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Eyewear, Headlamps, Sunscreen and More

All the other essential running gear on the list like eyewear, headlamps, sunscreen, and anti-chafe cream. Plus reading material to inspire the next adventure and cleaning products to keep the funk down.

Do you live at sea level and desire to run at altitude, or are you a local Coloradan who wants to explore the high and wild places of your home state? Colorado Alpine Trail Runs provides an in-depth look at where to find the thinnest air in the Silver State. In addition to the ample routes compiled betwixt the book's cover are numerous color photographs, information on access point..
The Salt Lake Valley sits between two mountain ranges, access to wild places is second to few, and information about them abounds. Whether you are a local or just visiting, Urban Trails: Salt Lake City is an alternative look at paths and sights in the city and the urban sprawl beyond. This fun guide has oodles of information on urban routes, trail etiquette, wildflowers, and local ..
The Sierra Nevada Mountains are striking and should be on your list of places to visit, and you should visit on foot. When the snows melt and the trails dry out, Sierra Trail Runs: A Guide to the Eastside is an excellent companion for first-time visitors or old pros alike. With trails from Death Valley to the White Mountains and up to the High Sierra, there's a landscape for every ..
Squirrel's Nut Butter, not to be confused with squirreling away Nutter Butters, was founded in 2015 after a family friend used a salve for a long bike ride that was for one of the founder's daughter's eczema. It worked so well that less than a year later, Squirrel's Nut Butter Anti-Chafe started eliminating rubbing and blisters in endurance athletes everywhere. Available in various..
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In 1986, Dan Rather was attacked on the streets of New York City by two men who kept asking the question, "Kenneth, what is the frequency?" There was no way for Mr. Rather to know that 38 years later, the Julbo Frequency would be the correct response. When protecting your precious eyes from the harmful rays that Aryaman casts down upon the earth, rest assured the Reactiv lenses ran..
Not every run can be on the sunny slopes of West Grandeur during a beautiful 100°F day here in Salt Lake City. On days when the temp drops and the wind rises, the La Sportiva Trail Glove has you covered (or your hands, anyway). Light enough to be forgotten in your vest or belt, the Trail Glove is designed for high-intensity activities in conditions where just a touch of extra warmt..
Until you have had a pair of sunglasses versatile enough to leave from a dark trailhead and climb to a sunny summit, have you ever experienced greatness? The full-coverage Density sunglasses from Julbo are as versatile as they are lightweight. As the day presents itself and the photochromatic lenses begin to darken, you may or may not start to notice how great they feel with the Co..
A few small items can make running in cooler temps more manageable and fun. The La Sportiva Trail Glove is a simple but effective way to keep your digits warm while getting miles in when the thermostat drops. A simple liner glove that is touch-screen friendly and has an integrated windproof cover that is also water-repellent. Weighing almost nothing, the Trail Glove is an easy thin..
For most, running from sunset to sunrise is a nonstarter. For the select few who enjoy running through the night, there is the Petzl Swift RL. With lumens ranging from 18 to 1100, the Swift RL will light the way no matter how much ambient light is or isn't available. The REACTIVE LIGHTING senses available light and brightens or dims as needed, so when you run out of the dark forest..
1972 was an exciting year around the globe with Bobby Fischer becoming the World Chess Champion, the introduction of the Space Shuttle program, and the advent of Shoe Goo in Lyman Van Vliet's garage in Palos Verdes, CA. And just like that, the world of minor shoe repair was turned upside down. Small tears and imperfections can be easily fixed with a bit of time, patience, and a lig..
Nothing ruins your day out on the trails like a scalding sunburn. Easy to carry and even easier to apply, the Dermatone "No Touch" Sunscreen Stick is a go-to solution for keeping your skin protected and happy. Simply remove the cap, wipe it on like a glue stick, and you're good to go! No more greasy fingers or worrying about sunscreen opening in your pack. Small and compact, you co..
Tan much? Nobody minds that bronze glow that comes with time spent outside, but nobody wants to be an overcooked ham. Get the Roman God or Goddess look you want with Dermatone's Lips and Face Stick. On long runs it's nice to know you can top off your sunscreen job as the sweat index increases. Lips can be especially sensitive to the strong summer sun - not a problem as this stick i..
Night running is awesome. It's less awesome when your headlamp battery goes dead. Grab an R1 battery from Petzl to have as a backup for your amazing Nao RL headlamp. A little reassurance in a little package, slip this back-up battery into your shorts, belt, or pack to keep the night at bay. Type C Micro USB charging port is a convenient way to charge up this battery. Can be..
The future is Nao, at least according to Petzl. Their Nao RL headlamp is a ridiculously comfortable, unbelievably powerful light source that seems to be from a future utopia of night running. Boasting a maximum of 1500 lumens, you'll have the ability to see everything that goes "bump" in the night on every run. The head strap seems to be infinitely adjustable to accommodate noggins..
