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With so many options to choose from when it comes to nutrition, why not go with a product that is made with high-quality ingredients with an emphasis on long-lasting energy and sustainability? The Naak Energy Waffles are plant-based and made with a minimum of non-gmo ingredients, focused on gut health to avoid common GI issues. With an excellent balance of carbs to protein which helps avoid sugar crashes, the Energy Waffles are a great alternative to gels when you need solid food during your endurance efforts

Salted Caramel - This delicious classic waffle flavor will hardly feel like nutrition during your next hard effort. With 140 organic calories, this easy-to-eat, sustainably-made waffle is an excellent choice to fuel all your weekend long runs and ultra-distance races.

Maple Syrup - Some folks say the best maple syrup comes from Vermont, and others would argue it's north of the border. Either way, this waffle tastes great and will be an excellent choice for your next big adventure. With 140mg of sodium, 3g of protein, and 8g of carbs, it's well-balanced nutrition made with sustainable ingredients.

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