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Training for the Uphill Athlete should be a staple in every trail runner's literary diet. You know it's good because it's written by Scott Johnston, Steve House, and trail running's golden boy, Kilian Jornet. Every page you turn, you're either bombarded (in a good way) with new physiological training information & tactics or beautiful landscape images from iconic destinations. The training content is built using the principles originally depicted in the Training for the New Alpinism, but specifically targeted towards those with an affinity for bipedal pursuits (aka no ropes and ice tools here folks). Throughout the text, multiple stories and training discussions are told by contributing authors like Clare Gallagher, Mike Foote, Luke Nelson and many more. Whether you're training for your next ultra, trying to get in shape for an attempt on the WURL, or simply looking for a great coffee table book, then Training for the Uphill Athlete should be on your must-read list.

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Ryan S (used product regularly)
Whether an experienced runner or just getting started, this book will definitely help you step up your game. As Will put it, this book may just make you bow down at the altar of endurance training. I am not putting 5 stars because I think the focus is on the upper echelons of the athlete spectrum, and those of us mere weekend warriors may feel a bit put off. But if you want to get better, this book is required reading.
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Will M (used product regularly)
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A new religion has started growing at a rapid pace. This practice has chapters and followers around the world. From the French Alps to grizzly country in Montana and all the way to the deep, wet coast mountains of British Colombia. Still, in its infancy, the following has proven v(f)ast and relentless. Similar to other religions, worship by the followers focuses on one single deity, Steve House. The new testament, The Training For The Uphill Athlete, was co-authored by one of House's true disciples, Kilian Jornet. Together they've created a book that is a vast expanse of knowledge. Half a biology text, half a need-for-speed manifesto. Simply reading the book will turn you not only into a true follower, but will also shave at least 30 seconds off of your local strava hill climb.
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