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For most, running from sunset to sunrise is a nonstarter. For the select few who enjoy running through the night, there is the Petzl Swift RL. With lumens ranging from 18 to 1100, the Swift RL will light the way no matter how much ambient light is or isn't available. The REACTIVE LIGHTING senses available light and brightens or dims as needed, so when you run out of the dark forest and into a lit-up aid station, the headlamp will take care of the rest. Night can be long, and that's when the low 100-gram weight will likely go unnoticed because the 24 miles you ran overnight surely won't. After your run or race, the Swift RL is conveniently recharged via USB-C, with extra batteries available for those 200 milers or expeditions.

  • REACTIV LIGHTING allows you to concentrate on the trail ahead, not the changing light conditions.
  • Adjustable strap comfortably fits over hats, heads, and helmets.
  • Standard or REACTIV lighting to suit your immediate needs.
  • Red strobe light for use in emergency situations.
  • Lock function keeps the Swift RL from accidentally turning on in your running vest.
Charging Time 5hrs
Led Lifespan 300 cycles
Lumens 1100 max
275 standard
100 minimum
convert to ounces
Battery Life 2 to 35 h max
7 to 45 h standard
10 to 70 h minimum
Waterproof Rating IPX4
Specs Verified Yes
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Model: Swift RL 1100 Lumen

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