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The future is Nao, at least according to Petzl. Their Nao RL headlamp is a ridiculously comfortable, unbelievably powerful light source that seems to be from a future utopia of night running. Boasting a maximum of 1500 lumens, you'll have the ability to see everything that goes "bump" in the night on every run. The head strap seems to be infinitely adjustable to accommodate noggins of all types. The Reactive Lighting (RL) component conserves battery and gives hands-free lighting adjustment. This means that your light output adjusts to your surroundings, dimming when you are looking down at a technical section of trail right in front of you, and getting brighter the farther down the trail you look. For an incredible lumens-to-weight ratio, Petzl’s Nao RL is hard to beat.

  • 1500 lumens sheds plenty of light for safe nighttime running (or skiing).
  • Flood or focused beam settings help you see the surroundings, or the trail in front of you that much better.
  • Reactive lighting conserves battery and gives you hands-free adjustment.
  • Red lighting on the battery case increases rear visibility and has a strobe option.
  • R1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery uses a USB-C interface for quick, reliable topping off.
  • Power lock function allows you to throw the Nao in your pack without concern of draining the battery.
  • Extremely adjustable head strap system fits heads of all shapes and sizes.
  • Battery check makes it easy to see how much juice you have with the push of a button.
  • Includes a storage pouch that doubles as a lantern.
Charging Time 3.5 hrs
Lumens 1500 lumens
convert to ounces
Battery Life 2 hrs max brightness
5 hrs standard level in reactive mode
10 hrs minimum level
Waterproof Rating IPX4
Specs Verified Yes
SkyRun Says
Usage Night runs, overnight adventures
Notes Reactive Lighting is a battery saver and fiddle fixer
Bottom Line Tons of lumens in a lightweight design
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