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Will M

Will M




6' 0"


165 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Foot Strike



25 - 39 miles / week

My Running

Lots of vert mixed in with a fair amount of low fifth class scramble-running.

Recent Posts

Long gone are the days of applying roughly 2.4L of aloe gel to my body after every summer trail run. Goodbye to the painfully stylish sunburn that proves to people (my girlfriend) that I do indeed work out and SHOULD BE allowed to consume another croissant. Aristotle once said, "If it doesn't rub in, don't trust it" and at the time, those words rang true. But that was 347 BC and things have changed since then. I personally would prefer to have a sunscreen rub fully in than continue to be told that I have ...
!Breaking News! A new religion has started growing at a rapid pace. This practice has chapters and followers around the world. From the French Alps to grizzly country in Montana and all the way to the deep, wet coast mountains of British Colombia. Still, in its infancy, the following has proven v(f)ast and relentless. Similar to other religions, worship by the followers focuses on one single deity, Steve House. The new testament, The Training For The Uphill Athlete, was co-authored by one of House's true d...
If I had to choose between the three distinct species of Jackals, I'd probably peg this shoe as a Golden Jackal. The Golden Jackal has been referred to as an intelligent creature within the old Indian text of Panchatantra and I think that aligns well with this shoe. Overall I've been impressed by this shoe. I've been running in it for the past few weeks as the snow has started to melt. By this I mean I'm lazy and don't want to hike too much for skiing. And that's what the Wasatch does to you, it makes yo...
I've owned three pairs of Mutants over the years. They've been my go to long distance, technical scrambling shoes. My feet feel pretty comfortable even past the 10 mile mark and they handle vert like champs! Where these things really shine is in rocky, hands on terrain. Something about the rubber on the sole makes you think you've accidently brought your approach shoes rather than your trail runners... and that's a good thing!

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