • The non-welded head is strong and comfortable to hold (and saves weight).
  • Strategic cutouts in the shaft improve grip (and save weight).
  • Pick is designed specifically for self-arresting, not technical climbing (which saves weight).
  • 50cm machined aluminum shaft is functional without being cumbersome (not to mention lightweight).
  • Meets ISMF and EN13089 standards and was awarded the 2020 ISPO Gold Award (which saves... wait, these are just impressive accolades).
Lengths (cm) 50
convert to ounces
188g [50]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 Aluminum pick and shaft

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