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No, your taste buds haven't abandoned you, it's just that you are fully enjoying the experience of Maurten's Gel which just happens to be flavorless. Perfect for picky eaters, this gel is also for anyone who wants to perform at their best. Hydrogel Technology is at the center of the success of Maurten Gels. This near magic trick has carbohydrates that become encapsulated when they join the party in your stomach. As this hydrogel situation moves through the stomach the carbohydrates are allowed safe passage to your intestines where water, sugar, and salt are absorbed. Gut rot be gone. Get all the energy you need without that urgent trip to check out the woods along the trail. If you need a little extra kick you can also throw down with a 100 Caf that contains the equivalent of 1.5 servings of espresso! Energy to burn, optional caffeine to make you crank, Maurten Gels are the ticket to faster days on the trail.

100 - Surprise to none, this gel contains 100 calories from 25g of fructose and glucose.

100 Caf 100 - Also contains 100 calories from 25g of carbohydrates but with 100mg of caffeine.

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Zak M (used product regularly)
If it works for Kilian and Eliud Kipchoge it will work for me, or maybe I just fell prey to Maurten's excellent marking strategy. So far I've been using both the caffeinated and noncaffeinated Maurten Gels for several months and have been happy with the results. Both gels have this slightly syrupy aftertaste to them but other than that basically have no distinct flavor, which I enjoy. With the consistency of jello, these have been a nice change of pace from the thick syrup-like texture of most other gels. Overall with just a handful of ingredients, and a good dose of caffeine Maurten Gels will most likely continue to be my go-to gels for some time to come.
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