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Nothing ruins your day out on the trails like a scalding sunburn. Easy to carry and even easier to apply, the Dermatone "No Touch" Sunscreen Stick is a go-to solution for keeping your skin protected and happy. Simply remove the cap, wipe on like a glue-stick, and you're good to go! No more greasy fingers or worrying about sunscreen opening in your pack. Small and compact, you could even fit this into the tiny zipper pocket on your shorts. A high rating of 50 SPF means more protection and less reapplication, so you can end your run stoked instead of sunburnt.

  • 50 SPF for max protection.
  • 3in by 1.5in by 3/4in will fit in even your smallest pocket.
  • Greaseless and odorless.
  • Touch-free application.

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Questions & Reviews

Will M (downright abused product)
Long gone are the days of applying roughly 2.4L of aloe gel to my body after every summer trail run. Goodbye to the painfully stylish sunburn that proves to people (my girlfriend) that I do indeed work out and SHOULD BE allowed to consume another croissant.

Aristotle once said, "If it doesn't rub in, don't trust it" and at the time, those words rang true. But that was 347 BC and things have changed since then. I personally would prefer to have a sunscreen rub fully in than continue to be told that I have toothpaste on my eyebrows. And that's my main complaint about this product. Otherwise, this sunscreen does the trick in allowing me to not turn into a literal radish every time it doesn't rain.
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