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Would your mother be ashamed of the current state of your trail running kit? Fear not, simply throw them in the wash with some Nikwax Garment Care and they'll be good as new. Those smells, stains, and stenches will be gone forever (or at least until next time). Nikkwax is also extremely useful if you’ve been feeling as if your “water-resistant” clothing is no longer resistant to water. Washing your clothes with Nikwax will safely and effectively clean delicate technical fabrics. Some can also prolong the lifespan of the DWR (durable water repellent) finish that comes applied to many softshells, jackets, and technical pieces. Pick the right detergent for the garment and get to washing!

Tech Wash: This stuff is basically laundry detergent on steroids. It extends the lifespan of DWR coatings, cleans out dirt & funk, and keeps the breathability in tip-top shape. Comes in a 300ml & 1000ml option.

Down Wash: Wash for down insulated pieces. Simple, right? Apply this to your not-so-puffy puffy and watch it come back to life! It will also refresh your dilapidated DWR coating.

Base Wash: Do people edge slowly away from you when stripping down to your base layers after a long day of hut accessed trail running? If so, then simply apply some Base Wash and cleanse those gnarly fibers. This will improve the breathability and airflow of your next-to-skin clothes.

Softshell Proof: Being caught in a classic afternoon thunderstorm doesn’t mean you have to, nor deserve to, get soaked. Revamp the waterproofness of your softshell layer by washing them with this mixture.

TX.Direct: Why would you buy something that is waterproof if it can’t stay waterproof? Enter TX Direct, the perfect wash-in solution for hardshells that have been wetting out.

Wool Wash: While wool is a great odor reducer, it’s not perfect. Originally developed as a shampoo for sheep, Nikwax Wool Wash will keep those natural microfibers clean & breathable.

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