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When long runs start morphing into multiple day adventures. From ultralight tents and bivvies to headlamps and water filtration, here lies all the gear to keep you moving in the mountains for days on end.

There is nothing better than sleeping outside on a crisp night with the moon rising and a gentle breeze blowing through the trees. Cover more miles before that restful night with the uber lightweight Distance Tent from Black Diamond. This version comes with an adapter to help you set up with any adjustable poles. Instead of leaning your poles up against the closest tree you can put..
Bang up your gear much? Wondering how you lost those tent parts as you sift through your gear room? We have you covered. Distance Tent Crossbar - Foldable bar that runs across the peak of the tent between the poles. Distance Tent Pole Adapters - Set of two trekking pole grip adapters that interface with the crossbar, allowing you to use most trekking poles with your Distance ..
The further you get from civilization, the more precious clean water becomes! So when you’re out running in the middle of nowhere, consider the LifeStraw Peak Series Straw the world’s best insurance policy. Whether you didn’t bring enough water for the day, accidentally spilled a liter, or your bottle sprung a leak, this lightweight and durable straw will stave off the worst of you..
Let’s do some quick math to illustrate why the LifeStraw Peak Series Collapsible Squeeze Bottle is such a godsend for self-supported trail runners. If you drink, say, an average of 750ml of water per hour and go for a 6-hour run, you’ll need 4.5 liters of water. And if each liter weighs 2.21 pounds, you’ll be starting off at the trailhead with nearly 10 pounds of water - that’s bot..
Maxed out the filter in your Katadyn Be Free Filtration Bottle? The Katadyn Be Free Filter will save the day. Once you’ve used your previous filter for roughly 1000 liters, simply switch it out with a new one. This will enable you to keep making all of your friends jealous as you drink from horrendous streams and they’re hallucinating from dehydration. As always, the filter removes..
Do you commonly find yourself on the verge of collapse from dehydration because you don't want to bother with bringing heavy, sloshing water? With the Katadyn Be Free Filtration Bottle (BPA Free) you can literally drink those problems away. Just find a source of water, running or still, and fill the bottle. The filtration system will clear the water of 99.9% of bacteria and 99.9% o..
The future is Nao, at least according to Petzl. Their Nao RL headlamp is a ridiculously comfortable, unbelievably powerful light source that seems to be from a future utopia of night running. Boasting a maximum of 1500 lumens, you'll have the ability to see everything that goes "bump" in the night on every run. The head strap seems to be infinitely adjustable to accommodate noggins..
For most, running from sunset to sunrise is a nonstarter. For the select few who enjoy running through the night, there is the Petzl Swift RL. With lumens ranging from 18 to 1100, the Swift RL will light the way no matter how much ambient light is or isn't available. The REACTIVE LIGHTING senses available light and brightens or dims as needed, so when you run out of the dark forest..
Rumor has it that Petzl challenged their designers to reinvent the headlamp with running comfort in mind. Whether or not that’s actually true, the designers did in fact come up with a funky-looking yet great-feeling headlamp. Most notably, the weight is now distributed all around with the ultrathin lamp upfront and the power source in the back. And like that, the dreaded, front-hea..
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Plus is usually a good thing. This means the e+Lite from Petzl must be awesome. This nifty little lamp can shed a maximum of 40 lumens to keep you moving in the dark in case your main source of light decides to check out on you. With a burn time of 3.5 hours on max brightness, you will have some time to get yourself out of a jam. If the adventure involves a bit more time in the dar..
Hopefully, your night runs include plenty of light emanating from your body. Should that light begin to dim, or "too bad so sad" go out altogether, you'll be pumped you brought along your Petzl Bindi headlamp as a backup plan. At a max output of 200 lumens, the Bindi can serve as a go-to in a pinch with plenty of light to get you on your way. The max 50-hour burn time is also clutc..
You’re welcome to wear a car headlight on your head, but if you want something much lighter and seemingly just as bright, the Petzl Swift RL headlamp is your best bet. Pumping out an impressive 900 lumens on its highest setting, it’ll light up the trail ahead of you... and the whole mountain for that matter. In fact, the Swift is the brightest headlamp in Petzl's lineup (aside from..
Night running is awesome. It's less awesome when your headlamp battery goes dead. Grab an R1 battery from Petzl to have as a backup for your amazing Nao RL headlamp. A little reassurance in a little package, slip this back-up battery into your shorts, belt, or pack to keep the night at bay. Type C Micro USB charging port is a convenient way to charge up this battery. Can be..
Your Petzl Swift RL is your go-to, all-night, 24-hours-of-motion headlamp. Just because you love it, doesn't mean it won't run out of battery in the middle of the night. When you need to keep the torch burning bright hour after hour it's a good idea to have a backup plan. In this case, the plan is an Accu Swift RL battery from Petzl. Easily exchangeable, you can plunge into darknes..
How does one recharge their batteries? Possibly a beach vacation, but for the nighttime adventurer, it's easiest to plug in the Petzl CORE rechargeable battery. Utilizing an included USB-A to Micro-USB cable to charge up, you can extend your night runs by carrying this backup battery. You may also consider replacing a well-loved battery, which is never a bad idea. The CORE goes ins..
Camp Essential Light Mat is just that. A super light, essential piece of gear if you're going to sleep out under the stars. A svelte packed size will keep room in your pack for the important things, like food! 100% polyamide exterior is reasonably strong and puncture proof. One plastic and one brass valve allow for quick inflation/deflation. Weighs just 315g (11.1oz) and ..
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The Emergency Bivvy is one piece of gear that should always be in your pack. As well as saving your bacon when conditions turn ugly, it can be used as quick bivy for the quick nap on a mission. Reflecting a whopping 90% of your infrared heat and made with tear-resistant material to protect you from wind and rain this is one thing you need to throw in the bottom of your pack. This i..
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