Stylish, functional, and lightweight. The Trail Evo glasses from Dynafit are all of these and more. With a full-frame construction and hard coating finish on the lenses, these are built with durability in mind, meaning you can focus on putting in serious mileage instead of worrying about your shades. While moisture is sorely needed in the West, it certainly isn’t needed on the insi..
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The more time we spend cramming our feet into ski boots and running shoes, the more we can't wait to let the toes loose - especially if we're spraying champagne from the winner's podium! With that victory celebration in mind, the Dynafit Podium is an ergonomic and cushy flip-flop ("jandal" for those tuning in from New Zealand) made by everyone's favorite beachwear brand, Dynafit. M..
Dynafit's Sky Pro sunglasses are for that special class of runners whose trails take them up and over glaciers and other high-exposure settings. Their full-coverage, impact-resistant lenses adjust automatically from categories 2-4, making them perfect for conditions ranging from overcast to full sun on sun and snow. Other features are specially adapted to time in the high alpine su..
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Pits, nips, thighs, and toes. It doesn’t matter where you chafe because all points of friction are liable to ruin your run. Territory Run Co’s Anti Chafe Balm utilizes just four 100% natural ingredients to create an effective barrier that will let you get back to enjoying the run, not agonizing over it. Apply generously to known trouble areas before leaving the trailhead or throw i..
One person's trash is another person's treasure. Lightly used or sometimes unused, open-box gear can find its way back to us on occasion. Why not take advantage? COROS Vertix 2 Silicone Band, Black - Damaged packaging. Band un-used. Dynafit Reflective Tights, Black Out/ Nimbus, Large - Used once in great shape. Look like new. Naked Running Belt, Size 10 - Never used, missi..
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Trail Running Utah’s National Parks combines the joy of trail running with some of Utah’s most scenic landscapes. Reid Marshall and Marina Santiago cherry pick a handful of exciting running routes that take you up, down, and around this wild desert terrain. All five of Utah’s national parks are included - Zion, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Arches, and Canyonlands. With critical beta, beaut..
Your Petzl Swift RL is your go-to, all-night, 24-hours-of-motion headlamp. Just because you love it, doesn't mean it won't run out of battery in the middle of the night. When you need to keep the torch burning bright hour after hour it's a good idea to have a backup plan. In this case, the plan is an Accu Swift RL battery from Petzl. Easily exchangeable, you can plunge into darknes..
Rumor has it that Petzl challenged their designers to reinvent the headlamp with running comfort in mind. Whether or not that’s actually true, the designers did in fact come up with a funky-looking yet great-feeling headlamp. Most notably, the weight is now distributed all around with the ultrathin lamp upfront and the power source in the back. And like that, the dreaded, front-hea..
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Training for the Uphill Athlete should be a staple in every trail runner's literary diet. You know it's good because it's written by Scott Johnston, Steve House, and trail running's golden boy, Kilian Jornet. Every page you turn, you're either bombarded (in a good way) with new physiological training information & tactics or beautiful landscape images from iconic destinations. ..
You’re welcome to wear a car headlight on your head, but if you want something much lighter and seemingly just as bright, the Petzl Swift RL headlamp is your best bet. Pumping out an impressive 900 lumens on its highest setting, it’ll light up the trail ahead of you... and the whole mountain for that matter. In fact, the Swift is the brightest headlamp in Petzl's lineup (aside from..
How does one recharge their batteries? Possibly a beach vacation, but for the nighttime adventurer, it's easiest to plug in the Petzl CORE rechargeable battery. Utilizing an included USB-A to Micro-USB cable to charge up, you can extend your night runs by carrying this backup battery. You may also consider replacing a well-loved battery, which is never a bad idea. The CORE goes ins..
The Dermatone Medicated Lip Balm is the premier product for keeping your kissers chap-free and happy. With five active ingredients between your lips and the cruel alpine climate, Dermatone is the definitive defender from sun, wind, and cold. A thick, 30 SPF formula keeps you protected longer so you're less likely to forget to reapply and get chapped or burnt. Toss one in your pack,..
Hopefully, your night runs include plenty of light emanating from your body. Should that light begin to dim, or "too bad so sad" go out altogether, you'll be pumped you brought along your Petzl Bindi headlamp as a backup plan. At a max output of 200 lumens, the Bindi can serve as a go-to in a pinch with plenty of light to get you on your way. The max 50-hour burn time is also clutc..
Would your mother be ashamed of the current state of your trail running kit? Fear not, simply throw them in the wash with some Nikwax Garment Care and they'll be good as new. Those smells, stains, and stenches will be gone forever (or at least until next time). Nikkwax is also extremely useful if you’ve been feeling as if your “water-resistant” clothing is no longer resistant to wa..
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Plus is usually a good thing. This means the e+Lite from Petzl must be awesome. This nifty little lamp can shed a maximum of 40 lumens to keep you moving in the dark in case your main source of light decides to check out on you. With a burn time of 3.5 hours on max brightness, you will have some time to get yourself out of a jam. If the adventure involves a bit more time in the dar..

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