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When considering fueling for runs, one may think of gels, bars, and drink mixes. As an alternative, Odd Balls offers Energy Balls, an organic blend of all-natural ingredients with no added sugar. What sets Energy Balls apart from regular balls, you ask? Shrooms! Fabulous fungi, known as caterpillar fungus or Cordycipitaceae, yamabushitake or bearded hedgehogs, are blended with dates, coconut, lemon, and nuts to create delicious Energy Balls. Infusing each ball with 1500mg of cordyceps and lion's mane extracts helps boost immunity, decrease lethargy, and increase focus. The addition of electrolytes makes these a well-rounded choice for fueling when on the move. Odd Ball's Energy Balls come in packages of four servings and are higher in calories, yet cost less than most gels and bars. This makes packing these balls an easy choice for your next adventure.

  • Lion's mane and cordyceps extracts provide a variety of benefits.
  • A touch of lemon adds a nice zing to the balls.
  • All natural and organic and founded locally.
  • Great flavor and texture for easy consumption while on the go.
  • There are two balls per serving, but at 140 calories, you may find you can get by with a single ball.

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Questions & Reviews

Chris (used product regularly)
Smooth and clean energy for anyone on the go looking for a snack! Keep them in my climbing pack for quick in between bite without greasing my fingers.
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David (used product regularly)
Great Balls of Fire; keeps me younger than ever I don't feel a day over 27...
I eat one a day, terrific stuff.
I leave them on the counter to remind me to eat one.
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Kathy (used product regularly)
Im 73 yrs old and not a actively skiing anymore. But i need to keep up with my family of young adults. It keeps my brain active as well as my energy levels for hours.
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Timmy (used product regularly)
Glad to see this at my local shop! Its a game changer for me on long rides and ski tours. Easy to eat while on the move and tastes great!
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Jax (used product regularly)
Honestly, best “snack” I’ve ever had playing outdoors.

Taste WAY better than any “cliff bar” Ive ever had, and the clean energy is unmatched.

Skip the coffee, skip the sugar, all you need are these Balls!
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Stephen (downright abused product)
This is the snack I’ve been looking for! For a long time, I’ve felt I was missing something from bars and other snacks out there. The oddballs have the perfect flavor and it’s a huge bonus having lions mane and Cordyceps. Oddballs have become my new go-to energy snack.
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Model: Organic Mushroom Energy Balls

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